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    Welcome to PHPJabbers!

    PHPJabbers is a trusted web solutions provider with over 10 years' experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe. Here you can find a large virtual library of high standard commercial PHP scripts, software solutions with individual industry specification, as well as a whole bunch of free web tools and other webmaster resources.


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    latest news

      • Clients Only: Get your FREE User Licence!

        Special offer for our loyal customers! Pick one out of 25 selected PHP scripts and get a FREE User Licence! This promotional campaign is valid until October 31, 2017. Read more about the promo!

      • FREE Pricing Plans & Subscription Payment Script

        Embed our FREE Pricing Plans and Subscription Payment Script into your website and show three different pricing plans your customers can sign up for! They can pay their monthly subscription fees via PayPal. You can edit plans, prices and descriptions by editing a simple HTML code. Learn more and get the pricing plans script now!

      • New Freebie: Gas Mileage Calculator

        Get our latest FREE script Gas Mileage Calculator and enable your website visitors to calculate how much their next trip will cost! The web-based calculator will compute the gas consumption and price based on litters / gallons and miles / kilometers. Learn more about our PHP fuel calculator and download it in seconds!

      • Check the next winners of our $100 vouchers

        See the names of the next winners who have received $100 promo vouchers for our PHP scripts! They have been drawn randomly among clients who have purchased one or more scripts in May and June 2017. The promo codes can be used within 90 days. Buy any of our products until end October and you could also win!

      • Shuttle Booking Software 2.0

        Our shuttle software has a new front-end layout and now allows bookings and not only customer enquiries. We have added predefined lines with start and end points, and a list of pick-up and drop-off locations. Each line goes with a custom timetable for both directions. A Payment module has also been integrated. Check demo and upgrade now!

      • Cloudways PHP Hosting - Special Promo!

        Happy to introduce Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform and their guest contribution on PHPJabbers Blog that will tell you why their services are ideal for your PHP projects! Learn more about their concept and the added value they will bring you! PHPJabbers customers will get a special discount for your next PHP web project!

      • New SaaS apps on the new Brolmo!

        Our sister website Brolmo.com has gone through a total makeover! Brolmo has a brand-new logo and website design, and comes to offer a much broader collection of remotely hosted web applications. The sign-up is FREE. You can explore the apps for one week and choose between a monthly and yearly subscription if you want to use them on your site.

      • New: PHP Auction Script

        Our latest PHP tool is an online auction script that will help you turn your e-commerce website into a web-based bidding platform where clients can offer prices for a wide range of products and services. You can easily automate the new client registrations and the whole bidding process from an intuitive back-end system. Check demo to explore the auction software!

      • The 10 February Winners

        See the names of the next 10 winners who have received $100 promo vouchers for our PHP scripts! They have been drawn randomly among clients who have purchased one or more scripts in February 2017. The promo codes can be used within 90 days. Buy any of our products until end October and you could also win!

      • Member Login Script 3.3

        We have just released another minor update to our Member Login Script. New and current members can now sign up and log in using their social profiles. Admins can issue custom invoices for subscription and membership fees and adjust their payment settings. Upgrade now for FREE!

      • The first 10 winners of $100 vouchers

        Check whether your name is among the 10 lucky ones who have won vouchers worth $100 for their next purchase on PHPJabbers.com! The names have been drawn randomly among customers who have purchased one or more scripts in January 2017 and can be used within 90 days. Stay tuned for the second draw!

      • New: Taxi Booking Script

        We have just released our Taxi Booking Script! Though it may have some functional similarities with our Shuttle Booking Software and Limo Booking Software, the taxi script is especially designed for the taxi transfer business so that it can fit any taxi website that still lacks an online booking functionality. Read more on our Blog and check all features!

      • VEVS Invited to Wolves Summit

        Our sister brand VEVS, the latest startup of STIVASOFT, has been invited to Wolves Summit (Mar 28-29, 2017, Warsaw). The organizers of the biggest networking event in Central and Eastern Europe have selected the most promising startups in the region giving them the chance to meet potential investors and partners. Contact us to schedule a meeting!

      • New: Feedback Form Script

        Find out what your customers think about your products and services with our brand-new Feedback Form Script! The feedback tool can be used on any website and for any type of business! Clients can make suggestions, report bugs, write compliments and complaints. Choose the color set you like best so that the PHP feedback form can blend into your site! Try it now!

      • New: Limo Booking Software

        We've just released a new niche web tool, especially for the luxury transfer business! Limo Booking Software is based on our shuttle booking system but tailored to the specific requirements of limousine services. The limo booking script has a responsive front-end layout, 10 color schemes, and supports various language versions. Try the demo and enhance your site!

      • Minor Update: PHP News Script 1.1

        If you are already using our news feed widget, now is your chance to upgrade for FREE! We have fixed some bugs and made some slight improvements. Now our news system can be installed on websites running on PHP7. Keep pace with the latest technologies and switch over to version 1.1!

      • Minor Update: Invoice Manager 3.1

        Explore the latest version of our PHP invoicing system and upgrade for FREE! We have added a new Client login option, a Client list export feed, and made many small bug fixes and improvements. Try the demo and see the difference for yourself!

      • New: Class Scheduling System

        We have just released our 63rd PHP script - Class Scheduling System! If you are developing an educational website or looking for a smart booking tool for your existing website, our class scheduling software is the the perfect web solution for you! Integrate it into your site and start organizing your class schedule, teacher staff and student database with ease!

      • Minor Update: Product Comparison Script 1.1

        Our product comparison tool went through a series of bug fixes and improvements. Version 1.1 comes with a brand new, responsive front-end layout available in 10 different color and font themes. Review all features of the enhanced Product Comparison Script and explore the demo. Current users can upgrade for free!



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    Questions From Our Clients

    Through the years, we've been asked many questions about our products and many of them repeatedly. See selected questions from clients and the replies from our support team. You might find them useful. View all ...

    • Product:
      STIVA Shopping Cart

      have you not altered the shipping options for any other client yet? if so what did you do and what was the cost. If not here is the best I can explain: 1. Flat rate based on percentage of sale. Meaning, for example that the shipping would charge a percentage (something like 15%) so that is the total at checkout is $10 the shipping would be $1.50 or if total at checkout is $30 the shipping would be $4.50 2. Quantity Based Shipping - if so... Continue reading

    • Product:
      Food Delivery Script

      1/ When the customer chooses a date for either delivery or pick up - I need the ability to offset this by a day ie. the item cannot be delivered or picked up the same day it is ordered. 2/ Recurring orders. I sell veg boxes and need to have the ability to let the customer buy and pay for them as a subscription. ie. place an order for 1 veg box every week.... Continue reading

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    Curious to see what other clients say about our products and services?

    • The dedication and professionalism of all PHPJabbers staff is simply outstanding. I asked for modifications to be made from the basic code and the support and guidance I received during this period was exceptional. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending not only the availability booking script but the entire PHPJabbers collective. Simply first class all round.
      Many thanks for all your help in getting up and running.

      Gareth Meredith

    • I was really impressed with the speed of customer service and the level of support from PHPJabbers support services. This is the best service I've ever had from an online business. Nothing was too difficult and they didn't make me feel stupid for not understanding the technical aspects of installing their booking script.
      Up Front Training & Motivation

      Hayley Solich

    • As a website developer I have used a number of suppliers in the past. None of which have accommodated such a degree the various changes needed to ensure that we meet my clients needs. Impressive response to queries and resolution of issues. I have no hesitation in endorsing the PHPJabbers scripts and am now looking at the other offerings to add to my portfolio of products that I can offer.

      Ken Parish

    • I would just like to thank the team at Stivasoft for all their hard work and complete professionalism while developing our new booking calendar software. I have found during the process that all questions were answered promptly and actioned without delay. This seems to be the culture with all staff at Stivasoft as everyone who took part in the development process were always very helpful.
      We have been using the availability booking calendar for over 4 years now and are very happy with its functionality and were upgrading to take advantage of all the new features.
      Fantastic service, Fantastic pricing coupled with Fantastic software goes towards making this a brilliant product.
      Thanks for all your help, highly recommended.
      Ambulance Service Welfare Fund

      Steve Dodman

    • I've had a very good experience with StivaSoft. My order involved extensive customization of one of their appointment scheduling software. The support team worked closely with me over the course of several weeks until I was completely satisfied with the results. Excellent customer service is what sets them apart from other solutions.

      Morgan Schwartz

    • Thank you for all your help with my custom made booking calendar! I'm very satisfied with the result.
      You guys were wonderful to work with from the first contact and until the calendar was done and integrated to my page. I really appreciate your flexibility with all my last minute changes. PHPJabbers staff were exceptionally professional and accommodating.
      The admin pages are very easy to use and give a lot of flexibility. The communication went very smooth with emails and often they were answered just a few minutes after sending them.
      I will definitely contact PHPJabbers again when I need help for new web projects.

      Dennis Lykke Hansen

    • I am a web designer and I have been using Stivasoft scripts and services for over 4 years. Most of my work is mainly design work and does not require major programming. However I do need things like polls, classifieds, galleries which clients can use update themselves, captcha forms, etc.
      Their PHP blog script is amazing. Most of my clients can not figure out how to use Wordpress, but they grasp right away how to use Stiva Blog Script. And best of all, I just plug it into the existing site and it fits right into my design.
      I absolutely love the simplicity and programming of Stiva's scripts. They are easy to install and use. And when I have needed updates and alterations of a script, the Stivasoft team has been there with quick, affordable and great service.
      Quite honestly, Stivasoft has become an integral part of my business. Love these guys and gals!!!

      Leta Maler

    • I am very impressed with the service & end product that I received by Alexander 'Sasho' Valkanov from PHPjabbers.com. Response time to any inquiries is fantastic, usually almost immediately (during business hour). As I am based in Australia, my first experience with outsourcing my project overseas has been excellent.
      Thank you again PHPJabbers.

      Darwin Oey

    • I was very pleased with the first contacts I made with the support and decided to buy the first script. The quality exceeded my expectations. A property rental software that other companies would charge hundreds of dollars, this is proving an excellent value for money. I have experience with vacation rental software and this proved to be one of the best I've seen. Simplicity and ease of use.

      Antonio Santos

    • I can't say enough good things about StivaSoft and PHPJabbers.com, I needed one of their calendars modified to meet my needs and you were more that cooperative and helpful. The PHP Script was changed to what I needed promptly and efficiently. You couldn't ask for better customer service, I will come to you for any other script I may need. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

      Keith L. Eulrich