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    Welcome to PHPJabbers!

    PHPJabbers is a trusted web solutions provider with over 10 years' experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe. Here you can find a large virtual library of high standard commercial PHP scripts, software solutions with individual industry specification, as well as a whole bunch of free web tools and other webmaster resources.


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    latest news

      • Latest Minor Updates

        We have just released two minor updates: Food Delivery Script 2.2 & Time Slots Booking Calendar 3.4. Both scripts have been upgraded to the latest framework and are now fit for cross-domain integration. Users of previous versions can switch over to the newest for FREE. Take a closer look at all improvements in PHPJabbers Blog.

      • Member Login Script: Minor Update 3.2

        We have recently made some usability and design improvements to ourPHP login script. Users are now able to log in to password-protected areas of your website from any type of desktop or mobile device. All plugins and the framework have been upgraded to the last version 1.5, thus ensuring you optimal performance and increased security of your data.

      • Hotel Booking System: Language Plugin Update

        Our PHP hotel booking script has been updated so that you can make fine-tunings to your language settings. Manage flags, rename language titles, add multiple countries per language etc. This change will affect all other PHPJabbers scripts in their next versions. Read more in our blog and upgrade for FREE!

      • Developing Great Web Apps For A Decade

        We are delighted to announce that PHPJabbers.com has officially turned 10 in February 2016! We decided to postpone the big party for April so that all new team members could join us! Read more interesting details about our history, present and past in PHPJabbers Blog. Thank you for keeping up and sharing those years with us!

      • Out of Office: Easter & Other Holidays

        May is full of holidays! The Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on May 1st (Sun), so our Support services will be limited on Good Friday, April 29th and Easter Monday, May 2nd. In addition, we are celebrating St. George's day on May 6th and the Bulgarian Culture & Literacy Day on May 23rd and 24th. We will compensate on May 14th (Sat). Read more...

      • New: PHP Survey Script 1.0 Released

        Embed an online survey tool into your website to easily create and run surveys on various topics. Review our PHP Survey Script and test all features by yourself! Add multiple questions to each survey, (pre)define answers and answer type, edit each survey’s settings and color theme. Surveys can be both anonymous and personified. Check demo...

      • Minor Update: PHP Gallery Script 3.1 (ex-STIVA Gallery)

        We've introduced some quality and usability improvements to PHP Gallery Script. Galleries now load flawlessly on all mobile devices. After the upgrade image upload, resize and compression is faster and easier. The script has been updated to the latest PHPJabbers Framework.

      • New “Rate us” Feature Proves Successful

        We’ve launched a new rating feature allowing customers to evaluate our products and support. We were pleasantly surprised by the high response rate showing 100% positive feedback. You can “Rate us” after your ticket has been replied or resolved. Share your experience and treat someone a beer! Record a short video testimonial and get a FREE Developer Licence!

      • Minor Update: Equipment Rental Script 1.1

        First minor update of our equipment rental software! The new tweaks: 10 different color themes, cross-domain integration, reorganized dashboard, back-end UI improvements, as well as some small touch ups of the “Packages” menu. What’s more - admins are now able to set number of available items for different periods. See demo and upgrade for FREE!

      • Minor update: Yellow Pages Script 3.1

        Turn the page with our improved Yellow Pages Script! Users of previous versions can upgrade for FREE. Enjoy the responsive front-end layout available in 10 different color themes designed to fit every website branding. The latest tinyMCE editor provides admins with enhanced formatting options. The directory script is SEO-ready, too. Check demo!

      • VEVS: Websites For Your Business

        StivaSoft has just launched VEVS.com - a complete business website solution helping companies of all sizes to grow and glow online. Dash into 2016 with a brand new web appearance and conquer new horizons! Build your own website stepping on our ready-made layouts or request a custom one. All featured websites are powered by PHPJabbers scripts.

      • New FREE Script: Grayscale Gallery 1.0

        Upgrade your website gallery now for FREE! Pictures speak louder than words. Use colors to make a greater impact! The Grayscale Gallery script converts full color pictures into black & white in an instant. The original will still show on hover. You can use and preview it on all mobile devices. No usage limitations! Download the FREE Grayscale Gallery now!

      • Minor Update: Time Slots Booking Calendar 3.3

        Check the latest upgrades of our time slot booking system! The new release features 10 trendy color themes, responsive calendar layouts so that visitors can book both at home and underway, as well as two calendar views (weekly, monthly). Admins can create countless calendars as needed. The back-end UI and administration tools have also been refined.

      • Minor Update: Appointment Scheduler 2.3

        Our online appointment scheduling software has a new calendar layout and two views enabling users to browse services and professionals listed on your website. Script admins are now able to adjust more accurately all booking and cancellation settings. A number of other small back-end improvements and a cross domain integration have also been introduced.

      • Ticket Support Script 3.1 Released

        Boost your customer support service with the next minor update of our online help desk system! Our dev team has refined the visual appearance of the frontend UI by adding 10 responsive color themes you can choose from. Script users (admins, operators) will appreciate the new dashboard offering them better ticket overview and management. Read more...

      • File Sharing Script 1.0 Makes File Exchange Easy

        Install our file sharing software on your website and let your visitors download and upload various file types regardless of size! The script comes with responsive front-end, 10 color themes and a comment functionality to discuss files with the other users. Read more...

      • PHPJabbers All Set For First WebSummit Visit

        Going to this year’s WebSummit event in Dublin? Let’s grab the chance and meet up offline! Our official delegates Veselin Stoilov (CEO), Alexandar Valkanov (CTO) and Ivan Stoilov (CFO) will be happy to talk to you over a beer or two. Book a meeting at ceo@phpjabbers.com! Read more...

      • Power-up: The New PHPJabbers.com Is On!

        After months of creative and development work, we are happy to welcome you on our new website! What to expect: responsive design, optimized speed and performance, improved My Account and many new products and services! Read more...

      • Major Upgrade: Invoice Manager 3.0

        Our Invoice Manager now comes with a new payment template and a drop-down menu with all invoice templates. We've added quick buttons for easier operations. The Reports menu shows all invoices for a certain period and their status. Administrator and Manager user roles available!

      • Major Upgrade: PHP Forum Script 3.0

        The latest version of our STIVA Forum script entered our new website with a brand new name - PHP Forum Script. It offers 10 different color schemes so that you can choose the best match for your website. What else is new: PHP integration, new notification report function and more...

      • Interactive Floor Plan For Properties & Facilities Websites

        Our clever floor plan tool will help you show your real estates and public facilities in an attractive way so that your clients and visitors can't wait to see them live! Read more...

      • Hotel Booking System 3.2 Released!

        Check the latest update of our hotel booking system and request a FREE software upgrade, if you're already using previous versions. Review what’s new in our blog and test the live demo!

      • Minor update: PHP Event Calendar 3.2

        The new version of our event calendar script offers 10 color themes, responsive layout, a wide range of front and back-end improvements, a new dashboard and cross domain integration. See more...

      • New Launch: Make An Offer Widget

        Negotiate the prices of your products/services with your customers using a simple make-an-offer app on your website. Set three price options or let clients suggest prices themselves. Read more...

      • New launch: Callback Widget - a smart CTA tool to boost conversions!

        Our latest product places a discreet callback button on your website allowing customers to get in touch with your client support more easily. Read more or check the live demo!

      • Lieferservice Software = Food Delivery Script + German

        Lieferservice Software: A new, German version of Food Delivery Script is now available for all German-speaking visitors of PHPJabbers.com! More language versions coming up soon… Read more...

      • Another New Launch: PHP Review Script 1.0

        Let your customers rate your products/services directly on your website and get valuable feedback! Read more or jump to the live demo!

      • New Launch: Document Creator

        Generate predefined documents for different customers with a single mouse click! Create document templates, add clients details and save precious time! Check how Document Creator works!

      • Minor Update: Vacation Rental Script 3.3

        Our dev team has just launched a new update of Vacation Rental Script offering 10 new color palettes, the latest translation and text editing plugins, Google Maps integration and other useful tweaks. Read more in our blog or see the demo!

      • New Script Release: Restaurant Menu Maker

        Our latest script for the food industry allows you to create and manage your own online menu! It's mobile-friendly and fits various gastronomy websites. Read more...

      • Car Park Booking 2.0 Launched

        The next major upgrade of our Car Park Booking system has just been released. Read more about the new features and improvements. Check demo!

      • PHP Comment Script 5.1 Launched

        The next minor update of PHP Comment Script has just taken off. Version 5.1 offers many new features and enhanced user experience for all people with opinion. Read more or jump to demo!



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    Curious to see what other clients say about our products and services?

    • I can't say enough good things about StivaSoft and PHPJabbers.com, I needed one of their calendars modified to meet my needs and you were more that cooperative and helpful. The PHP Script was changed to what I needed promptly and efficiently. You couldn't ask for better customer service, I will come to you for any other script I may need. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

      Keith L. Eulrich

    • As a website developer I have used a number of suppliers in the past. None of which have accommodated such a degree the various changes needed to ensure that we meet my clients needs. Impressive response to queries and resolution of issues. I have no hesitation in endorsing the PHPJabbers scripts and am now looking at the other offerings to add to my portfolio of products that I can offer.

      Ken Parish

    • I've had a very good experience with StivaSoft. My order involved extensive customization of one of their appointment scheduling software. The support team worked closely with me over the course of several weeks until I was completely satisfied with the results. Excellent customer service is what sets them apart from other solutions.

      Morgan Schwartz

    • I am a web designer and I have been using Stivasoft scripts and services for over 4 years. Most of my work is mainly design work and does not require major programming. However I do need things like polls, classifieds, galleries which clients can use update themselves, captcha forms, etc.
      Their PHP blog script is amazing. Most of my clients can not figure out how to use Wordpress, but they grasp right away how to use Stiva Blog Script. And best of all, I just plug it into the existing site and it fits right into my design.
      I absolutely love the simplicity and programming of Stiva's scripts. They are easy to install and use. And when I have needed updates and alterations of a script, the Stivasoft team has been there with quick, affordable and great service.
      Quite honestly, Stivasoft has become an integral part of my business. Love these guys and gals!!!

      Leta Maler

    • To the team at Stivasoft,
      I'd like to say a personal thank you for providing and customizing the software I needed for a website. I have been building and forward on a note to anyone who finds themselves occasionally searching for specialized software to use on their websites, these guys were great and offered customization at reasonable prices. They followed through on their work which I sometimes find other companies don't. I would like to recommend and thank the guys at Stivasoft! I would be happy to use them again in the future.
      Website Designer and Management Services

      Adam Aitken

    • I was very pleased with the first contacts I made with the support and decided to buy the first script. The quality exceeded my expectations. A property rental software that other companies would charge hundreds of dollars, this is proving an excellent value for money. I have experience with vacation rental software and this proved to be one of the best I've seen. Simplicity and ease of use.

      Antonio Santos

    • I was really impressed with the speed of customer service and the level of support from PHPJabbers support services. This is the best service I've ever had from an online business. Nothing was too difficult and they didn't make me feel stupid for not understanding the technical aspects of installing their booking script.
      Up Front Training & Motivation

      Hayley Solich

    • Thank you for all your help with my custom made booking calendar! I'm very satisfied with the result.
      You guys were wonderful to work with from the first contact and until the calendar was done and integrated to my page. I really appreciate your flexibility with all my last minute changes. PHPJabbers staff were exceptionally professional and accommodating.
      The admin pages are very easy to use and give a lot of flexibility. The communication went very smooth with emails and often they were answered just a few minutes after sending them.
      I will definitely contact PHPJabbers again when I need help for new web projects.

      Dennis Lykke Hansen

    • I am very impressed with the service & end product that I received by Alexander 'Sasho' Valkanov from PHPjabbers.com. Response time to any inquiries is fantastic, usually almost immediately (during business hour). As I am based in Australia, my first experience with outsourcing my project overseas has been excellent.
      Thank you again PHPJabbers.

      Darwin Oey

    • I'm not normally one for making feedback responses and testimonials but after stumbling on to this website via a search engine, I decided to try my luck and go with the PHP Shopping Cart due to a client request to add one to their site. I know there are loads of other pieces of software you can use, but I had to look at it from a client side for both ease of use and also for looks to match in with the current web site they have.
      The outcome of my find?
      Look no further than this software folks because it's simplicity in itself giving you the perfect online shopping cart without the hassle of trying to get around an admin GUI that looks like something out of a N.A.S.A space station. Installed in seconds, configured in minutes and the client as happy as a dog in a butchers shop.
      And to top it all off, the support offered by Alexander Valkanov and his team with regards to ANY of the software they offer is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and the answers are given both freely and quickly and in a format that even a new born could understand.
      Trust me folks when I say, buy any software with the name of StivaSoft and PHPJabbers, and you will NOT be disappointed.
      Kind Regards from one very happy client.

      Mick Knight

    • Some companies claim to offer great support but PHPJabbers delivers. I have purchased two of their products and needed support both times. They solved the problem within minutes. They have hands down the best support of any company I have ever dealt with. They also offer first rate products at very reasonable prices. I would not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone.

      Mark Martin

    • I have been implementing multiple PHP scripts from PHPJabbers for more than a year on multiple web sites. Their products are excellent and equally important is the extremely high quality and quick responsiveness of their technical support. I am always amazed and very pleased with their service and recommend them highly. PHPJabbers is always my first choice when I need a canned or customized script for our web sites.
      City Connections LLC
      President & CEO

      Morris Enyeart

    • I would just like to thank the team at Stivasoft for all their hard work and complete professionalism while developing our new booking calendar software. I have found during the process that all questions were answered promptly and actioned without delay. This seems to be the culture with all staff at Stivasoft as everyone who took part in the development process were always very helpful.
      We have been using the availability booking calendar for over 4 years now and are very happy with its functionality and were upgrading to take advantage of all the new features.
      Fantastic service, Fantastic pricing coupled with Fantastic software goes towards making this a brilliant product.
      Thanks for all your help, highly recommended.
      Ambulance Service Welfare Fund

      Steve Dodman

    • The dedication and professionalism of all PHPJabbers staff is simply outstanding. I asked for modifications to be made from the basic code and the support and guidance I received during this period was exceptional. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending not only the availability booking script but the entire PHPJabbers collective. Simply first class all round.
      Many thanks for all your help in getting up and running.

      Gareth Meredith