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    Welcome to PHPJabbers!

    PHPJabbers is a trusted web solutions provider with over 10 years' experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe. Here you can find a large virtual library of high standard commercial PHP scripts, software solutions with individual industry specification, as well as a whole bunch of free web tools and other webmaster resources.


    Browse our comprehensive collection of top-rated PHP web applications and online widgets.

    Find the software products that will boost your website functionality and test their demo versions.

    latest news

      • Power-up: The New PHPJabbers.com Is On!

        After months of creative and development work, we are happy to welcome you on our new website! What to expect: responsive design, optimized speed and performance, improved My Account and many new products and services! Read more...

      • Major Upgrade: Invoice Manager 3.0

        Our Invoice Manager now comes with a new payment template and a drop-down menu with all invoice templates. We've added quick buttons for easier operations. The Reports menu shows all invoices for a certain period and their status. Administrator and Manager user roles available!

      • Major Upgrade: PHP Forum Script 3.0

        The latest version of our STIVA Forum script entered our new website with a brand new name - PHP Forum Script. It offers 10 different color schemes so that you can choose the best match for your website. What else is new: PHP integration, new notification report function and more...

      • Interactive Floor Plan For Properties & Facilities Websites

        Our clever floor plan tool will help you show your real estates and public facilities in an attractive way so that your clients and visitors can’t wait to see them live! Read more...

      • Hotel Booking System 3.2 Released!

        Check the latest update of our hotel booking system and request a FREE software upgrade, if you're already using previous versions. Review what’s new in our blog and test the live demo!

      • Minor update: PHP Event Calendar 3.2

        The new version of our event calendar script offers 10 color themes, responsive layout, a wide range of front and back-end improvements, a new dashboard and cross domain integration. See more...

      • New Launch: Make An Offer Widget

        Negotiate the prices of your products/services with your customers using a simple make-an-offer app on your website. Set three price options or let clients suggest prices themselves. Read more...

      • New launch: Callback Widget - a smart CTA tool to boost conversions!

        Our latest product places a discreet callback button on your website allowing customers to get in touch with your client support more easily. Read more or check the live demo!

      • Lieferservice Software = Food Delivery Script + German

        Lieferservice Software: A new, German version of Food Delivery Script is now available for all German-speaking visitors of PHPJabbers.com! More language versions coming up soon… Read more...

      • Another New Launch: PHP Review Script 1.0

        Let your customers rate your products/services directly on your website and get valuable feedback! Read more or jump to the live demo!

      • New Launch: Document Creator

        Generate predefined documents for different customers with a single mouse click! Create document templates, add clients details and save precious time! Check how Document Creator works!

      • Minor Update: Vacation Rental Script 3.3

        Our dev team has just launched a new update of Vacation Rental Script offering 10 new color palettes, the latest translation and text editing plugins, Google Maps integration and other useful tweaks. Read more in our blog or see the demo!

      • New Script Release: Restaurant Menu Maker

        Our latest script for the food industry allows you to create and manage your own online menu! It's mobile-friendly and fits various gastronomy websites. Read more...

      • Car Park Booking 2.0 Launched

        The next major upgrade of our Car Park Booking system has just been released. Read more about the new features and improvements. Check demo!

      • PHP Comment Script 5.1 Launched

        The next minor update of PHP Comment Script has just taken off. Version 5.1 offers many new features and enhanced user experience for all people with opinion. Read more or jump to demo!

      • PHP Contact Form Generator 4.1 Released

        We are happy to announce the launch of PHP Contact Form Generator 4.1! Check the new features and improved UI! Or jump to demo!


        Purchase PHP scripts for $400 and pay $200 ONLY! Review our products and make your choice!

      • NEW: Script MarketPlace

        Script MarketPlace: Join our new community and make money from our script modifications! Get 50% off for other custom scripts! Read more...

      • STIVA Shopping Cart 4.2 Update

        Smart Tweaks For Higher Sales Peaks! 10 responsive color themes, cross-domain integration, latest plugins, reports function and more: See demo!

      • PHP Newsletter Script 4.2 Released

        PHP Newsletter Script 4.2 has just been released! We've improved the UI and added some new features. Try the demo!

      • Yacht Listing Script 2.0 Released

        A smart 3-in-1 online solution for yacht owners and dealers, who want to sell and/or rent out boats. Script admins can charge other owners for listing their classified ads. Read more or try the demo...

      • STIVA Appointment Scheduler 2.2

        2 new layouts each with 10 color themes plus a number of small updates introduced in the new 2.2 version. Read more here and try the demo.

      • Food Delivery Script 2.1 - new front layout

        New layout with 10 different color themes has been added to the latest version of our online food ordering system. Read more about the 2.1 update here.

      • New pjLocale plugin

        Managing languages, translating our software or just changing the text has never been easier. See how it works.

      • Ticket Booking Script - 10 new color themes

        Bootstrap based, responsive layout with 10 different color themes is now available for ticket booking system version 2.1. Read more.

      • Hotel Booking Software Major Upgrade

        StivaWeb has just released the first major upgrade of Hotel Booking Software now fitted with many new features. Let's show you around!

      • StivaWeb praised on Huff Post!

        We are proud to share what Huffington Post - one of the world's leading news websites, wrote about StivaWeb in a blog post entitled "5 Web Resources for New Business Websites"!

      • Availability Calendar 5.0

        New major upgrade available for our Availability Calendar.

      • New pjInvoice plugin

        We've introduced a new version for the pjInvoice plugin that comes with most of our products. Read more in our blog.

      • Ticket Booking Script

        Major update 2.0 for our ticket booking script. Perfect solution for cinema and theater bookings.

      • TS Booking 3.2

        new minor update to our Time Slots Booking Calendar. iCal, XML, CSV reservations export available.

      • Fundraising Script 1.0

        See our new product - a PHP Donation Script to help you collect funds! Create donation campaigns and raise money online.

      • Introducing STIVA Gallery 3.0

        New major version is available for STIVA Gallery Script. The improved version is based on the latest PHPjabbers Framework and it's now part of the Extended Developer Program.

      • Latest Updates: STIVA Shopping Cart 4.1

        STIVA Shopping Cart 4.1. has been released. This new release includes new features added, improved performance and bug fixes. Try demo...

      • PHP Event Calendar 3.1 Released Today

        The new release includes several fixes, improved user interface and new features. Try demo here...

      • Introducing Food Delivery Script 2.0.

        Today we released the new Food Delivery Script 2.0. The improved version is based on the latest PHPjabbers Framework and it's now part of the Extended Developer Program.

      • New version is available for Simple CMS.

        We are announcing a new major update to one of our oldest script, the Simple CMS. Click to see the new features supported in v.5.0 or try the demo yourself.

      • New feature added to the Availability Booking Calendar.

        Multi-format reservations export has been added to the Availability Booking Calendar. This is a highly requested feature. See demo of the new Avaialability Booking Calendar.

      • NEW RELEASE! Product Comparison Tool For Any Website.

        Product Comparison Script allows you to create and manage multi-product comparison, embed comparison charts on your website and provide your customers an easy way to compare products and services.

      • NEW RELEASE! Shuttle Booking Software 1.0.

        Announcing the release of a brand-new script for booking shared airport shuttle and private transfer. See the script here...

      • Introducing Stiva BLOG Script 4.0

        Stiva BLOG Script 4.0 is based on the latest PHPjabbers Framework and it's now part of the Extended Developer Program. See all the new features and interface...

      • Weekly Updates

        Some minor updates have been made for two of our PHP scripts. See which scripts have been updated...

      • NEW RELEASE! Bus ticket booking made easy with a new booking system.

        Today we are announcing the release of a new online booking system for purchasing bus tickets online. Take a look at the Bus Reservation System 1.0.

      • We are back to our policy for unlimited installations!

        As of today new terms apply to the usage of our software products. There are really important updates to our license policy, all in your benefit! Here’s a walk-through of the major changes...

      • Hotel Booking System 3.1 with a new front-end layout!

        Two front-end layouts are available to choose from with the new Hotel Booking System v3.1. Check out the demo now...

      • Announcing NEW RELEASE! Restaurant Booking 2.0

        Restaurant Booking System has been now upgraded to version 2.0. See the latest features of the new restaurant table booking system...

      • Announcing NEW RELEASE! Car Rental Script 2.0

        We are happy to announce that the long-waited upgrade for Car Rental Script is the new release on PHPjabbers. The new version is based on the latest PHPjabbers framework. See the new version...

      • PHPjabbers Bundle

        Take advantage of the PHPjabbers Bundle now and get 5 must-have scripts in a bundle for a little over the half of their total price.

      • Version 4.1. in Availability Booking Calendar is Released!

        We have released a new version for the Availability Booking Calendar. You can download the latest version 4.1 for FREE if you have the previous 4.0. or upgrade with 50% OFF if you have other versions. See what is changed in the new version...

      • PHPjabbers GIVEAWAY!

        Get your own developer license of the PHP News Script for FREE. Limited number of copies are available. See how to enter the giveaway...

      • New Release! PHP NEWS SCRIPT 1.0

        Embed a small and stylish news widget onto your website, manage news and regularly update your website content. Try the PHP News Script now.

      • Quickly "turn the key" of your travel agency website !

        Set up within minutes a fancy new travel website with this affordable turnkey package! Version 2.0 is available!

      • Announcing NEW RELEASE! Equipment Rental Script 1.0

        Long-waited Equipment Rental Script is here. Now it's a piece of cake to build and manage your own ecommerce rental platform for equipment and tools!

      • Introducing The One AdmiN Feature.

        Are you using multiple PHPjabbers' scripts?! Now you can enable One admiN feature and easily switch between script admins. Read more about One admiN.

      • Event Booking Calendar 3.1 Released!

        After the latest major release 3.0. of the Event Booking Calendar, this is the first minor release in this series. Changes include improved user interface and a new front-end layout. Download the latest upgrade for free if you have the previous 3.0. or upgarde with 50% if you have other versions.

      • Time Slots Booking Calendar - New Major Version!

        Set up an online appointment calendar. Let users book appointments with a hairdresser, therapist, individual trainer, or scheduled group classes. Awesome new features...

      • New Version of the Knowledge Base Builder is Released!

        A new major update for the Knowledge Base Builder has been released! Version 3.0 of the script is featuring new and improved interface, multi langiage support, responsive front-end, glossary and more...

      • Quickly launch a recruitment website with Job Portal 2.0.

        Start your online job portal in no time with this affordable turnkey recruitment website! Version 2.0 released!

      • New Version 2.1 of Appointment Scheduler Released

        New version 2.1 of the Appointment Scheduler released today featuring another responsive front-end layout. See both the new and the default layout here

      • Meet us at CeBIT 2014!

        We are going to CeBIT 2014 to promote our products, latest framework and software as a service, as well as meet our customers and potential partners. More details here.

      • Member Login Script - New Version Available!

        Protect your web pages and files with Member Login Script 3.0. Awesome new features: notes creator, language editor, custom email notifications, subscription payments. See more...

      • PHP Poll Script 4.0 is here!

        Create awesome online polls and easily embed them into your website; 8 skins to choose from, language module, voting statistics, vote tracking, poll scheduling. See more...

      • Officially released is: Appointment Scheduler 2.0

        The latest version of the Appointment Scheduler has a new easy interface and a lot of new features. See the new Appointment Scheduler 2.0 now.

      • Contact Form Generator - New Version Available!

        Contact Form Generator has been upgraded to version 4.0. The new version has an easy drag and drop functionality, a language editor, editable styles and multiple recipient confirmation. See the new contact form script.

      • Officially Released! Hotel Booking System 3.0!

        Today we released Hotel Booking System 3.0. - multilingual mobile optimized hotel reservation system that blends perfectly into any platform.

      • Happy Holiday Season to you all!

        This is the perfect time to say thank you for being our valued customer! See our video greeting and find Santa's lost present to get 20% OFF all PHPjabbers products!

      • Yellow Pages Script - New Version Available!

        Yellow Pages Script has been upgraded to version 3.0. The new version is equipped with a number of features to help you build and easily maintain a local business directory.

      • Appointment Scheduler in BETA

        The appointment scheduler script is available on our Beta Testing platform. We would love to hear your comments about the new version! Download from Stivasoft Beta platform

      • Handle your email campaigns in a better way!

        Newsletter Subscription 4.0 is now official! Increase your subscriber base, manage mailing lists, and send bulk email campaigns. Newsletter Subscription 4.0

      • Super easy auto classifieds script.

        The Auto Classifieds Script is the latest script among our list of classifieds software updated to Product Generation 4.0. The Auto Classifieds Script 3.0 provides a super simple and easy way to manage web content and car inventory online.

      • Build better online stores with STIVA Shopping Cart 4.0.

        STIVA Shopping Cart 4.0 is finally released! Thanks to all of you who helped with beta testing. The shopping cart is now working awesome! See it now...

      • Happy Halloween!

        Happy Halloween trick-or-treaters! Visit our Facebook or Google+ account for a treat!

      • Vacation Packages Listing has been upgraded too.

        One more script has been upgraded to UI 4.0. See the new Vacation Packages 2.0. Remember you can order it with 50% OFF if you have the previous 1.0.

      • New Upcoming Product Release.

        Sneak peak the new-upcoming product release on our Blog. Please also share your thoughts in the comments.

      • PHP Store Locator Script Upgraded to 2.0.

        PHP Store Locator Script has been upgraded to the new User Interface 4.0. See the new Store Locator script and order it with 50% OFF if you have the previous 1.0.

      • Updated is Availability Booking Calendar!

        Availability Booking Calendar 4.0 includes several new and enhanced features, including new front-end and back-end interface, SMS notifications, multi-language support, invoicing module and a lot more.

      • We are geeks, and you?

        Take a peek at the latest addition to our Stiva family - our very own platform for all things Geeky! An online scripts directory where you can find cool web apps, SaaS, read software reviews and interviews, publish your own products and enjoy lots of freebies and software discounts. Life's short - Geek out! www.GeekyCorner.com

      • Job Listing 3.0

        Job Listing Script has been upgraded. The new version 3.0 supports multiple languages, user accounts, featured ads and online payments.

      • Event Booking Calendar 3.0 Is Here!

        We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Event Booking Calendar version 3.0. The calendar has been upgraded to the Generation 4.0 User Interface and now has a language editor, separate integration codes and a lot more features.

      • Responsive Design

        Vacation Rental Script adapts the layout and styles to work optimally across a wide range of end-user devices and screen resolutions. Check out the new responsive layout on your mobile device.

      • Post Comment 5.0

        Post Comment Script has been upgraded to Product Generation 4: improved interface, quick admin controls, four front-end layouts, user rating, language module, system backup, user level access and more.

      • PHP Event Calendar 3.0

        PHP Event Calendar has been upgraded to Product Generation 4: improved interface, quick admin controls, multiple views and five front-end calendar layouts and more.

      • Ticket Support Script 3.0

        Ticket Support Script has been upgraded to Product Generation 4: improved interface, multilanguage support, canned messages, system backup and many customizing options added.

      • Fourth-generation StivaSoft products

        We are proud to announce the launch of the fourth-generation StivaSoft products with the first ugraded script. Check out the Vacation Rental Script 3.0.

      • Launch a Job Portal Website in Few Hours!

        Check out our new turnkey package solution for recruitment agencies. With our turnkey job portal you can launch a job website in few hours - fast, easy and cost-effective!

      • Stiva BLOG Script 3.0

        Stiva BLOG Script 3.0 is now available! The new version includes all add-ons by default and uses MVC pattern.

      • Just Launched: Food Delivery Script

        Online food ordering system for restaurants, pubs, pizza shops, or any food related service. Let your customers order food and beverages from your website with our new food ordering script!

      • Knowledge Base Builder 2.0

        Knowledge Base Builder 2.0 is now available! The new version is coded using the MVC standard, it has 3 front-end layouts and improved admin interface.

      • Auto Classifieds listing 2.0

        Auto Classifieds script - a new version is available. It uses the same backend design as most of our products, has 4 different front end layouts and 2 types of users - administrator and vehicle manager.

      • Property Listing script 2.0

        Property Listing script - a new version is available. It is coded using the MVC coding standard, has 3 different layouts and 2 types of users - administrator and property manager.

      • Swopee.com

        barter your web jobs with other professionals ! Learn more about the project and be involved in website development process at www.swopee.com

      • 2 updates

        Yellow Pages Listing and Invoice Manager now have a completely new design. Check out the new versions !

      • Free SEO Tool

        check our new free tool - Free SEO Tool, which helps you analyze your web page code.

      • Turnkey websites

        Our first turnkey website is completed. Quick and easy way to have a Travel Agency Website set up.

      • Online hotel booking software

        After few months of development, today we've launched a new remotely hosted service based on our Hotel Booking script. Create your free account at ezyhotelbooking.com

      • New Product - Restaurant Booking System

        Integrate a online restaurant reservation system into your website and let people book a table through your website.

      • Stiva Forum 2.0

        New 2.0 version of Stiva Forum script. Lots of new features, similar to the forum we use on PHPjabbers.com

      • New Product - Car Park Booking

        Car Park Booking is a niche specific web based reservation system designed to make it easier for people to book parking spaces online.

      • Ticket Booking 1.4

        New version available. Ticket Booking script now supports PDF tickets and different prices based on different seats and sectors.

      • Simple CMS 4.0

        new version of the popular Simple CMS script has been launched.

      • New major update

        Multi User Availability Calendar 2.0. We've launched a brand new version. Multiple calendars and users, multi language support, different permission levels, color legend, easy to use interface !

      • Video tutorials

        2 videos showing how to install our booking calendars on Joomla and Wordpress based websites. To watch them from the top right Help menu select How to install sub-menu.

      • March newsletter edition

        Just sent out this month newsletter. If not subscribed you can still view it herehttps://www.phpjabbers.com/newsletter/march-2012.html

      • New PHPjabbers.com website

        The update will happen on Sunday, 18th of March. Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused as our websites might be inaccessible for 24 hours during this update.

      • <a href='http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/vacation-rental-listing/' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Vacation Rental Listing 2.0</a>

        3 different languages, users pay fee for adding a property on the site, people pay when making a booking, email notifications and more...

      • new PHPjabbers.com

        Details about the new PHPjabbers.com website included in our monthly newsletter. If you are not subscribed you can still read it here

      • Happy New Year and warmest greetings at the start of another year!

        It has been a pleasure doing business with all of you throughout this year and we are very much looking forward to working with you next year. I wish you a prosperous and happy new year!Veselin StoilovCEO

      • New PHPjabbers.com website

        We will turn PHPjabbers.com into something huge ! View screenshot

      • <a href="http://www.stivasoft.com/script-manager-platform-18.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Script Manager</a>

        a new tool that we are working on to help you easily add new scripts, try unbranded demo scripts on your website, install updates as we launch them and many more ! We will wait for your questions and suggestions.

      • New Product - <a href='/car-rental/'>Car Rental script</a>

        a powerful online booking system designed specifically to meet the needs of rent-a-car owners looking for powerful car rental software which will provide facilities for taking bookings and managing reservations online.

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/appointment-scheduler/'>Appointment Scheduler script</a>

        a PHP based appointment booking software which can be a great addition for dog walkers' websites, hair salon and beauty centers, babysitter services, fitness centers or tennis coaches' websites.

      • <a href='http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/vacation-packages/'>Vacation packages script</a>

        Simple solution and classified ad software for travel agencies and tour operators to manage dynamic vacation packages and travel deals. Visitors may search for travel deals using different criteria and contact the travel agency directly through the detailed listing page.

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-gallery-script/'>Stiva GALLERY</a> image script

        new version available. A lot new features added - drag and drop image ordering, image crop, multiple galleries. As always existing clients 50% discount.

      • New image gallery coming soon

        Multi gallery support, image editing, drag and drop ordering, jquery, multiple front-end interfaces ! Read more about it on our Company Blog - New Image Gallery Script

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/store-locator/'>Store Locator</a>

        Store Locator is a PHP based script which allows you to easily integrate Google maps based store locator into your website and let people search for stores.

      • <a href='http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/job-listing/' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Job Listing script 2.0</a>

        Employer and employees accounts, change job types, unlimited jobs, job search engine. Available at ClassifiedsGeek.com website.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/ticket-booking-script/">Ticket Booking Script</a>

        A powerful online ticket reservation system that can be used on any website offering tickets for events, movies or other ticket services.

      • Video tutorials

        We've added 2 new tutorials - one showing how to upgrade your property listing script from 1.2 to 1.3 and the other one showing how to locate the css styles which control different web page elements. You can watch them on our Video section pagehttp://support.stivasoft.com/video

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/invoice-manager/" rel="nofollow">Invoice Manager 1.5</a>

        - jquery date picker- quick clients search- set vat- add different product and services for each invoice- edit print and view invoice templates using the administration page- duplicate invoice

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/property-listing-script/" rel="nofollow">Property Listing 1.3</a>

        - ability to delete floor plan and preview images- map page showing all properties- updated google map to version 3 which does not require map key- removed MLS number- added bathroom 1.5- added address country- add external language file for frontend

      • <a href="http://support.stivasoft.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">support.StivaSoft.com</a>

        After almost 3 months of work and few weeks of migrating to it we've now completed the upgrade for the support area for all our clients. We hope you will enjoy it.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/time-slots-booking-calendar/" rel="nofollow">Time Slots calendar 2.0</a>

        New version now available. A lot more features added and different time slots customizations available - different price, slot length, number of bookings per slot.

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/paypal-donate-script/' rel='nofollow'>PayPal Donate 2.0</a>

        we have a new version available. It now uses paypal IPN to automatically update donated amount.

      • <a href="http://www.stivawebtemplates.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Free Website Templates</a>

        we've just added 26 new templates to our free website templates collection.

      • <a href="http://www.ezyoffer.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ezyOffer.com</a>

        New free service offered by StivaSoft. ezyOffer.com - create an attractive sale page in seconds.

      • March newsletter - new design

        We just sent out March edition of our newsletter. Let us know what you think about its new layout and design !

      • <a href="/modifications.php">Custom script modifications</a>

        Starting from today, 7th March 2011, we will create a new video for short-listed custom modifications that we did to our scripts so you can see the endless possibilities of our products.

      • <a href="http://www.ezycardealer.com/" target="_blank">Car Dealer Websites</a>

        Affordable one stop solution for car dealers. We deliver fully functional, attractive, manageable, and cost-effective websites with car dealer classified module built in. We aim at providing full services that save you time and money.

      • Fitness instructor website

        Have you ever seen such offer? We will do 100 free websites for fitness instructors just to have them in our portfolio. Read more

      • Event Booking Calendar

        version 2 of our popular Event Booking Calendar script is now available. Check out the new features that we added to it.

      • Fitness instructors only !

        Great ideas and special offers only for personal trainers and fintess instructors.Websites for fitness instructors

      • 65 new website templates

        Organized in 5 different categories today we've added 65 new templates to stivawebtemplates.com. Message us if you need a design service !

      • <a href="http://www.ezytrainer.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ezyTrainer.com</a>

        The ultimate one-stop place for all fitness instructors and their clients. If you are StivaSoft client and want to give it a try contact us and we will create a free account for you !

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-shopping-cart-script/">Shopping Cart</a> 3.0 is now here !

        Long waited shopping cart update is now available. A lot of new features added - digital products, promo codes, shipping and tax locations, add to favourites, etc.. Check it out!

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/availability-booking-calendar/">Availability Booking Calendar</a> 3.0

        a brand new version with many new features now available - multi calendar support, customizable booking form, security deposit and tax payments, many more..

      • <a href="http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/vacation-rental-listing/index.php" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Vacation Rental Listing</a> 1.2

        new features added: owners can manage their properties, set a property to be featured, 3 different layouts, separate integration code for the search form and featured properties.

      • One of a kind image upload!

        we've updated our ticket support to allow uploading images and screenshots and it is now easier than ever. You can add notes directly over the images you upload. Read more here.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/star-rating-script/">Stars Rate script</a> 3.0

        new version of this nice looking rating script. We no longer use flash for it but instead jQuery scripting is used.

      • Promo code section

        Looking for a promo code when buying domain name, hosting account or software? Check out our new Promo Codes section.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/member-login-script/" rel="nofollow">Member Login 2.0</a>

        we continue doing updates. New version now supports different groups, registration page, forgot password feature, registration confirmation.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/simple-cms/" rel="nofollow">Simple CMS 3.0</a>

        we've changed the old design for that script and made it look like most of the other new scripts. You can upgrade for free no matter what your current version is. Contact us for details.

      • <a href="http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/pet-listing/" target="_blank">Pet Listing script</a>

        listing script number 4 is now ready. Use it to add a pet listing feature on your website within minutes.

      • <a href="http://www.brolmo.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Brolmo.com</a> new design

        with more than 12 000 registrations and a Google Page Rank 7 it turned to be a very popular website for those who want to use remotely hosted scripts. Today we completely changed its design! Hope you like it.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-event-calendar/">PHP Event Calendar</a> 2.1

        small update available to include loading message when you change month or click on a date to view its events

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-comment-script/'>Post Comment 4.0</a>

        a lot more features now available. PHP included added for better SEO.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-newsletter-script/">Newsletter Subscription 3.0</a>

        new version now supports groups, double opt-in, captcha, delayed sending, smtp and many more.

      • Moving some of our websites

        read why we decided to move some of our websites and let us know what you think here

      • New PHPJabbers.com

        the new PHPJabbers.com website is now here. After few months of hard work we are now proud with the new look of our most popular website. Enjoy it !

      • <a href="http://www.phpscripthelper.com/index.php?menu=video&cat=3" target="_blank">Video tutorials for FTP clients</a>

        we created a set of video tutorials showing how to upload files in binary mode and set write permissions using some of the most popular FTP clients - SmartFTP, CuteFTP, FileZilla

      • PHPjabbers.com update

        Dear clients on 5th, Sunday we plan to upload the new version of PHPjabbers.com website. It will take probably few hours to do the change so during this time our website may not be accessible. Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused and check our the new websites on Monday, 6th.

      • <a href="http://www.classifiedsgeek.com/" target="_blank">classifiedsgeek.com</a> - brand new website

        3 scripts to start with - Car listing, Vacation Property listing and Yacht listing. 7 more to be launched in next weeks.

      • <a href="http://www.knowledgebasebuilder.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Knowledge Base Builder</a> script

        Create and manage complete support knowledge base, a FAQ section or publish tutorials and articles with just a few clicks.

      • Get involved !

        Do you want to help us create better products and websites? Take a look at AB Calendar new website suggestion.

      • July eNewsletter

        we just sent this month edition of our eNewsletter. Most of the information is also posted on our Facebook wall.

      • <a href="http://www.stivablog.com" rel="nofollow">Stiva BLOG script</a> 2.0

        A brand new version available now. Complete new design, better organized code, a lot of available add-ons coming very soon too.

      • We are now on FaceBook !

        You can become our fan and keep an eye on every new update or product that we launch. We will post everything there !

      • <a href="http://www.phpinvoicemanager.com" rel="nofollow">Invoice Manager</a> 1.3

        we've added authorize.net payment module and ability to directly send invoice payment and print URLs to your clients

      • <a href="http://www.stivasoft.com/property-listing-script/">Property Listing</a> update 1.2

        current update includes:- new fields - bathroom, year built, lot size, mls #- manage property types- manage property and community features- information request contact form for each property

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-contact-form-generator/">Contact Form Generator</a> 3.2

        current update includes:- email validation- date picker- enable / disable captcha- 2 captcha types- PHP mail() or SMTP sending- auto-responder- HTML or Plain Text emails

      • <a href="http://www.stivawebtemplates.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">StivaWebTemplates.com</a>

        Stiva Web Templates is the place where you can download a professionally designed website template. You get PSD image source files absolutely free !

      • <a href="http://www.phpinvoicemanager.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Invoice Manager</a> script

        Invoice Manager is a simple but powerful script which lets you manage all your clients and invoices. You can also send emails to your clients, generate reports or have your clients pay the invoices online via paypal.

      • Affiliate Program

        today we've launched our Affiliate program. You can access it under Affiliate Program menu in your account at http://www.phpscripthelper.com. In the next few weeks we will add all our products there with unique set of different sized banners for each one.

      • Hotel booking service

        BookMyRooms.co.uk/ - today we've launched a remotely hosted service based on our hotel booking script for those who cannot install scripts on their hosting accounts but still need a booking engine.

      • <a href="http://www.stivasoft.com/job-listing-script/" target="_blank">Job Manager script</a>

        New script which lets you put a job listing engine on your website. Let your website visitors search for a job and view full job details.

      • <a href="http://www.hotelsbookingsystem.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hotel Booking Script</a>

        a new booking script for hotel owners. Create room types and let your clients book them. Set different prices for different date periods and accept paypal payments online.

      • <a href="http://www.stivasoft.com/" rel="nofollow">StivaSoft.com</a> website

        we've done a complete redesign of our primary company website. It is an useful starting point to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

      • <a href='http://www.stivasoft.com/property-listing-script/' target='_blank'>Property Listing script</a>

        today we've launched a new property listing script. Remember that as an existing customer you can get at least $20 discount if buying it through our support website.

      • <a href='http://www.stivasoft.com/car-dealer-script/' target='_blank'>Car Sale Manager script</a>

        today we've launched the first script of our so called listing scripts collection that we plan to do in the next months. It will include property listing, job listing, etc..

      • New <a href='http://www.phpscripthelper.com' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>PHPScriptHelper.com</a>

        we've launched a new version of our support website. It has a lot of features that you, our valuable client, asked us to add to it. Enjoy it and please report if any small bugs found :)

      • Redesigning PHPjabbers.com

        In the next week or two we plan to make changes to the design of our website. You can view the new page style we've created for the Web calendar script.

      • <a href='http://www.phpcalendarscripts.com/monthly-calendar/' target='_blank'>PHP Monthly Calendar</a> 2.0

        we've also updated the PHP Monthly Calendar. The changes made to it are almost identical to the one made to the PHP Event Calendar script. Enjoy it :)

      • <a href='http://www.phpcalendarscripts.com/' target='_blank'>PHP Event Calendar</a> 2.0

        a brand new version has been launched. There are a lot of code changes and some new features added. We've also made a set of video tutorials showing how to use the product.

      • Video tutorials

        We've created a series of video tutorials showing how to use one of our popular scripts Availability Booking Calendar. You can watch them here.

      • <a href='http://www.stivablog.com/' target='_blank'>Stiva Blog</a> and <a href='http://www.stivashoppingcart.com/' target='_blank'>Shopping Cart</a> scripts

        For the shopping cart we've added product search feature and also a tax fee on the checkout page. On the checkout page you can now have an option to collect your client credit card details. Changes to email confirmation and CSV export have also been made and now all order details are being emailed and exported.For the blog we've added 3 new layouts and blog search feature

      • <a href='http://www.ticketsupportscript.com/' target='_blank'>Ticket Support Script</a> 2.0


      • Flash Event Calendar 2.1 & Multi Availability Calendar 3.1

        we've updated both scripts today and they now support years up to 2020. All clients who have 2.0 and 3.0 version are entitled to a free update.

      • Stiva Shopping Cart 2.0

        new version for Shopping cart script. You can now include the shopping cart script on any .php page. Also, you can order same product but with different selected options which was not possible until now.

      • <a href='http://www.availabilitybookingcalendar.com/'>Availability Booking Calendar</a> 2.4

        the new version now offers reservation export in CSV, XML and ICS formats. You can also have a color legend below the calendar. All titles are in external language file. Reservation confirmation can be set to be after payment is made.

      • new <a href="http://www.stivagallery.com/" target="_blank">photo gallery script</a>

        We added a new gallery script under our STIVA™ brand. We've also updated all STIVA™ products and added a new feature to allow a single administration page for all scripts. Learn more

      • <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-contact-form-generator/'>Contact form generator</a> update

        we've now converted the contact form generator script to the latest design used for our scripts. One of the things we've updated is also the way captcha verification is handled. Captcha verification is now done without page refresh but using javascript.

      • <a href='http://www.availabilitybookingcalendar.com/event-booking/' target='_blank'>Event Booking Calendar</a> update

        the new version 1.2 now allows multiple places to be booked for each event when a booking is made. Also paypal payments are allowed and there is an external language file to edit font end calendar messages.

      • 2 new products

        Today we've launched 2 new scripts under the new brand name STIVA. The products are STIVA Forum and STIVA Blog. As their names say these are a blog and a forum scripts.

      • Shopping Cart update

        About a month after its official launch there is now version 1.6 of our Shopping Cart script. Many of our clients asked us to make it possible to specify different options for their products and we've decided to include this feature. There are also few other minor changes.

      • <a href='http://www.stivashoppingcart.com/' target='_blank'>Shopping Cart script</a> update

        we've decided to launch a new update due to the high interest to this script just few days after it was launched. You can now create product categories and also purchase multiple copies of same product using the checkout page.

      • <a href='http://phpcalendarscripts.com/' target='_blank'>PHP Event Calendar for Joomla</a>

        using our popular PHP Event Calendar we've created a Joomla component. Now you can have an easy to use calendar script on your joomla based websites.

      • <a href='http://www.availabilitybookingcalendar.com' target='_blank'>Availability Booking Calendar</a> 2.3 update

        few new features included: show week numbers; show prices on mouse over; booking form fields verification; external language file to edit all front end messages; past dates custom color

      • Shopping Cart script

        today we've finally launched a new shopping cart script. Now you can create a product catalogue or shopping cart on any website within minutes.

      • Time Slots Booking Calendar update

        we've updated the Pro version of Time Slots Booking calendar script. You cannot book passed dates now and can specify available days during the week.

      • New Event Booking calendar

        with the new Event Booking calendar you can now add different events during any date and people will be able to book these events.

      • Poll upgrades

        Both Flash Web Poll mysql version and PHP Poll have been updated. They now use the latest interface that we will use from now on for all our scripts.

      • Flash calendars updates

        All the 5 flash based calendars have been updated today. read more

      • Script update

        PHP Monthly Calendar version 1.6 launched. In next 2 weeks we plan to convert both PHP calendars to joomla components.

      • Script update

        PHP Event Calendar version 1.5 launched

      • Joomla component

        Availability Booking Calendar script now available as joomla 1.5 component.

      • 2 more custom calendar

        We've finally found the time to add 2 more custom made calendar scripts to our collection - Event Booking and Truck Loads Schedule.

      • Time Slots Booking Calendar

        Today we launched a long waited time slots booking calendar. Hope you enjoy it the same way you do with our other scripts !

      • Time Slots Availability Calendar

        We've made the Lite version which can only be used to show availability. In next few days it will be for sale with a Pro version which will allow bookings. Let us know what you think about this script.

      • Happy New Year !

        Happy New Year to all our customers, readers and contributors. We at PHPjabbers.com wish you a very successful 2009 !
        Veselin Stoilov

      • 2009 Scripts supplier program

        check our new scripts supplier program which will save you hundreds of dollars of script purchases next year. We are happy to have you as a customer next year!

      • <a href='http://www.availabilitybookingcalendar.com/' target='_blank'>Availability Booking Calendar v2</a>

        We've launched a new version 2 of this popular availability booking script. There is now Lite version for those who only need availability calendar and no booking. Front booking calendar now has easier to use booking interface with multiple date selection.

      • Booking Calendar

        we currently start working on a Time Slots booking calendar script. We expect to have it launched within one month from now.

      • PHP Poll v2.0

        a brand new version of PHP poll script. It now uses Ajax, you can use images and HTML code for your answers, let people select multiple answers and many more.

      • <a href="https://www.phpjabbers.com/member-login-script/">Member Login</a> script

        we've launched a member login script which can be used to protect your website pages and create user login accounts.

      • RSS Feed v2.0

        a brad new version of the RSS Feed script. It now supports UTF-8 encoding, has separate options file, installation script and few more features added.

      • Web Calendar v4.2

        we've added some visual effects to the administration page in that latest version.

      • Newsletter Script v2.0

        now it supports autoresponder message, unsubscribe link, import/export subscribers and few more features. Learn more.

      • Blog RSS feed

        Subscribe to RSS feed
        we've added an RSS feed for our blog posts. You can subscribe to it and start receiving articles and news from us directly on your website.

      • Flash Poll MySQL v4.5

        a new updated version of the most popular poll script is now available.

      • PHPjabbers.com updates

        today and in the next few days we will make some layout and functionality changes to our website to make it easier for you to navigate and use. We will be happy to have your feedback about it.

      • Availability Calendar 3.0

        we've added availability search feature, few visual effects and a new section in the script to check for latest updates.

      • New Script launched

        Give your donors the ease of a "Donate Now" button on your website with our new PayPal Donate Script.

      • New Script launched

        Finally we have the Newsletter Subscription script available for download. You can have a subscription form on all your website pages and send emails to your subscribers using an easy to use interface.

      • PHP Monthly Calendar script

        a new calendar script which is different than what we have done so far. With this script instead of viewing month days and clicking on each one to see its events you can see all month days and events one by one. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

      • Icons and Icons Sets website launch

        After months of hard work we are ready to present our new websiteFreeStockIcons.com. There are thousands of icons and many icon sets available for download.

      • Prices down !

        As a market test we've decided to lower the price to $28 which is $6 less than our regular price. So with every purchase now you save $6 of script price.

      • Ticket Support Script 1.1

        today we've launched a new script - Ticket Support. It is an excellent tool to provide support via web based system. Learn more.

      • New updates page

        From now on, on this web page you can check all script updates and new versions.Script Updates

      • New Versions

        today and in the next few days we will launch new versions for some of the most popular scripts. Today we've updated Availability Calendar, Multi User Availability Calendar, Flash Calendar, Post a Comment, SimpleCMS

      • Booking engine script

        after receiving many request to create an availability calendar and booking engine we finally have it done. Availability Booking Calendar. Please send us your suggestions and comments.

      • Shopping Cart added

        today we've added a new shopping cart feature to our website. We hope it will now be easier for your to purchase and download our scripts. Your feedback on it will be appreciated !

      • New Event Calendar Script

        after few months of hard work we are happy to announce the new PHP Event Calendar script that we offer in our scripts collection.

      • Web Calendar v4.0

        the new version now allows you set your own font style and size for all events. You can still use <font> tag in events to modify font style

      • Contact Form v2.92

        captcha image is better looking and you can set your own font and background image for it.

      • Contact Form Generator

        new 2.9 version now supports file uploading. You can also set any of the fields used on your form to be mandatory.

      • PostComment v2

        IP and words ban list, date and time format, time zone selection.

      • SimpleCMS v2

        now using the latest tinymce version and with upload files feature

      • Flash Gallery v6

        a completely new Flash Gallery has been released. It now has a password protected administration page where you can manage your galleries. Also few new features has been added.

      • New Script: <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-comment-script/'>Post a Comment</a>

        the easiest way ever to let your website visitors post comments on any of your web pages.

      • Web Poll new feature added

        View results before voting feature has been added to our flash based poll.

      • New Script: <a href='https://www.phpjabbers.com/simple-cms/'>Simple CMS</a>

        Using an easy to use password protected administration page you can edit sections of your website pages in a second.

      • Availability Calendars - 12 months view

        both sing and multi user Availability Calendars now support 1 month and 12 months view modes.

      • New Script: Event Calendar

        another Flash / PHP / MYSQL event calendar. Slick design and easy to use admin page.

      • Flash Calendar 1.9 & Web Calendar 3.9

        today we've updated both of the most popular calendar scripts on the internet. They now allow recurring events, event search and few other code updates.

      • Photo Gallery ZOOM

        nice photo gallery script allowing 3 levels of zooming

      • Multi User Availability Calendar

        a new version of our popular Availability Calendar script which lets website owners allow their visitors having own availability calendars.



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    Curious to see what other clients say about our products and services?

    • The dedication and professionalism of all PHPJabbers staff is simply outstanding. I asked for modifications to be made from the basic code and the support and guidance I received during this period was exceptional. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending not only the availability booking script but the entire PHPJabbers collective. Simply first class all round.
      Many thanks for all your help in getting up and running.

      Gareth Meredith

    • I'm not normally one for making feedback responses and testimonials but after stumbling on to this website via a search engine, I decided to try my luck and go with the PHP Shopping Cart due to a client request to add one to their site. I know there are loads of other pieces of software you can use, but I had to look at it from a client side for both ease of use and also for looks to match in with the current web site they have.
      The outcome of my find?
      Look no further than this software folks because it's simplicity in itself giving you the perfect online shopping cart without the hassle of trying to get around an admin GUI that looks like something out of a N.A.S.A space station. Installed in seconds, configured in minutes and the client as happy as a dog in a butchers shop.
      And to top it all off, the support offered by Alexander Valkanov and his team with regards to ANY of the software they offer is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and the answers are given both freely and quickly and in a format that even a new born could understand.
      Trust me folks when I say, buy any software with the name of StivaSoft and PHPJabbers, and you will NOT be disappointed.
      Kind Regards from one very happy client.

      Mick Knight

    • I have been implementing multiple PHP scripts from PHPJabbers for more than a year on multiple web sites. Their products are excellent and equally important is the extremely high quality and quick responsiveness of their technical support. I am always amazed and very pleased with their service and recommend them highly. PHPJabbers is always my first choice when I need a canned or customized script for our web sites.
      City Connections LLC
      President & CEO

      Morris Enyeart

    • I was very pleased with the first contacts I made with the support and decided to buy the first script. The quality exceeded my expectations. A property rental software that other companies would charge hundreds of dollars, this is proving an excellent value for money. I have experience with vacation rental software and this proved to be one of the best I've seen. Simplicity and ease of use.

      Antonio Santos

    • As a website developer I have used a number of suppliers in the past. None of which have accommodated such a degree the various changes needed to ensure that we meet my clients needs. Impressive response to queries and resolution of issues. I have no hesitation in endorsing the PHPJabbers scripts and am now looking at the other offerings to add to my portfolio of products that I can offer.

      Ken Parish

    • I can't say enough good things about StivaSoft and PHPJabbers.com, I needed one of their calendars modified to meet my needs and you were more that cooperative and helpful. The PHP Script was changed to what I needed promptly and efficiently. You couldn't ask for better customer service, I will come to you for any other script I may need. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

      Keith L. Eulrich

    • Thank you for all your help with my custom made booking calendar! I'm very satisfied with the result.
      You guys were wonderful to work with from the first contact and until the calendar was done and integrated to my page. I really appreciate your flexibility with all my last minute changes. PHPJabbers staff were exceptionally professional and accommodating.
      The admin pages are very easy to use and give a lot of flexibility. The communication went very smooth with emails and often they were answered just a few minutes after sending them.
      I will definitely contact PHPJabbers again when I need help for new web projects.

      Dennis Lykke Hansen

    • I was really impressed with the speed of customer service and the level of support from PHPJabbers support services. This is the best service I've ever had from an online business. Nothing was too difficult and they didn't make me feel stupid for not understanding the technical aspects of installing their booking script.
      Up Front Training & Motivation

      Hayley Solich

    • I am a web designer and I have been using Stivasoft scripts and services for over 4 years. Most of my work is mainly design work and does not require major programming. However I do need things like polls, classifieds, galleries which clients can use update themselves, captcha forms, etc.
      Their PHP blog script is amazing. Most of my clients can not figure out how to use Wordpress, but they grasp right away how to use Stiva Blog Script. And best of all, I just plug it into the existing site and it fits right into my design.
      I absolutely love the simplicity and programming of Stiva's scripts. They are easy to install and use. And when I have needed updates and alterations of a script, the Stivasoft team has been there with quick, affordable and great service.
      Quite honestly, Stivasoft has become an integral part of my business. Love these guys and gals!!!

      Leta Maler

    • Some companies claim to offer great support but PHPJabbers delivers. I have purchased two of their products and needed support both times. They solved the problem within minutes. They have hands down the best support of any company I have ever dealt with. They also offer first rate products at very reasonable prices. I would not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone.

      Mark Martin

    • I would just like to thank the team at Stivasoft for all their hard work and complete professionalism while developing our new booking calendar software. I have found during the process that all questions were answered promptly and actioned without delay. This seems to be the culture with all staff at Stivasoft as everyone who took part in the development process were always very helpful.
      We have been using the availability booking calendar for over 4 years now and are very happy with its functionality and were upgrading to take advantage of all the new features.
      Fantastic service, Fantastic pricing coupled with Fantastic software goes towards making this a brilliant product.
      Thanks for all your help, highly recommended.
      Ambulance Service Welfare Fund

      Steve Dodman

    • I've had a very good experience with StivaSoft. My order involved extensive customization of one of their appointment scheduling software. The support team worked closely with me over the course of several weeks until I was completely satisfied with the results. Excellent customer service is what sets them apart from other solutions

      Morgan Schwartz

    • I am very impressed with the service & end product that I received by Alexander 'Sasho' Valkanov from PHPjabbers.com. Response time to any inquiries is fantastic, usually almost immediately (during business hour). As I am based in Australia, my first experience with outsourcing my project overseas has been excellent.
      Thank you again PHPJabbers.

      Darwin Oey

    • To the team at Stivasoft,
      I'd like to say a personal thank you for providing and customizing the software I needed for a website. I have been building and forward on a note to anyone who finds themselves occasionally searching for specialized software to use on their websites, these guys were great and offered customization at reasonable prices. They followed through on their work which I sometimes find other companies don't. I would like to recommend and thank the guys at Stivasoft! I would be happy to use them again in the future.
      Website Designer and Management Services

      Adam Aitken