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Appointment Scheduler

Online appointment scheduling software to boost sales and manage bookings

  • Appointment Scheduler
installation support

Embed an easy appointment scheduling software into your website and manage appointment calendars, individual schedules, services, and rates. Our PHP-based Appointment Scheduler is a flexible and highly efficient software solution suitable for various companies in the service sector. Use the appointment script as a standalone tool or integrate it into any other web-based system.

Product Highlights

If you are looking for a reliable online scheduling software that will help you organize your service schedule more efficiently,
Appointment Scheduler might be the right solution for you! Provide your customers with an easy way to book and pay for the services you offer.

  • Book appointments

    Embed an online self-booking appointment scheduling
    tool to let clients book individual appointments and pay online.

  • Get detailed reports

    You can get detailed reports in colorful graphic charts
    that help you monitor and understand data easily.

  • Book from any device

    Appointment Scheduler is developed using a responsive design technology and adapts to various screen sizes and mobile devices.

  • Responsive design

    Both the front-end and back-end UI of our online Appointment Scheduler script are mobile-friendly so you can easily access them on any device.

  • 10 color themes

    Choose between 10 different color themes for the mobile-friendly front-end. We can customize it for you upon request.

  • Confirmations & reminders

    The back-end system sends booking/payment notifications
    and reminders to both clients and admins via Email & SMS.

  • Automatically updated schedule

    The appointment scheduling software automatically
    updates the work timesheet and employees' availability.

  • PHP Source Code

    Get a developer-friendly license and make changes to our
    scheduling software. We can make it, too, upon request.

Appointment Scheduler for $4.29 only

Get all 65 PHPJabbers scripts in a bundle for just $299. Learn more

Live Demo

Below is a preview of Appointment Scheduler. You can see both the front and back-end system and test their features.
If you have any questions, don't hold back to contact us.


Open administration page to view available color themes for the front end.

Administration page

Click the button below to open the admin panel of the php appointment script.

default login details



You can buy the Appointment Scheduler either with a Developer, or with a User Licence.
Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe what needs to be changed.

user licence

developer licence

Free installation support

Free installation support

Free installation support

Changes to the code

Changes to the code

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Custom modifications

Custom modifications

Contact us and you'll receive quotation for the custom changes you may need

Custom modifications

Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote

Regular price

Regular price


Regular price


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!


Remotely hosted scripts

remotely hosted scripts service

Nothing to install! Let us host your script!

If you are using WordPress, Wix or another website builder and cannot install the script on your server take advantage of Brolmo.com SaaS service.


Let our clients share their experience with Appointment Scheduler and how the script has improved their online business.

  • I found PHPJabbers customer service to be second to none. You guys truly stand behind your product. I will not hesitate to purchase any other PHP script I may need in the future from your company. Thank you so much for helping me install your appointment calendar on my site.

    Pedro Baez

  • I found the PHPJabbers website while searching for appointment scheduling software. I'm so glad I found the site because there are loads of useful other scripts which I will no doubt use. All the scripts have a nice clean format which can be easily integrated into any website. The functionality is perfect for what I needed and the Appointment Scheduler script works well. I called on the help of the support team to install the script and they responded quickly and had me up and running in no time. I can't believe what excellent value the scripts provide and I am now about to purchase another PHP script for a new website I am working on. Brilliant work StivaSoft, well done and many thanks.

    Dean Williams

  • Excellent customer service. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

    Ron Angelo

  • I am a new customer using Stiva Appointment Scheduling software. When I was with my old host provider I had lots of trouble getting the scripts to run. Turns out there was issues with my host provider that StivaSoft helped me to troubleshoot and isolate. I have since moved to a new provider and had trouble getting my Appointment Scheduler working, this was due to my own fault. StivaSoft team again came to my rescue and helped me to troubleshoot the root cause of my problems. Because of their highly trained support team & their willingness to assist every customer until they are 110% satisfied, they hung in there with me with every question I had and every trouble I encountered. I must say, I am now up and working like never before because my new Host Provider runs my scripts as expected & because StivaSoft support team was behind me & reassured me, they would not let me down and will be behind me until I have that satisfied customer smile on my face. I here to say, that SMILE is on my face. I would & will highly recommend their products to anyone & everyone.

    Billy D Espree

  • I've had a very good experience with StivaSoft. My order involved extensive customization of one of their appointment scheduling software. The support team worked closely with me over the course of several weeks until I was completely satisfied with the results. Excellent customer service is what sets them apart from other solutions.

    Morgan Schwartz

  • Working with you guys has been an absolute delight. When it comes to coding if these guys can't do it, it simply can't be done. The support throughout the process has been fantastic. Will use again and will recommend.


  • Folks, I have been a webmaster since 1995 and let me tell you something... It has been Excedrin Headache #2 along the way just trying to get simple things to work properly on websites. I mean, maybe you can get something to work on one site, but when you look at it on a different browser or computer, the whole thing is messed up and/or not even functioning at all.
    PHPjabbers has made all of my features TRULY EASY to install, setup and working VERY QUICKLY! Not to mention the price point is unbelievably affordable!
    Let me also tell you about the service they provide, how FAST of a response time I received from them and how intelligent those responses are! I ask a question and within 24 hours, I have a reasonable, solid response!
    Thanks PHPjabbers.com!
    After 18 years of being webmaster, I have found you folks to be the VERY BEST!

    Rodney Van Dine

  • Thank you so much it is always such a pleasure to work with you guys. You are professional and responsive to all needs. I can't thank you enough the services that you offer are so useful.

    Mayra Morrison

  • I am a web designer with over 10 years experience and I have been using Stivasoft scripts and services for over 4 years. Most of my work are back-end designs that require major programming. The PHP scripts from this site are some the best out of the box scripts that actually work and do what they say. Their support on Installation and actual Product support is GREAT, I have NEVER waited for response and they have resolved all issues (if any) all the time. And best of all, I just plug it into the existing site and it fits right into my design. I have also used PHPJabbers for custom work to design a database schedule system for an already designed web site. Not only did they match the site to a tee and come in on time for my schedule, they added some GREAT extra work in there that I was not expecting. And NOT a single CSS issue with the custom site work, it just all worked and at a GREAT price.
    I absolutely love the simplicity and programming of Stiva's scripts. They are easy to install and use. And when I have needed updates and alterations of a script, the Stivasoft team has been there with quick, affordable and great service.
    Quite honestly, Stivasoft has become an integral part of my business and my clients.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

    David Nugent

  • Add an online booking tool to any site

    Appointment Scheduler is designed with a number of features to help you set up a real-time scheduler and automate appointment bookings, accept online payments and automatically update your schedule online.

  • Book individual appointments

    As an administrator, you can assign services to one or more employees, thus let your clients book an individual appointment with a professional of their choice. Watch a video on how to manage employees' accounts and  individual working hours using the Appointment Scheduler.

  • Manage work schedule

    Manage your timetable and individual appointment calendars from one integrated admin where you can add and edit appointments manually, manage working hours, employee profiles, login details and individual schedules.

  • Book appointments from any device

    The Appointment Scheduler front-end is built with responsive design and adapts to any screen resolution to provide optimal user experience on any device - PC, Mac, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Browse services or professionals

    Your clients can review your services and the professionals providing them. If you wish to, you can integrate both layouts separately on different pages of your website and thus enhance user experience.

  • Get notified upon a new appointment

    All admins and staff members can receive email notifications each time an appointment has been booked and confirmed. Emails can be personalized via the administration page using a set of available tokens.

  • Edit your booking reminders

    Send automated reminders to both customers and admins via email and SMS when a booking is approaching. Watch a video tutorial and learn how to personalize your email alerts with our PHP Appointment Scheduler.

  • Back up your database

    Prevent any loss of information by regularly performing a backup of your database and files. Log in as an administrator to the appointment script and perform the backup with a single mouse click.

  • Get detailed reports

    Using the appointment scheduling software, you can generate reports with the most frequently booked services, employees, confirmed and cancelled appointments during a particular date range. Reports are displayed in colorful graphic charts which help you easily monitor and analyze data.

  • Translate the Appointment Scheduler

    Use the built-in Language module to change or translate all texts and system messages and activate more front-end languages. Customers can easily switch languages on your website.

  • Process offline and online payments

    PayPal and Authorize.Net are integrated with the Appointment Scheduler to automate the booking process and facilitate deposit and final payments. Use a simple checkbox to enable online payments, CC details collection or bank account info for wire transfers. Need to use other payment gateways?

  • Customize the service checkout form

    Use simple drop-down menus to edit the reservation form by renaming fields and making them required or optional. We would advise you to make the Captcha field mandatory to protect yourself from spam.

  • Create your own booking terms

    Add your own booking terms to the online scheduler. JavaScript validation is performed on user input before sending the data to the database, so clients must read and accept your Terms & Conditions before making an appointment.

  • SEO-friendly appointment script

    JavaScript is used on the front-end to increase loading speed and dynamically update the appointment script without reloading the entire web page. The built-in SEO module will help you better optimize the script.

  • WordPress & Joomla compatible

    The Appointment Scheduler can be easily installed on WordPress, Joomla and other CMS-based websites. Once the script is installed on your server, you can embed the front-end by copying and pasting a short code snippet. Learn how to install the script!

  • high-performing online scheduling software
    High-speed & Performance

    The PHPJabbers framework is specially developed for high-rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts with 1M listings and 8M records in the database!

  • Easy installation

    An Installation Wizard will automatically install the Appointment Scheduler for you. All you have to do is upload the files to your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check our Knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is or request a installation help. Using Wix.com or another website builder and cannot install PHP scripts? Learn more about our Remotely Hosted Script service!

  • Developer friendly license
    Developer Licence

    If you are a web developer, you can modify the Appointment Scheduler by yourself. You will receive access to the source code and a guide for our Framework. We can make all kinds of custom modifications to our PHP scripts.

  • More Key Software Features
    More Key Software Features

    Appointment Scheduler comes with the following special features: Cross Domain Integration, High-Performance PHP Framework Protected Against SQL Injections, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Payment Gateways Integration, Web SMS, Custom Modifications, Extended Licence Program.