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Our Free Property Widget will display a property details box with multiple sections:

1) General Property Details plus description
2) Image Gallery - upload multiple images
3) Google Map - show your property is located
4) Availability Calendar - ideal if used for rental property
5) Contact Details Section

You have full source codes and can change this fancy property box to anything else you may need - Bio box, Car / Yacht / Truck... details box, etc.


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how to install

Follow the steps to install this Contact and Social Widget:

1) download the ZIP file and extract all files in a folder on your computer.

2) open the index.html file and copy the code found in the head of the page

3) copy the code in the <div class="box-shell"> container and put it on your web page

4) make sure files in /css/ and /js/ folders are uploaded on your hosting

5) open your web page and Property Widget will load

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