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Team Page Script

With our Team Page Script you can add a nice looking widget on your website showing members of your company. The script is a perfect fit to your Meet the Team page. The team members view is responsive, which makes it load fine on mobile devices.

Version: 1.0 / Downloads: 2,937

Team Page Script

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Team Page Script has 2 different views controlled via a simple "stacked" class name. You can either have all members listed next to each other or have them arranged in a stack and switch between each member profile using navigation icons.

For each team member you can show:
- photo
- name and position
- company name
- phone, email and website.

You can also show individual social media links - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter.


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How to Install

1) Download and unzip the script package.

2) Upload the Team Page Script files in a folder on your server

3) Edit config.php file and MySQL login details:


4) open database.sql and import all MySQL queries in your database. MySQL table will be created where team member details will be stored.

5) Open the example web page index.php using any web browser.

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