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Cinema Booking System

Get a smart online movie ticket booking system with unencrypted source files!

Version: 1.0

The Cinema Booking System is a PHP/MySQL-based seat and ticket reservation system allowing bookings in a few easy steps. Users can process online payments, manage reservations, and customize events. This powerful cinema ticket booking system can be deployed on any website offering tickets for movies, theater, and other scheduled performances. If you purchase the booking script with a Developer License, you will be able to make your own changes to the PHP source code.

Cinema Booking System

Product Highlights

Our movie ticket booking system is the perfect addition to all cinema, theater, and other events-related websites that need a modern online reservation and payment functionality. See below the key features of the cinema ticket booking system. You can request any customization you need!

Sell Tickets Online

Add an automated movie ticket booking system to your website and start selling tickets online. Simple booking process and payments!

Ticket Generation

Upload a ticket template and enable your customers to print out PDF paper tickets after completing a booking.

Movie Manager

Create an unlimited number of events, movies, or performances. Manage cinema hall map layouts through an easy-to-use admin page.

Email & SMS Confirmations

The cinema ticket booking system can send out automated Email & SMS alerts upon a new booking, payment, or cancellation.

Unlimited Usage

Turn it into a booking system for theaters, performances, concerts, or other similar events that require an advance seat reservation.

Responsive Design

Our online movie ticket booking system has a responsive front-end UI and 10 different color schemes you can choose from.

Payment Gateways Integration

Process online transactions through PayPal, Authorize.net, and other payment gateways. Or, enable offline payments by cash, wire transfer, or credit card.

PHP Source Code Customization

Buy a Developer License to make your own changes to the source files of the cinema ticket booking system. Compare licences

Cinema Booking System

Sell tickets online via ticket booking system

Sell tickets online

Embed our cinema ticket booking system into your website and start selling cinema and theater tickets online. The script features a simple booking process with the major payment gateways already integrated. Having PHP Cinema Booking System on your site will make it easier for your visitors to buy tickets, reserve seats and pay for them online.

Responsive and colorful design

Responsive mobile-friendly front end

Let visitors enjoy browsing your cinema seat booking website on any device, including Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets, PC, and Mac – no separate mobile app is needed. The online cinema ticket booking system has a front end that's completely mobile-optimized and features a responsive design for a wide range of end-user devices to provide an optimal user experience. The UI is available in 10 different color themes so you can choose the one that best matches your website branding, or order a custom theme from us.

Movies management

Movie management

You can add an unlimited number of entries to you list of movies, performances, or concerts. You have the tools to manage stage or seat maps, cinema or screening locations, and turn our booking script into either an online movie ticket booking system, a theater booking system, or a concert, and other event ticket reservation system for your website.

Cinema seats management

Seat management

You can create a seat map with any number of seats for each cinema or theater hall and set different ticket types and prices for adult and children tickets, standard and VIP seats, etc. If you don't have specific seat numbers in your halls, you can always create different seat sectors, each taking multiple bookings.

Movie ticket payment module

Online payments module

The built-in payment tool allows you to easily process transactions online using PayPal and Authorize.net, or to collect credit card details for offline payment processing. Through the administration page, you can set different prices for different groups of people, the deposit percentage required for booking, and the tax rate. Do you need another payment gateway? We can add it for you. View more payment gateways

Smart calculations

Smart calculations

You can set the deposit percentage required for bookings as well as the tax rate. If you do set them, the total amount and deposit payment will be calculated automatically when users proceed to payment. All prices and taxes can be managed easily through the theater booking system's administration page.

Advanced JavaScript coding

Advanced JavaScript coding

The AJAX loading function is used to refresh the online cinema ticket booking system without reloading the entire web page, so contents load a lot faster. AJAX loading is also used in the reservation form and text input JavaScript code for validation before sending off the data to the server.

Intuitive administration panel

Intuitive Admin Panel

The movie ticket booking system has a back-end system with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows administrators to easily change booking settings, manage reservations, add movies and events, and upload graphic seat maps, etc. The script is perfectly suited for users with very little or no programming knowledge at all.

Ticket Reservations Module

Reservations module

The simple online booking process allows customers to book tickets with a few clicks. Administrators can manage bookings and availability through the back-end Admin Panel. Our ticket reservation system allows editing buyer details, changing booking status, and adding bookings manually.

Set booking system options

Set booking options

Administrators can modify general booking settings, such as currency, default booking status, prices, create a custom thank-you page after bookings, or disable payments altogether. Through the back-end admin page of our theater booking system, you can also choose which form fields to enable on the booking form.

Multiple language support

Multi-language support

Use the language module to translate or edit all booking system texts and messages to create multiple language versions of your website. Set default language and enable visitors to select their preferred language from a handy drop-down menu on your website. You can add as many languages as you need!

Cinema seat selections

Active seat selection on graphic seat map

Use the administration page of our online movie ticket booking system to upload a graphic seat map as a JPG image. Then you can create small hotspots over your map for each available seat. People will be able to book seats easily by clicking on them.

Manage sector tickets

Sector tickets

Use our online cinema ticket booking system to mark off sectors and seating areas in the auditorium, such as stalls or the arena, balconies, or stage boxes. Set different ticket prices for each area.

Cinema PDF tickets

PDF ticket generation

Upload the cinema or theater ticket template via the PHP Cinema Booking System's back-end and your customers will be able to print paper tickets after purchasing.

Automated confirmations

Automatic notifications

Configure the administration page to send automatic email notifications to your bookers. Tokens are available so that you can personalize the subject and message body text. In addition, we can add an extra SMS alert function to your ticket reservation system. Find out more about our SMS plans and services.

Wordpress and Joomla Integration

WordPress & Joomla integration

The Cinema Booking System can be easily installed on WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS-based websites. Once the script is installed on your server, you can embed the script on the front end simply by copying and pasting a short code snippet. Watch a tutorial video on how to install the script.

High-speed and performance

High speed and excellent performance

Our Cinema Booking System script uses the latest PHPJabbers framework that's specially developed to ensure excellent performance and flawless work even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Easy installation

Easy installation

An installation wizard will automatically install the cinema booking system script for you. Just upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out the tutorials in our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is. Or request installation assistance and we'll do it for you!

Developer-friendly Licence

Developer License

If you're a web developer, you can modify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code of the Cinema Booking Script on your own. Buy the Developer License and you'll receive access to the source code of the script and a guide to our framework. Or, we can do the custom modifications to the PHP script for you. To request a customization, just contact us.

More Key Software Features

More key software features

Our PHP Cinema Booking System comes with the following special features: Installation Wizard, High-Performance PHP Framework, Protection Against SQL Injections, One admiN Module, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code & Developer License. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Payment Gateways Integration, Web SMS, Custom Modifications, Extended License Program.


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Let our clients share their experience with our online ticket reservation system and how the script has improved their online business.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your service. Response time was rapid and helpful. I wish I had discovered PHPJabbers.com sooner. When I think of the hours I spent trying to write my own scripts or editing the free scripts I found online, I realize what a waste it was.
Your PHP scripts are incredibly simple and appear exactly as advertised. The low price makes the time savings indispensable. Thank you!

Hilarey Johnson

I am really happy to have found PHPJabbers.com. This is the first time I outsourced work and so I was quite nervous about doing it. But PHPJabbers team did a great job. They were able to make all the modifications I requested on quite a difficult booking system job. Kosta Todorov is very smart. I couldn't ask for a better team.

Mia Johnson

It has been my great fortune to have discovered PHPJabbers. Their scripts are wonderful, but more importantly their customer service is unparalleled. If you are looking for functional PHP scripts at a very reasonable price, phpjabbers.com is the first and the last place you will have to look. Thank you so much! You folks are really the most helpful out of any other web-based company I have worked with.
Rio Paso Web Design

Charlcie Fowler

FAQ & Knowledge Base

Pre-Sale FAQ

Read commonly asked questions about the movie ticket booking system!

Support Service FAQ

Read more about our Support Service and how we can help you install Cinema Booking System.

Custom Mods FAQ

Do you need something changed? We offer customization services.

Knowledge Base See All
How to install a Script

See how easy it is to install the script. Just follow the instructions or leave it all to us.

FTP Clients

See how to upload our scripts using different FTP clients.

PHP Framework Used

We use our own in-house build framework which is really easy to understand and work with.

Useful Resources See All
Our Services

We offer a wide range of web development       services.

Our Framework - How we code

See how script PHP code is organized and how easy you can modify it by yourself.

License Types Explained

User and Developer licence available. We also have a special Extended Licence for webmasters.

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