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PHP Survey Script

Run your own surveys using our smart online survey tool!

Version: 1.0

Embed the survey script into your website and conduct polls with ease. Edit surveys by adding a title and a short description, add unlimited single-answer and open questions. Control each survey’s availability, anonymity, and user registration options. You can review all user’s details and customize the signup form according to your needs. Match the online survey tool with your website design by choosing the right theme from 10 responsive color schemes. Test our online survey software and contact us if you need any fine-tuning!

PHP Survey Script

Product Highlights

If you'd like to get to know your website visitors and clients better and their opinion on specific subjects is important to your business or cause, then our online survey software can help you achieve your goal easily and elegantly. Here are the key functionalities of our survey tool:

Survey Management

With our survey script, you can add and customize various surveys, enable or disable them, set completion times, and make surveys available for selected users only. Review all completed surveys on the Admin Panel.

Translatable Titles

Thanks to the built-in translation plugin, PHP survey software admins can translate all front-end and back-end texts and system messages. Just search and locate the respective unique text ID and change the text.

Questions & Answers

Add multiple questions to each survey with short descriptions or relevant instructions. Select the answer type (single answer, multi-answer, open-ended), add possible answers, and set the number of questions per page.

Responsive Design & Front-End Themes

The front-end UI of our survey script is optimized for all mobile devices and screen sizes. There are 10 different color themes you can choose from to best match your website branding.

Registration Options

Admin users can request people to register at the beginning or at the end of the survey – or conduct anonymous surveys. The registration form can be customized through the back-end Admin Panel.

Email Notifications

Customize and send personalized automated email notifications both to admins and users. Edit the messages on the Notifications tab in the Admin Panel using the predefined tokens that will be replaced with the user's details in the email.

User Profiles

Users can either sign up on their own when taking a survey or be added by admins of the survey software through the back end. All users are listed on the designated Users page on the Admin Panel, showing all user details.

PHP Source Code Customization

Buy a Developer License and make your own custom changes to our PHP survey software, or request a custom modification from us. Compare licensing options...

PHP Survey Script


Our survey software allows you to create and customize an unlimited number of surveys so you can obtain all the information you need from your target audience. Let your visitors feel that their opinion counts and get the survey results you need.


Our online survey tool has an easy-to-use form builder. You can add as many survey questions to each survey as necessary and define the answer type for each question. You can also add a short description to each question if you need to provide extra information for respondents.


You can either launch anonymous surveys without asking respondents to identify themselves or request them to sign up before or after taking the survey. Edit the required fields shown in the registration form on the Admin Panel.


The PHP Survey Script collects user details as configured by admins for each survey they create. Users can also be added through the back-end system. You can then easily enter them into your customer database.


Our simple but smart online survey software gives you the freedom to create and personalize different kinds of surveys on diverse topics. Authorized survey script admins can set and modify a series of features such as:


No coding skills are required to embed the surveys into your website. Just go to the Integration menu of the respective survey and follow the detailed instructions there. Of course, we can also help you out and provide installation support.


You can buy the PHP Survey Script both with a User License or with a Developer License depending on whether you want to customize the PHP source code. Compare licenses or read more about our code here.

More key software features

Our PHP Survey Script comes with the following special features & extra services:


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Let our clients share their experience with our software tools and how it has improved their online business.

Hey guys... just installed your survey script and it works like a charm! Totally satisfied with the ease of integration, the level of customization, and the speed at which it can be deployed.
Most importantly though, my non-technical boss can operate it without my supervision! This was a real time-saver; I was planning on coding something similar myself, but to duplicate the poll, the administration console, and the UI would have taken me hours. I myself am a UI specialist, so when I say good work guys, I mean it. Great survey tool! WELL worth the price tag.

Jason Jurusz

I downloaded the survey software and had a bit of trouble getting it setup with my host company. Kosta came to the rescue, he walked me through every step of the way and was very knowledgeable, understanding and patient. I would recommend PHPJabbers anytime. They have great scripts and their customer service is invaluable!

Patrick Callahan

Not only is the PHP survey software amazing, but the guys at PHPJabbers made the purchase worth every penny. I received tech support for installation within one minute of writing my e-mail. The info I got was quick, curious and very helpful. The survey script is super-easy to use, very flexible and has helped immensely with both the look and usefulness of my website. I'd recommend this PHP survey script to anyone.

Pete Gustin

FAQ & Knowledge Base

Pre-Sale FAQ

Read the most Frequently Asked Questions about this script, its features and use.

Support Service FAQ

Read more about our Support Service and how we can help you install PHP Survey Script.

Custom Mods FAQ

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How to install a Script

See how easy it is to install the script. Just follow the instructions or leave it all to us.

FTP Clients

See how to upload our scripts using different FTP clients.

PHP Framework Used

We use our own in-house build framework which is really easy to understand and work with.

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Our Framework - How we code

See how script PHP code is organized and how easy you can modify it by yourself.

License Types Explained

User and Developer licence available. We also have a special Extended Licence for webmasters.

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