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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

Who We Work With

Since PHPJabbers' foundation we have had the chance to cooperate with a myriad of web developers, web designers
and end clients from various fields of business spread all over the globe. Together we have launched countless web projects.
And it makes us very happy that many of them keep dropping by long after our PHP scripts have been installed on their websites.

Thousands of people around the world
are using our web products and services.

Map of our clients
They chose us:
  • Boule Najm, USA

    Boule Najm, USA

  • Dmytro Stadnik, Montenegro

    Dmytro Stadnik, Montenegro

  • Ryan Michel, Australia

    Ryan Michel, Australia

  • Owen Mulpetre, UK

    Owen Mulpetre, UK

  • Doug Fick, USA

    Doug Fick, USA

  • Parth V Desai, DubukDeal.com

    Parth V Desai, DubukDeal.com

  • Nadeali Shah, UK

    Nadeali Shah, UK

  • Diane Tucker, USA

    Diane Tucker, USA

  • Steve Flanders, UK

    Steve Flanders, UK

  • Steve Carter, USA

    Steve Carter, USA

  • Oliver Conover, USA

    Oliver Conover, USA

  • Ian Smulders, Ireland

    Ian Smulders, Ireland

  • Dominique Nizou, France

    Dominique Nizou, France

  • Thiago Dias, Brazil

    Thiago Dias, Brazil

  • Giovanni Bianchi, Italy

    Giovanni Bianchi, Italy

  • Claudia Becker, Germany

    Claudia Becker, Germany

  • Deniz Erkin, Turkey

    Deniz Erkin, Turkey

  • Boule Najm, USA

    Boule Najm, USA

I found PHPJabbers by accident a few years ago. Bought some of their stuff and impressed enough with the high quality of their software I kept returning for all my scripting needs where they were able to fulfill them.

Then I made a purchase I wasn't entirely happy with, not for the quality of the product, but rather for the functionality that I had misunderstood before the purchase. Becoming cynical over the years by the typical response we get from software companies I filed a ticket and figured I'd grin and bear it.

I was stunned at the positive, and friendly response I received, and multiple solutions were proffered to me, including changing the software for me to reach the functionality I desired. Needless to say, I am over-the-moon with satisfaction, not only in this scenario but every contact I have had with them.

More companies need to be like this: providing both: Outstanding quality software and amazing customer support that shows you they really do care about your product satisfaction.

Ron Andrade

Great products, realistically priced, with truly outstanding after sales support.
I have been using PHP Jabbers' scripts for around 5 years. I find their products to be extremely easy to
deploy and use. They are also cost effective and ideal for web developers.
For me, as a web reseller and developer, I need to be able to rely on my suppliers and sub-contractors; I
must be assured that when I deploy a script or third party program, that it will be totally reliable and that the
provider, in this case, PHP Jabbers, can be relied upon to help if there is a problem.
Lately, I have had a few issues with the installation of one of their scripts. It seems that somewhere along the
line, things got a bit mixed up on my servers. However, not attributing blame, they remained focused on the
issue at hand, and the wizards at STIVASOFT got onto it straight away and as a result, my sites were back on
line within 24 hours. (They accessed my servers and made the corrections and changes remotely on-line.)
I have used their hotel booking system, gallery scripts, CMS scripts, email scripts and others; all are great and work well.
I have also paid for a dedicated script and once again the team at PHP Jabbers were very efficient; it was like having another locally based expert on my team.
Above all, STVASOFT support is exceptional, and I have no hesitation at all in recommending them.
I have no connection at all to this company, but wish other companies would take a leaf out of their book.
Director of Speca Solutions

Mike Spencer

I recently downloaded the StivaSoft Recruitment Job Board. The site has been live for around 3 weeks now on the URL - www.pro.gi .
Initially, I was a little nervous when considering this "off the shelf" solution for two reasons. The first was that most templates I have ever used in the past didn't tend to work very well and they caused me more work and stress than I could cope with. The second was that the price of $500 (£301) seemed far too cheap for the product that was shown on the live demo. In my experience if something seems too good to be true it is probably a scam.
Well, I have to say this is the best site I have ever owned. The design is robust and responsive with lots of great little features. For example - cookies that guess what the user is typing and, the automatic response that the candidate is sent when uploading their CV.
It is also easy to customise - I have managed to change most headings and text boxes within the site to work to my advantage. Yes, some parts are hard coded in and therefore can not be changed, but I suppose they have to be to keep it simple and easy to maintain for low tech guys like myself.
This said, I am most impressed with the backend CMS. The jobs are easy to load, the clients and candidates can very easily be edited too. The multi-lingual feature is also impressive - the CMS prompts you to choose from about 30 different languages leaving you to input translations for each word. Very smart indeed!
The SEO seems to be working very nicely. The system automatically optimises the url according to what the user inputs. The H1 Header H2 Header are well defined and the system seems to display the content in a way google loves. I have managed to get on page 1 on some searches after only 3 weeks and that is without keyword loading which I intend to do going forward.
During initial setup the support team successfully uploaded the site onto my web host - Godaddy. There were a few small problems at the start but these were concerning my host configuration and they advised me on how to resolve these issues. For this I had a number of correspondence with the support team, some of which on a Sunday. I found the team to be helpful and quite quick to respond (average within 2-3 hours) but sometimes took a little longer.
So… In summary this is a high quality, low-cost solution that simply works. Although it is probably not scaleable to be the next monster.com, this is a great product for any startup like myself. I would certainly recommend both the product and the team at Stiva. Well done guys!
PS. if you want verification of this testimonial just give me a call, I'll be glad to help. My number is on my website.
Owner, Pro.gi

Mike Wilkinson

I first found Stivasoft in 2013 when I was looking for a Store Locator script to update a very old but still well used business directory section of my website.
The software was very easy to install & has worked reliably ever since. When the time came to bite the bullet & look for a complete replacement for the directory, event calendar, knowledgebase & comments sections, I turned back to Stivasoft & they certainly didn’t disappoint.
The software is all first class, very easy to match to the existing website, more than reasonable pricing & amazing support to match.
Thank you Stivasoft.

Steve Kitcher

Great scripts, excellent support and reasonable prices!
I have used successfully many different PHPJabbers scripts for years and I like them much. The scripts are easy to implement and can be easily adapted to the layout of the website.
As a small web agency I work mainly for SME companies that usually have tiny budgets for their website projects. Thanks to the reasonable prices of PHPJabbers software I can also fulfill the desires of this customer segment.
Sometimes I have special requests, additional features for example, which have been done well, quickly and inexpensively! This is very, very rare these days! If I have questions about any script or desired changes, then I have a competent reply back from the support. I have already written to the support at any day or night-time and have always got an answer in a very short time! Also a very rarely to find benefit!
My clients and I are very happy with StivaSoft and can only recommend this company and their PHP scripts!
Many thanks and keep up your great service!

Walter Schnyder

I came across PHPJabbers a few years ago and was really impressed with their designs and their user friendly installation and implementation. I continued to use there scripts over the years on new projects when I could, with great results. Then a while ago I accidentally deleted a couple of their scripts from my website and their support staff could not have been more helpful. They helped me to reinstall the software and recover the data free of charge, even though I had bought the scripts at least 12 months previously. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Their support and professionalism is second to none in my opinion.
Loop Radio

Kenny Darkreine

I came across one of your products, the PHP Car Rental Script, coincidentally while trying to find some solutions to meet the demands of one of the small business car renting company from Bulgaria.
After completion of the implementation with some assistance from your support team, it is running like a charm sharp and clear provide what it promises and my customer is happy with what they got.
Just felt need to drop you a line and express my appreciation. Many thanks for swift reaction, perfect and professional approach in terms of support.

Murat Bilga

I have been using the Availability Booking Calendar since 2010 and I have just updated to the new version WOW! The flexibility and clever changes made are unbelievable. And it is easier to use even with all the extra bells and whistles.
I would highly recommend StivaSoft products to all my colleagues. The support team also get my thumbs up, what can say I am very impressed. Hard to find companies like this nowadays.
Well done StivaSoft!
Director High Peaks Cottages Australia

Lou Mitsy

I would just like to thank the team at Stivasoft for all their hard work and complete professionalism while developing our new booking calendar software. I have found during the process that all questions were answered promptly and actioned without delay. This seems to be the culture with all staff at Stivasoft as everyone who took part in the development process were always very helpful.
We have been using the availability booking calendar for over 4 years now and are very happy with its functionality and were upgrading to take advantage of all the new features.
Fantastic service, Fantastic pricing coupled with Fantastic software goes towards making this a brilliant product.
Thanks for all your help, highly recommended.
Ambulance Service Welfare Fund

Steve Dodman

I wanted to spend some time and give Stivasoft team a pat on the back. I have rarely come across such talented programmers with superb customer service. I have been using your PHP scripts for some years now. Your scripts are not bloated like other developers. They are nimble and sharp and do the job. When I had trouble with bugs, your team fixed it like a charm. They knew exactly where to look and what script to edit to fix the problem.
Kudos to you all!

Gautam Saha