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Night Club Booking Software

A smart club booking system allowing clients to reserve booths and order extras online

Version: 1.0

Embed our club booking software into your website and add various booth types with different capacities. Set separate prices and deposits for each booth, and process both offline and online payments as you prefer. As an additional service, customers can preorder different categories of extras such as alcoholic drinks and other beverages. Script admins can send out mass emails to regular clients and promote special club offers. Get our Night Club Booking Software, add reservation management and online ordering functionalities to your website and see your customer relationships improve.

Night Club Booking Software

Product Highlights

Our Night Club Booking Software uses a JavaScript integration and due to its diverse and responsive design can smoothly blend into all kinds of websites. It's a must-have software solution for any business in the nightlife industry. Below are the key features of the booth reservation software – contact us if you need any custom modifications.

Multiple Booth Types

Add booths with an image, short description, and booking price. Specify capacity and booth count. A price per person is listed on the front end for a better user experience.

Club Closing Dates

Script admins can add off days on which bookings are not available. The booking system will display a message on the front-end UI stating that the club is closed on the selected dates.

Drinks & Extras

In addition to booths, nightclubbers can order different kinds of Extras such as alcoholic drinks, other beverages, snacks, catering, etc. Script admins can add as many categories of Extras as necessary.

Modern & Responsive Design

The front-end UI of our club booking system can be loaded across various devices and screen sizes. You can preview and use 10 different color themes to best match your website branding.

Prices & Deposits

Set separate prices, deposits, and taxes for each Booth and Extra type. The club booking software automatically calculates the total amount in the checkout form.

Mass Emails & Notifications

Send out promo emails to regular clients and configure various autoresponder emails & SMS messages both to clients and admins. To enable the SMS functionality, you must request an API key.

Offline & Online Payments

Customers can pay online for the booths and extra services they have booked. Select the currency and enable your preferred payment methods from the Admin Panel.

PHP Source Code Customization

Purchase our club booking software with a Developer License and make custom modifications to the source code. Or we can customize the script for upon request. Compare licenses

Night Club Booking Software


The booth reservation software gives you the right tools to manage seats and private rooms in your club. The administration panel is very intuitive, simply organized, and doesn't require any special technical skills.


Customers may want to preorder alcoholic drinks, as well as other beverages and extras as an additional service to their reservation. You can add different categories of extras from the designated Extras menu in the back-end Admin Panel.


All booth and extra types have separate pricing settings. Prices are shown on the front end. The club booking system supports various online and offline payment methods that can be enabled upon request.


Users can easily keep track of the latest reservations in real time and manage reservations that were made earlier. Our script lets users print out the current day's entries, and view bookings made by regular clients. The regular clients' guest list is displayed straight on the Admin Panel's dashboard. Only administrators can edit and delete bookings through the back end.


The Night Club Booking Software enables you to communicate with your clients and make various fine-tunings tailored to your specific business model. If you need any other custom modification, just contact us!


An installation script will streamline the installation process and help you deploy the nightclub booking system on your website. Just upload the necessary files onto your hosting account and copy-paste the JavaScript code.


You can get our Night Club Booking Software both with a User License and a Developer License.
Take a look at the pricing page and make your choice. Or you can learn more about how we code.


To download Night Club Booking Software for FREE you need to login your account.

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Let our clients share their experience with our club booking system and how it has improved their online business.

After purchasing your PHP booking system, it was up and running very quickly. I had a few small issues with the setup and contacted the support for help. After 15 minutes I was being helped by the support team and all my issues were resolved. Amazing!

Gareth Thurlow

Awesome, THANK YOU! Please feel free to use me as reference to your company and I will certainly use you again!

Matt Cartwright

I want to say that I really like the concept of your software. It is easy to use and set up in such a way that my clients can use it with so little training.


FAQ & Knowledge Base

Pre-Sale FAQ

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Support Service FAQ

Read more about our Support Service and how we can help you install Night Club Booking Software.

Custom Mods FAQ

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PHP Framework Used

We use our own in-house build framework which is really easy to understand and work with.

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Our Framework - How we code

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License Types Explained

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