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Product Comparison Script

Enhance the shopping experience on your site with our product comparison table

Version: 1.0

The Product Comparison Script is a PHP/MySQL comparison tool that allows you to create and manage multiple comparison tables for unlimited products and their models. You can add as many products to the comparison tool as you need and compare their models feature by feature. To make comparing feature-rich products easier, the product comparison script uses sets of features that are grouped in categories to compare the products. Each feature category can be assigned to any product comparison.

Product Comparison Script

Product Highlights

Our software is much more than just a price comparison script – it's a simple yet feature-rich product and service comparison tool that lets your users compare unlimited complex product models side-by-side. Help your customers make the best out of online shopping and let them choose the right product easily with our PHP script. Here are the key features that come standard with the Product Comparison Script:

Unlimited Products to Compare

Each product can include an unlimited number of models. Users can easily compare product models and services.

Translation Module

Admins can easily translate all front-end and back-end texts and titles to any language, or edit specific words through the built-in language module.

Multiple Comparisons

With our product comparison tool, you can create as many comparison tables as you want and embed them on any website.

High Speeds & Excellent Performance

The PHPJabbers framework is specially developed to provide superior performance and flawless operations even with heavy databases.

Category Filters

Using a simple drop-down menu on the front end, customers can filter categories to review specific products only.

One admiN

Enable a single Admin Panel login for multiple PHPJabbers scripts. Switch between the product comparison tool and any other of our scripts.

Collapsible Categories

Customers can expand and collapse categories so they can easily focus on relevant features when comparing product models.

PHP Source Code Customization

Get a Developer License and modify the comparison script as you wish. We can do the modifications for you, too. Compare licenses


Product Comparison Script for $4.29 Only

Get all 65 PHPJabbers scripts in a bundle for just $299.

Live Demo

Preview both the front end and back end of the Product Comparison Script and test out the whole functionality.
If you have any questions or need technical advice, go ahead and contact us.

Product Comparison Script Demo
Admin Panel

Email: admin@admin.com

Password: P@S13rd

Product Comparison Script

Responsive and varied design

Colorful and responsive front-end layout

The Product Comparison Script can be embedded into all kinds of websites. Thanks to the responsive design, it can load flawlessly on various desktop and mobile devices, including iOS and Android smartphones. You can choose from 10 color and font themes to best match your website branding.

Compare products and services

Compare products and services

With our product comparison tool, you can let your customers compare as many product models and services as needed. You can embed each product comparison table separately on a different web page by using a short snippet of JavaScript code.

Compare unlimited products

Unlimited product models to compare

Each set of products can include an unlimited number of models. The user-friendly front-end UI lets the user select which products to include in the comparison table by clicking on a simple check box.

Expand product features

Expand and collapse categories

Customers can expand and collapse categories so they can better focus on the features that are relevant to them when comparing products. They can therefore make a better-informed decision.

Filter products

Filter by category

Your online shoppers can select the product features they wish to compare using a handy filter. For example, they can check the general overview of your products or services, or compare only specific characteristics and details. Features can be filtered by choosing from the simple drop-down menu.

Translate and edit titles

Translation module

Using the translation plugin in the Admin Panel, you can change the default language (English) of the comparison script to any other language. You can also edit all titles and texts on the front-end and back-end views. Use the unique text IDs or export/import all texts using a CSV file.

Back up database

Database backups

Prevent any loss of information by regularly performing a backup of your MySQL database and files. Log in as an administrator to the Admin Panel and perform the backup with only one click.

One AdmiN

One admiN

Using the One admiN feature, you can set up a single login screen for multiple PHPJabbers scripts. Once enabled, you can switch between script admins using a simple dropdown menu. Read more about One admiN here.

High-speed and performance

High speed and excellent performance

Our product comparison website script uses the latest PHPJabbers framework specially developed to ensure excellent performance and flawless work even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Installation wizard

Installation wizard

Bootstrap easily – an installation wizard will automatically install the Product Comparison Script for you. Just upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out the tutorials in our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is, with examples for WordPress and Joomla websites. Or request installation assistance and we'll do it for you!

Developer-friendly license

Developer License

If you're a web developer, you can modify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code of the Product Comparison Script on your own. Buy the Developer License and you'll receive access to the source code of our comparison script and a guide to our framework. Or, we can create the add-ons for the PHP script for you. To request a customization, just contact us.

Extended Developer Program

Extended License Program

The Product Comparison Script falls under our Extended License Program, so if you would like to promote the script as a part of your web design services, please, find out the details here and contact us to talk things over!

More Key Software Features

More key software features

The Product Comparison Script comes with the following special features: Installation Wizard, Cross-Domain Integration, High-Performance PHP Framework, Protection Against SQL Injections, One admiN Module, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code & Developer License. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Custom Modifications, Extended License Program, etc.

Key Benefits

Installation Support
High Performance
Extended Licence
One admiN


You can buy the Product Comparison Script both with a Developer and a User License – compare them below.
Do you need a custom modification? We'll happily do it for you! Just contact us, describe what you need, and we'll send you a quote!

User License
Developer License
Mega Sale deal
per script
User License
Free installation support
Modify the code
Copyright removal
Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website
Unlimited installations
Free updates
Get all minor updates for free
Custom modifications
Contact us and you'll receive quotation for the custom changes you may need
buy now
Developer License
Free installation support
Modify the code
Copyright removal
Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website
Unlimited installations
Free updates
Get all minor updates for free
Custom modifications
Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote
buy now
Mega Sale deal
$4.29 per script
Get 65 PHP Scripts
Modify the code
Copyright removal
Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website
Unlimited installations
Free updates
Get all minor updates for free
Custom modifications
Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote
buy now
Get the Mega Sale bundle deal with all the PHP scripts you'll ever need for a total of


Let our clients share their experience with our Product Comparison Script and how it has improved their online business.

This is the ONLY COMPANY who offer genuine customer support, no matter what the query you get a response within half an hour, there is no other company on earth who give this level of customer support.
Quite simply the best customer services of any company I have ever dealt with. The products are superb the backup is second to none. A response within half an hour to your query is simply amazing!

Robert Walsh

I have used quite a few different scripts. I am very particular with what I want and can be very difficult to please at times. PHPJabbers put up with my manner and provide me with exactly what I want and will adapt the scripts to suit my needs.
I can only praise PHPJabbers on their work and would recommend them to anyone.
Intercomp Computing Systems

Barry Maloney

I have several websites which feature the scripts from PHPJabbers and would happily pay more than I do for them, the support is second to none and never seems to be too much trouble.
Once I had them look at a particular problem that one of my customers was experiencing on an iPad. For the life of me, I could not find the problem so assumed it was a bug in the script. These guys looked at the code of the script and also the code of the site and found the problem to be in one of my stylesheets. They told me what the problem was but never even mentioned the precious time I had wasted let alone give me a bill.
The highest praise from me to all at PHPJabbers and to a long and continued relationship.

Ian Pither

FAQ & Knowledge Base

Pre-Sale FAQ

Read the most Frequently Asked Questions about this script, its features and use.

Support Service FAQ

Read more about our Support Service and how we can help you install Product Comparison Script.

Custom Mods FAQ

Do you need something changed? We offer customization services.

Knowledge Base See All
How to install a Script

See how easy it is to install the script. Just follow the instructions or leave it all to us.

FTP Clients

See how to upload our scripts using different FTP clients.

PHP Framework Used

We use our own in-house build framework which is really easy to understand and work with.

Useful Resources See All
Our Services

We offer a wide range of web development       services.

Our Framework - How we code

See how script PHP code is organized and how easy you can modify it by yourself.

License Types Explained

User and Developer licence available. We also have a special Extended Licence for webmasters.

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