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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each


It all started with a small website and a few off-the-shelf web tools powered by three happy friends and daredevils.
Today we offer dozens of PHP scripts and web applications tailored for a wide variety of businesses worldwide.
We provide web gurus with easy to deploy, cost-efficient software products and services for their own web projects.

This is how we do it

We are constantly growing and exploring. Driven by our talents. Inspired by our clients.

  • 35 000+

    happy customers

  • 600 000+

    websites using our scripts

  • 250 000

    downloads of freebies

Our Core Values

We love what we do and draw extra zeal and driving force from our customers' success.

  • Happy Customers

    Happy Customers

    Our colleagues dealing with customer requests are very patient, friendly and empathetic, but above all - they know how to guide and help you get things under control. In the shortest time possible.

  • Work-Life Balance

    Work-Life Balance

    Our team is a unique bouquet of vivid personalities with different skills, strong points, hobbies and music preferences. We take pleasure in both working and having a good time together.

  • Ideas Are Welcome

    Ideas Are Welcome

    You can share your opinion, make suggestions or discuss potential partnership opportunities personally with our CEO. We are ready to ride every brainwave and discover new horizons together!

  • Bright Future

    The Future Is Bright

    We've been around for many years and intend to stay for a long time. The software business is like an unpredictable rambling river, but we are keen on taking new challenges!


Curious to see what other clients say about our products and services?

  • Working with PHPJabbers' Availability Booking Calendar has been a delight. They have modified and created a custom script for a hotel client of ours in record time. Nothing has been a problem for PHPJabbers guys, I really can recommend them.

    Luke Bocchinelli

  • I am a very seasoned Florida webmaster with a highly respected clientele in my portfolio. I must state for the record, Stivasoft is one of the BEST PHP SCRIPT WRITERS I have come across in my career of over 15 years in the business. They respond quickly, they understand your issues if you have one, they perform the BEST custom work I have ever seen in the industry.
    I personally had some custom work administered by them and I am writing this review due to the fact 'They deserve it'. Do yourself a favor! Don't shop around 'This is the best deal on the internet'. As a business owner myself, I wish all business's ran like Stivasoft - this is how business's are supposed to be run.

    Ken Goodin

  • I am posting to tell you how happy I am working with Stivasoft team of programers, designers, and support engineers. I know I bombarded them with many questions (some trivial, some critical) but each was answered quickly, politely, and solved my needs. It is so refreshing to discover this wonderful resource powered by wonderful people who understand that it's the personal touch that defines every successful business.
    Pass along my thanks to: Mark, Maya, Kosta, Maria, and Sasho. I look forward to buying more from your resource and working with your team again soon.
    Best Regards.

    Curtis Sponsler

  • PHPJabbers.com is great. The technical service people "held my hand" through the whole installation process and didn't make me feel like I was in over my head. They were very professional and stuck with it until the end. Thank you to the whole Stivasoft team!

    Carole Lucido

  • I can't thank you enough for your help. You are truly the greatest company I ever had the pleasure of dealing with and you have the #1 support in the world as I have dealt with my share of unhelpful support centers. Truly great work sir and I will continue recommending Stivasoft and your website phpjabbers.com with no hesitations!
    Thank you again.

    George Christou

  • I work as a freelancer many years now and of course: alone you can't satisfy your clients if you don't have reliable partners. The day has only 24h. Therefore I really appreciate your fast support, that I can count on. If only I met you guys earlier! Keep on doing what you're doing.

    Marco Treffz

  • The Availability Booking Calendar from phpjabbers.com is great and really simple to install and use. The support team were quick to reply to my questions, really helpful and built me a custom booking script (for a small additional fee) to suit my specific requirements for multi-property, weekly bookings. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes, and once set up, the admin interface is well laid-out and really easy to use. I have installed it on several sites now, and my clients are really happy with the functionality that it adds to their sites. I would have no problems recommending the script and StivaSoft company to other web designers and will probably purchase some of their other scripts in the future.

    Heckie Cormack, Senior Web Designer

  • Wonderful, you did it! The script is now all that I dreamed of - and more. You have no idea what this means to me: the script is the core of 10-years effort to make a network of dependable people of the internet (it should solve the trust-problem on the internet). I am very, very grateful and humbled by your work. Thanks a thousand times. You will be among the first to be invited to the network when it goes international (it will start in Denmark first).

    Jan Moeller

  • It was great working with PHPJabbers. The custom script requested works well and they were very responsive to my needs. Best of all they were very quick to email me back regarding my questions or comments! I look forward to working with them again.

    Mark Kent

  • PHPJabbers.com is a one-stop solution for all your web-based needs! Straight up! I have had a privilege working with StivaSoft where they went head on with several projects and brought outstanding results. Their support time is really great - I usually get a reply within 10 - 15 minutes. If I don't, then I automatically assume they are either working on my project or they are not in the office ;-)
    Their PHP scripts are very well thought out as a programmer's perspective and everything is wrote and thought out from scratch! They have tied me in a long-lasting relationship. I keep coming back to them every time I need help!
    Thank you, especially Alexander 'Sasho' Valkanov for being an excellent support!

    Jaimil Prajapati

  • Stivasoft is a rock star in the custom application world. Their programmers are highly skilled, professional, and gives a quick turnaround even when there are a multitude of requested revisions. They created a custom application for one of our clients. We and our client are extremely happy and pleased with StivaSoft's work. The custom application is EXACTLY what our client envisioned. Needless to say, we will call upon StivaSoft for many future projects and continue to purchase their ready-to-go scripts.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work!

    Hazel Burgess

  • I am extremely impressed with PHPJabbers! I've used a variety of their PHP scripts, and find the instructions very easy to follow. The online interfaces are easy and intuitive, and I appreciate how customizable each product is. One more thing, that I can't say enough about, is the support I've received. Each time I've opened a support ticket (even on a Sunday afternoon) I not only got an immediate response, but my inquiries/issues have been completely resolved within a matter of minutes. I heartily recommend these guys!
    (And thank you so much again, Veselin Stoilov!)

    Marilyn Barnwell

  • Hats off to your team PHPJabbers. I certainly appreciate the quality and ease of use of your monthly calendar script. That coming from a guy that designs websites but really dislikes the PHP part of site building. Your response time and level of service has been outstanding and I would highly recommend your site phpjabbers.com and your company StivaSoft to anyone seeking quality off-the-shelf or custom PHP scripts.

    Jeff Young

  • A very nice voting script. Easy to use with the admin-panel for non-technical people! The support by the installation the first time was GREAT. It is easy to configure the look, the height and width so it can suit in every web-layout. I really am very satisfied. Personally I say yes, it is worth the price. I'd recommend PHPJabbers web poll to anyone. Excellent script!

    Marius Siroen

  • Excellent! Thank you very much all is working as it should. I would just like to say a big thank you for a brilliant custom script and exceptional support. I will definitely use your services again and will recommend you at every opportunity.

    Jon Earey