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Gas Mileage Calculator

Use our FREE Gas Mileage Calculator script and let your website visitors calculate how much their next trip will cost. The smart, web-based calculator will show the gas consumption and price based on litters/gallons and miles/km.

Version: 1.0 / Downloads: 2,191

Gas Mileage Calculator

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Our FREE Gas Mileage Calculator will help you easily find out how much gas your vehicle consumes and what is the cost per distance. It is a great addition to various travel & holiday, rent-a-car and car classified ads websites.

Just enter the Distance Driven, the Gas Used and the Price of Gas in the preferred units and the script will automatically compute your Consumption and Cost per Distance in miles or kilometers.


To download Gas Mileage Calculator for FREE you need to login your account.

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How to Install

Installing our Gas Mileage Calculator free script on your website takes just a few steps:

1) Once you log into your PHPJabbers account, you can download the script.

2) Then unzip the file and upload all files into a folder on your website.

3) Open demo.html using your browser and test the script like it works on our demo.

4) To place the gas & mileage calculator form on a web page just copy the following JS code on your web page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="load.php"></script>

How to make hanges to the script:

- To change the form layout and field labels open load.php where all HTML code is placed.

- Bootstrap is used for the HTML form and CSS styles.

- JavaScript code where all calculations are made is located in js/function.js file - be careful when you make changes there!

If you need help setting up the script or changing the way it works, please use the comments form below to ask your questions.

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