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Restaurant Menu Maker

Add an online menu maker to your restaurant website and present your dishes tastily.

  • Restaurant Menu Maker
installation support

Use our restaurant menu script to create countless categories (salads, soups, meat, desserts etc.) Add multiple dishes to each of them. The menu will blend perfectly into your website with minimum efforts. Personalize every entry by adding name, image and description. Set portion sizes and respective prices. Enable/disable products as per availability. Make your customers happy by launching special offers for a number of people with products of your choice.

Product Highlights

The Restaurant Menu Maker will help you create a mouth-watering online menu with all your dishes and drinks. Adding categories, products and special offers and personalizing them is an easy and convenient job you are going to enjoy. Check the key features below:

  • Categories & Products

    Create multiple menu categories and products. Add names, images and descriptions. Set different portion sizes and the corresponding prices. Enable/disable products depending on their availability.

  • Responsive & Varied Design

    The restaurant script front-end is mobile-friendly and can be loaded across various devices (PC, smartphones, tablets). You can also change color themes - 10 different are available!

  • Special Offers

    Increase sales and win regular customers by launching special offers for a number of people. Add several products, set price per meal or total menu price. Update or disable the offer without deleting it.

  • Multiple Languages

    The online menu maker can be translated into various languages. You can do it from the back-end system or by exporting and importing a CSV file with all system titles.

  • Portion Sizes

    Enable different portion sizes (e.g. small / medium / family pizza) or allow one dish size only. Set separate prices for each portion size. Easily add and remove sizes from the back-end as necessary.

  • User Roles

    There are two types of restaurant script users. Admins have full access rights - they can change system settings and add users. Editors have access to all menus, but restricted rights.

  • Cross-domain Integration

    You can install the restaurant menu script on domainA and use
    it on domainB. This means you can embed the software on an external website and thus attract more customers.

  • PHP Source Code

    Buy a Developer License and make your own changes to the online Restaurant Menu Maker. If you'd prefer that we carry out the necessary customization, just contact us. Compare licenses...

Restaurant Menu Maker for $4.29 only

Get all 65 PHPJabbers scripts in a bundle for just $299. Learn more

Live Demo

Below is a preview of the Restaurant Menu Maker. You can see both the front and back-end system, and test all functionalities.
In case of any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Preview the front-end layout offered for our online Restaurant Menu Maker.

Administration page

Click the button below to open the admin panel of the restaurant menu script.

default login details



You can buy the Restaurant Menu Maker either with a Developer, or with a User License.
Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe what has to be changed.

user licence

developer licence

Free installation support

Free installation support

Free installation support

Changes to the code

Changes to the code

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Custom modifications

Custom modifications

Contact us and you'll receive quotation for the custom changes you may need

Custom modifications

Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote

Regular price

Regular price


Regular price


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!



Let our clients share their experience with Restaurant Menu Maker and how the script has improved their online business.

  • Dear PHPJabbers Team, I really appreciate your support. Your restaurant menu and catering booking system are easy to set up and use. They are up to the value for what I have paid. Thanks, will soon buy other scripts.

    M. Shehzad

  • Awesome, THANK YOU! Please feel free to use me as reference to your company and I will certainly use you again!

    Matt Cartwright

  • Stivasoft do such an amazing job. I have never before employed a company that works so hard to get everything right. Their design and development skills are spot on. Communication is excellent and you are never left waiting for an answer. I wish everyone I did business with worked this way. I can't recommend Stivasoft highly enough.
    Marketing Manager
    Chelston Motorhomes

    Mike Davis

  • I have been using Stivasoft and PHPjabbers since a long time. The PHP scripts are amazing but the after sales is the BEST. Stivasoft is the only company which I have come across that gives amazing service and help resolve the problems really quick !
    Thank you Stivasoft :)

    Yashovardhan Malpani


Restaurant Menu Maker has a user-friendly back-end system allowing you to organize and style your menu with pleasure. Specially built for non-technical users, the web based admin panel provides remote access to the restaurant script, so that you can manage your online business both from the office and on the go.


The online menu maker gives you the opportunity to launch special offers - standard, seasonal, exclusive, whatever you need! It's a good way to attract new customers, win regular ones and boost sales.
You can manage all special offers from a separate system menu.


Get 65 PHP scripts in a bundle for $4.29 each!

*For a limited time only get the best deal ever on the market!


Just like all other PHPJabbers scripts, the restaurant menu script is developed to ensure an optimal
user experience for both customers and admins. It's quick, mobile-friendly and highly customizable.


Configure the restaurant menu script with no coding skills. Add languages, grant access to other users, create internal and external notifications. It takes a mouse click to protect your data from potential loss or misuse.


An installation script will automatically install the restaurant menu software for you. Just upload the files we will send you on your hosting account and open the installation page. Then add the code
on the web page where you want the online restaurant menu to appear.


You can choose between two licensing options - User and Developer Licence. Check the differences and
select the licence that will meet your business needs to the fullest. See more about our code...

More Key Software Features

Just like most of our PHP scripts, Restaurant Menu Maker comes with the following special features & extra services. Find out moreā€¦