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Event Calendar

Use our free Event Calendar script to add a calendar that shows events on your website. Your website visitors will be able to click on a chosen date and see the events for that date.

Version: 1.0 / Downloads: 14,964

Event Calendar

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The Event Calendar script reads events from MySQL table. Below is a description of the files used and what each one of them does.

calendar.css - external CSS file which lets you easily change the appearance. If you do not know how to locate the styles used for each calendar element please refer to "Inspect CSS styles using Chrome" video found here

calendar.js - all the JS functions used to scroll the calendar and the ajax calls made to load both the calendar and the events

calendar.php - this is the PHP script used to build and print the calendar widget

config.php - the file where mysql database login is defined

database.sql - mysql table structure

events.php - this is the PHP file which loads the events once you click on a date

example-page.html - a sample web page with embed calendar widget.


To download Event Calendar for FREE you need to login your account.

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How to Install

Follow these steps to run this free PHP Event Calendar script.

1) open database.sql and import all the MYSQL queries in your database. We've included few sample events there.

2) edit config.php file and set MySQL login details to connect to your database.

3) use your web browser to open the example-page.html which will show the calendar.

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