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Make An Offer Widget

Let clients suggest prices for your products and services using a simple make-an-offer button.

Version: 1.0

Embed a discrete make-an-offer app into your website and collect your clients' feedback on your pricing. You can either predefine three price options or give users the chance to propose their own price. Review the average offered price for each product or service and use it to adjust your pricing policy accordingly. Depending on the kind of offers made by your clients, you can choose to automatically ask for their email to start sending them your newsletter, or give them a promo code for the specific product, or just thank them.

Make An Offer Widget

Product Highlights

Give your customers the chance to negotiate prices and win promo codes for the products and services they suggest prices for. The Make An Offer Widget is a simple call-to-action app that will bring life to your website and help you adjust your pricing policy.

Price Suggestions

With the Make An Offer Widget, you can give your website visitors three price options to choose from or let them propose any price.

Diverse Color Themes

10 color themes are available for each make-an-offer button so that you can easily adapt them to your website design and branding.

Unlimited Offer Widgets

Create separate offer widgets for each product or service. There is no limit on the number of make-an-offer buttons you can create.

Email & SMS Notifications

Create autoresponder messages that will be sent via email or SMS to administrators when a new offer is received.

Three Price Scenarios

Each offer option (both fixed price and price percentage) can lead to a different action: send an email, promo code, or thank-you email.

Expand Your Client Database

Using the make-an-offer app and the emails it collects from your clients you can enrich your customer database.

Review Offers & Emails

See a list of all offers received and check visitors' IP addresses and emails, if available. Filter offers by type using quick tabs.

PHP Source Code Customization

Buy a Developer License and make custom changes to the source code. Or request us to modify the make-an-offer app for you.

Make An Offer Widget


The make-an-offer button will fit seamlessly into your website. By default, our script will place it in the upper right corner of your web page. The price suggestion form will open when visitors click on the button.


Customize the price options and the messages that pop up depending on the customer's offer. You can also edit the additional text shown when the visitor clicks on the offer button and ask them to make an offer any way you prefer.


With our make-an-offer app, you can see a list of all the offers you have received. The widget also shows some statistics for each product and service. Sort offers by product name, offered price, response type, or date.


Through the Admin Panel of the Make An Offer Widget, you can change various system options such as the currency, language, user access rights, etc. The admin page also lets you control the following options:


You can get the Make An Offer plugin both with a User License and a Developer License. Compare both licensing options and make your choice depending on your specific needs and requirements. You can also read more about our framework.

More key software features

Just like most of our PHP scripts, the Make an Offer Widget comes with the following special features & extra services. Find out more


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PHPjabbers offers incredible PHP scripts that not only look good but are also enjoyable to set up and use. But what keeps me coming back to buy their latest scripts is the unbeatable customer service that you can't find anywhere else.

Andrew Jensen

Thank you, you guys are great. I am really impressed with your patience with me, as I am not an expert with codes and the way you come through for me. I am in services myself and I will like to thank you for an excellent service and support. I would recommend your products and your company to all my associates. Excellent service and support.
Thank you again!

marios constantinou

I use Freeway (software) for web design, and learned of PHPJabbers on one of their forums where they received applause as offering easy to implement and well-supported PHP scripts. I totally agree.

Robert Hicks

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