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Bus Reservation System

Let your customers book tickets online using a bus ticket reservation system.

  • Bus Reservation System
installation support

Bus Reservation System is designed to automate the online ticket purchasing through an easy-to-use online bus booking system. Embed our online bus ticketing system into your website and enable your customers to book tickets for various routes and destinations. With the bus ticket reservation system, you can manage reservations, client data, and passenger lists. You can also schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map and let customers select their seats.

Product Highlights

Help your customers organize their trips and daily commutes more easily. Process bookings and payments online, manage your business more efficiently. Check the key features that come standard with the bus ticket reservation system. To request any other fine-tuning, just contact us!

  • Bus routes

    The easiest bus booking software to create routes with start, end and stop destinations, manage time traveling and bus schedules.

  • Payment Methods

    Customers can pay both online and offline using various payment gateways (PayPal, Authorize.Net...), CC, wire transfers and cash.

  • Rates & Tickets

    Manage ticket rates and discounts with our bus ticketing system. Create ticket templates using a simple editor in the admin area.

  • Multi-language Support

    Translate the bus booking system to any language and add a multi-language bar on the front-end, so that users can switch languages.

  • Bus Seats Booking

    You can upload a bus seats map and create hotspots. The system will allow bookers to select seats using an interactive bus map.

  • Email & SMS Notifications

    The online bus ticket reservation system can send out predefined Email & SMS notifications both to customers and admins.

  • Booking Reports

    Booking reports and timetable daily schedule statistics help you keep track of bookings on a date-to-date basis.

  • PHP Source Code

    Purchase the script with a Developer Licence and make your own custom changes to the source code. See licensing options...

Bus Reservation System for $4.29 only

Get all 65 PHPJabbers scripts in a bundle for just $299. Learn more

Live Demo

Below you can preview the Bus Reservation System front-end and admin panel. Test all features and settings yourself.
If you have any questions, just contact us using the link below.


Click to see how the bus ticket reservation system will look on your website.

Administration page

Take a sneak peek into the bus booking software back-end area!

default login details



The Bus Reservation System is available under two licensing options: User and Developer License. Check the differences below.
Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe the changes you need!

user licence

developer licence

Free installation support

Free installation support

Free installation support

Changes to the code

Changes to the code

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Custom modifications

Custom modifications

Contact us and you'll receive quotation for the custom changes you may need

Custom modifications

Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote

Regular price

Regular price


Regular price


Limited offer

Buy developer licence in a bundle for $4.29 or download free user licence!

Special price

Download free user licence!

Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!



See what our clients say about our online bus ticket reservation system and how it boosted their online business!

  • I found PHPJabbers customer service to be second to none. You guys truly stand behind your product. I will not hesitate to purchase any other PHP script I may need in the future from your company. Thank you so much for helping me install your appointment calendar on my site.

    Pedro Baez

  • I must thank and congratulate you on your service (not to mention the booking software) that you provide. PHPJabbers service is second to none, so rare these days. Thank you!

    Chris Robinson

  • You guys are incredible, I am amazed by the professionalism your company stands for. Please be aware that I rate PHPJabbers.com and StivaSoft a very rare full 10/10 points. Be for sure that I am a returning customer.

    Mohamed Mai

  • Fantastic company and people. Very helpful and customize the scripts brilliantly. First class and great prices. Thoroughly recommend to everyone.

    Roger Ousby

  • I bought quite a few PHP scripts here at phpabbers.com. No support is so fast with answers and solve the problems like Stivasoft. This company wants not only the money. They want satisfied customers. The scripts are easy to use for not web professionals. Even if a customer as me want to have a script with modifications such as my blog script, they fulfill every wish. It seems they had really learned by heart the PHP codes. The other companies want only money and if there are problems users are guilty.
    Greetings from Munich to the Stivasoft team. Thank you!

    Veith Savic

  • Folks, I have been a webmaster since 1995 and let me tell you something... It has been Excedrin Headache #2 along the way just trying to get simple things to work properly on websites. I mean, maybe you can get something to work on one site, but when you look at it on a different browser or computer, the whole thing is messed up and/or not even functioning at all.
    PHPjabbers has made all of my features TRULY EASY to install, setup and working VERY QUICKLY! Not to mention the price point is unbelievably affordable!
    Let me also tell you about the service they provide, how FAST of a response time I received from them and how intelligent those responses are! I ask a question and within 24 hours, I have a reasonable, solid response!
    Thanks PHPjabbers.com!
    After 18 years of being webmaster, I have found you folks to be the VERY BEST!

    Rodney Van Dine

  • Great bus booking software and best after sales service. A pleasure to work with PHP Jabbers.
    Turismo eMarketing

    Alberto Ramos

  • Hi Veselin,
    I just want to thanks for these nice products you have created! They have really helped my travel agency that are selling train tickets in Eastern Europe.
    It is not very often you reach an IT-human who understand "real life", but your software is just so easy to use. Please send my thanks to your professional staff!
    Best regards
    Ulrich Albrechtsen
    Nordic Transport Service /

    Ulrich Albrechtsen


To reserve a bus ticket, customers just have to select a date, a start and end point and go through an intuitive,
step-by-step booking process. They can review all available seats at a glance and select seats easily. As soon
as the booking is completed, clients receive an electronic ticket they can print at home.


Bus Reservation System helps you schedule bus routes and tours with ease. The system allows
you to plan, schedule and manage unlimited routes with start, end and stop destinations,
create a route timetable, print bus schedules, seat and passenger lists.


The built-in reservation management system allows script admins to add, edit and delete bookings,
manage clients' details and tickets. The bus ticket reservation system allows you not only
to accept reservations online, but to manually process bookings, too.


Process online and offline payments using various options available in the bus booking system. You
can enable either one or all of the payment methods from the admin panel. Clients can pay via their PayPal or Authorize.Net accounts, by CC, cash or make a wire transfer. We can add other payment gateways upon request.


Our scripts are built to perform flawlessly no matter of the workload and the database size. The bus
ticketing system is highly customizable and adaptable to various mobile devices. Read more and watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having 1 million listings and 8 million records!


An installation script will automatically install the Bus Reservation System for you. All you have to do is to
upload the script files onto your hosting account and open the installation page. Just follow our instructions.


We offer two licensing options for the Bus Reservation System - Developer and User Licence. Read more
about the differences in the pricing section and get the licence that will best fit your web project.

More Key Software Features

Just like most of our PHP scripts, Bus Reservation System comes with the following special features & extra services. Find out moreā€¦