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Add a 'Send to a Friend', 'Email a Friend' or 'Send URL' button to your web pages. The button will pop up a dialog box with an empty email field. Your website visitors will be able to forward to a friend the link to the page they are currently on. The script will send an email with the page URL to the specified address.

You can change the text into the dialog box or change the button labels. See below for more information.

Our free PHP Send Page To Friend script has built-in email validation, an 'error' and a 'thank you' message, which you can change if needed.


To download PHP Send Page To Friend for FREE you need to login your account.

how to install

Installing our PHP Send Page To Friend script takes just a few steps:

1) first you need to login your PHPJabbers account and download the script

2) unzip the file and upload the folder on your website

3) you can now open demo.html using your browser and test the script

4) to place the SEND URL button on your web page just copy this JS code on your web page

<script type="text/javascript" src="load.php"></script>

How to make various changes to the script:

- to change pop-up dialog text open load.php file and edit the HTML code

- CSS styles for the SEND URL button and dialog form are located in /css/style.css file

- if you want to change the validation and confirmation messages edit send.php file

If you need helping setting up the script or changing it, use the comments form below to ask for help.

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