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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

Polls & Voting Scripts

Online polls help you add interactivity and collect users' opinion. Here you'll find a list of our PHP voting scripts and polling software. All our voting scripts are very easy to set up and the online polls can be easily customized via a user-friendly administration panel.

  • Feedback Form Script

    With our PHP-based feedback script, you can add a simple feedback form on your website allowing you to collect four types of feedback - Suggestions, Bugs, Compliments and Complaints. Generate regular reports and improve your customer service and performance!

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    Price: $19 / $39

  • PHP Poll Script

    Create unlimited online polls and embed them into your website. Our PHP voting script supports multiple-choice polling questions. AJAX technology is used to provide fast loading pages and better user experience.

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    Price: $19 / $29

  • PHP Review Script

    Our online review system will allow your customers to post ratings and reviews about your products and services in the reference section of your website.

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    Price: $39 / $79

  • PHP Survey Script

    With our online survey tool you can run countless surveys on various topics straight from your website. Add multiple questions and configure answer options.

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    Price: $29 / $59

  • Star Rating Script

    No programming skills are required to create star ratings, edit options and settings or integrate the ratings into any website. Voting statistic, stars types, custom titles and source code are available with our star rating system.

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    Price: $19 / $29