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Help Resources

Help Resources center is your single source to find all the information you need about PHPJabber products and services. Here you will find guides and answers to common problems and questions. If you cannot find the information you need do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Most Popular Topics

Install Wizard

Our scripts have an install wizard which makes the installation simple and easy. After downloading the script from our website all you need to upload it on your server. Then the wizard will guide you through the installation process. Watch the video to see how easy it really is. Watch more "How-to install videos".

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Questions From Our Clients

Through the years, we've been asked many questions about our products and many of them repeatedly. See selected questions from clients and the replies from our support team. You might find them useful. View all ...

  • Product:
    STIVA Shopping Cart

    How is it possible to use one «main» database and have many «databases» under this one? Meaning: We have several scripts from ourselves, you and others that we want to feature for our local customers. Normally each script requires its own database – one database=one script. But when having several scripts this will be costly to buy at cpanel. How is it possible (maybe with prefixes and tables?) Is there a way to do this in cpanel or o... Continue reading

  • Product:
    PHP Event Calendar

    Actually, I do get another issue, something I see this when I go to a page : NDIxYmUyMWQwNTE5NGZmOWE1Y2NlM2NlY2U5MTAxZmU7WVhCd0wzWnBaWGR6TDNCcVRHRjViM1YwY3k5d2FrRmpkR2x2YmtGa2JXbHVMbkJvY0E9PQ== Just get a long string in the browser, then on refresh it works again. Any idea on this issue?... Continue reading

Product Knowledge Base

Choose a Product:

In the drop down below you can find a list with PHP Scripts which have knowledgebase - FAQ and Video tutorials.

If your product is missing contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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Other useful resources

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  • Creating MySQL database

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  • FTP Clients

    See how to upload our PHP scripts in binary mode.
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    Differences between User and Developer license explained.
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  • High Performance Framework

    Our PHP framework is super fast and reliable.
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    We do all kind of custom modifications to our scripts.
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