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Payment Gateways

Most of our PHP scripts support online payments via PayPal and Authorize.NET by default. If you need to add other payment gateways to your script, review the list below.

Over the years we have completed countless web projects for a myriad of clients all around the world, using different payment processing companies for their online operations. This has helped us to accumulate a wide portfolio of payment gateways which we can offer to you as an additional service. Review the below listed options and let us know, if you would like to request some of them to be added to a software product you have purchased from us. We will give you a quote and then integrate the gateway into your script. Do not find what you're looking for? Contact us!

Payment Gateways
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I want you to add one of the above listed payment gateways to a PHP script I have bought / intend to buy from you. What do I have to do?

Just contact us and tell us which of our products you mean and which payment gateway(s) you need added to it. Then we will get back to you with more details.

Can you add a payment processing functionality provided by the above listed companies to a third-party script?

We can integrate a payment processing module into our PHP scripts only.

My website requires an online payment gateway which is not listed above. Can you integrate it for me? And what do you need from my side?

Yes, we can. Just send us the respective integration documentation so that we can review it and provide you with a quote. Please, make sure the relevant information is in English.

How much will it cost to add another payment gateway to my website?

It depends on the payment processing company and the complexity of the integration process. After you provide us with the necessary details (see above Q&A), we will be happy to give a quote.

Do you charge any monthly/yearly fees for integrating an additional payment gateway?

No, we don't. We will only charge you a one-off fee for adding the respective payment processing company to your script. However, you should consider the applicable fees each online payment provider will charge you afterwards.

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