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Member Login Script

Create and protect your web content with a simple PHP user login script!

  • Member Login Script
installation support

An easy-to-use PHP login script that enables you to create password-protected areas on your website, accessible only through a membership account. You can use our PHP user login script on your website to create group user access to any content and downloadable files. With a Developer License, you can make any custom modifications to the login script – or you can ask us to do them for you.

Product Highlights

Integrate a smart information gatekeeper into your website that will deny or grant access to selected parts of your website. Allow only registered members to reach your exclusive or internal content. Here are the main features included with the Member Login Script:

Member Login Script for $4.29 only

Get all 65 PHPJabbers scripts in a bundle for just $299. Learn more

Live Demo

Preview both the front end and back end of the Member Login Script and test out the whole functionality.
If you have any questions or need technical advice, go ahead and contact us.

Front End

Preview the responsive front-end layout of our PHP login script.

Admin Panel

Click the button below to open the administration page of the Member Login Script.

default login details



You can buy the Member Login Script both with a Developer and a User License – compare them below.
Do you need a custom modification? We'll happily do it for you! Just contact us, describe what you need, and we'll send you a quote!

user licence

developer licence

Free installation support

Free installation support

Free installation support

Changes to the code

Changes to the code

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Copyright removal

Apply for Extended Licence and advertise our product on your website

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Free updates

Get all minor updates for free

Custom modifications

Custom modifications

Contact us and you'll receive quotation for the custom changes you may need

Custom modifications

Modify the software on your own or contact us and we will give you a quote

Regular price

Regular price


Regular price


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!


Special price

Buy this script in a bundle and pay $4.29 only for it!



Let our clients share their experience with our PHP login script and how the script has improved their online business.

  • We were looking for a solution to create an easy way for our clients to update their own information via a log in admin panel on an advertising website. We searched the web and found PHPJabbers who did the job in quick time and with very reasonable prices. I have no doubt we will use PHPJabbers again.


  • Mr. Veselin Stoilov,
    I want to thank you for the patience and time you spent in an effort to assist me (a person with little PHP and MySql knowledge) with the install of the newsletter subscription script and the member login script I purchased from you. I am very impressed with the scripts, they work as advertised. I am even more impressed with your professionalism. I do look forward to future purchases from your company and I will be recommending your PHP scripts.
    Again, thank you.

    Melany Howard

  • Thank you Veselin Stoilov, you guys are great. I am really impressed with your patience with me, as I am not an expert with codes and the way you come through for me. I am in services myself and I will like to thank you for an excellent service and support. I would recommend your products and your company to all my associates. Excellent service and support.
    Thank you again!

    marios constantinou

  • I recently purchased the PHP user login script. There were a few issues with the install and then adding members, but none of them were caused by the script, it was our host. We are so pleased and relieved to know that there are still companies around that truly understand what great customer service means. Stivasoft is definitely one of those companies. They are so knowledgeable and even provided information to tell our host how to fix the problem...wow! We will definitely purchase additional software and tell colleagues about phpjabbers.com. Thank you!
    Envisager Studio

    Hazel B.

  • This is a great simple PHP login script that can do so much to lock certain pages of your website down. Simple to implement and powerful & secure.


  • Very helpful... thank you so much! I LOVE ALL your products AND support! I've loved every product that I've ever got from here. We've used several of your scripts like Member Login Script, PHP Shopping Cart and PHP Gallery Script on clients websites and find them not only reliable, cost effective, intuitive, easy to install and work with but the support here is unparalleled. I'll always look here FIRST from now on!

    Mary Lewis

  • StivaSoft scripts are fantastic and the customer service they offer is above and beyond the average customer service support. I have 3 PHP scripts now on our websites. Last one installed was the Member Login Script. I was looking for a login type that would give me the protection area for different groups. This PHP login script was exactly what I was looking for and with the help of the support have it installed and is working great. I also have the web calendar installed and is great being able to let our distributors and public know when and where we will be at for public and trade shows.
    No matter if you looking simple script to complex, look no further than phpjabbers.com. They have what you will be looking for, and the response time from customer support is in minutes, not hours, so you will have your site up and running in no time.
    StrivaSoft thank you for the great PHP scripts!

    Cal Cromer

  • I needed a custom user login script with multiple login pages and groups. PHPJabbers were able to write me a script that met my needs in no time at all. Their customer service is excellent and their PHP scripts are easy to implement, customize and work great!
    Thanks guys!

    James Miller

  • I am brand new to PHPJabbers. I recently came across their listing for PHP user login script on Hotscripts. I have been amazed at the scripts I have and the support when I run across a problem. All software companies could learn a thing or two from StivaSoft.

    Claudia Rogers

  • PHPJabbers scripts and support staff are amazing. I needed a member login script for a web site I built for my condominium. I downloaded their member login script and uploaded it to my web server. I had issues running the install, so I used their free tech support. Despite my ignorance (not knowing how to list the hostname) and my incompetence (mis-typing both my login and password), their tech support was always ready to help in a quick and friendly fashion.

    In an age when most companies make it a chore just to find their tech support contact info, I was absolutely blown away by how helpful and courteous their staff was. I'll certainly use their other scripts for calendars, polling and blogging.

    Jim Black
    March 28, 2017

    Jim Black

  • Create and protect content

    Use the WYSIWYG editor to create text notes and the file uploader to upload files that only authorized users can see and download. Users will not be able to access the protected content unless they have permission.

  • Protect PHP pages

    Protect any web page on your website with a simple login form. Follow the instructions under the Install menu on the administration page to protect existing pages on your website.


    Get 65 PHP scripts in a bundle for $4.29 each!

    *For a limited time only get the best deal ever on the market!
  • Social sign-up and sign-in

    New and current members can simply use their social accounts to access protected areas and content on your website. Facebook is integrated by default. We can also add other socials upon your request.

  • Manage user access

    Create different user groups, add members, and specify group and individual member access rights in order to allow only certain groups and members to access your web content and download files.

  • Subscription and membership fees

    Charge users upon registration and set recurring membership fees – weekly, monthly, or yearly. Our PHP login script uses PayPal for processing online payments. Adjust your payment settings or request us to add other payment gateways, like Stripe or Worldpay.

  • Confirm membership

    Manage account confirmation options from the admin page. Choose between manual confirmation by the administrator, email confirmation, and automatic activation after payment is made.

  • Manage member profiles

    Manage user profiles and memberships from the Member Login Script administration page.Embed the User Profile into any web page and select the mandatory fields for member profiles.

  • Group & individual user access levels

    Our PHP login script allows you to configure both individual and group access permissions. The group is a collection of members with same-level access.

  • Invoicing module

    Customize an invoice template with your company details and issue invoices for new registrations and periodic subscription fees. You can manage all invoices, adjust payment settings, review invoices per member, etc.

  • Email notifications

    You can set up customized auto-responders to both users and administrators as well as personalize emails with subscribers' names and other information using the available tokens.

  • Separate integration codes

    The separate integration codes allow you to embed the login and registration forms on different web pages on your website.

  • Translate the script

    Use the built-in language module to translate the user login script or edit the default front-end and back-end text content. You can either use unique text IDs or export and import all titles.

  • Back up your data

    The database backup function makes copying your MySQL database and files on the server. fast and simple. Log in as an administrator to the script's Admin Panel and create the backup with just one click.

  • One admiN

    Using the One admiN feature, you can set up a single login screen for multiple PHPJabbers scripts. Once enabled, you can switch between script admins using a simple dropdown menu. Read more about One admiN here.

  • high performing web application
    High speed and excellent performance

    Our PHP membership script uses the latest PHPJabbers framework specially developed to ensure excellent performance and flawless work even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

  • Easy installation

    Bootstrap easily – an installation wizard will automatically install the PHP Login script for you. Just upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out the tutorials in our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is, with examples for WordPress and Joomla websites. Or request installation assistance and we'll do it for you!

  • Developer License
    Developer License

    If you're a web developer, you can modify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code of our membership management script on your own. Buy the Developer License and you'll receive access to the customizable source code of the script and a guide to our framework. Or, we can do the custom modifications to the PHP membership system for you. To request a customization, just contact us.

  • More Key Software Features
    More key software features

    Member Login Script comes with the following special features: Installation Wizard, High-Performance PHP Framework, Protection Against SQL Injections, One admiN Module, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code & Developer License. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Payment Gateways Integration, Web SMS, Custom Modifications, Extended License Program.