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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #23

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    Would it be possible to have a date selection on the individual room page so that the date is selected also from the individual page room.
    So in essence a visitor would be at the individual room page where they could input date and then submit the booking request from the specific page. I understand that in a manner its counter intuitive, but I am looking to have a solution that can compensate for that functionality as well (where a visitor can attempt to book a specific room from its specific page) in conjunction with a general booking page - where it would work as it normally does on your script.

    • Answer:

      Would you, please take a look at the Availability Booking Calendar.

      The Admin Panel demo is under the Demo tab.

      It seems that this script is closer to your needs.

      You can create separate calendar for each one of your hotel rooms and to integrate each one of them on a separate page.

      However. this means that you have to list all your Hotel room information and details on your website pages and these details will not be added in the Admin Panel.

      Also the search option that you see in the Hotel Booking System can not be used.

      Please, check the system and let us know which script is closer to your needs.

  • Question #22

    received on 21st January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    I have question about your Hotel Booking Scripts.
    I need to create some page that need to check if that user logged it on your Hotel Booking Admin or not.
    But I can not access to $_SESSION value from your script even I already add "session_start()" on my custom page.

    Could you please advise how can I access to $_SESSION on your script?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Answer:

      This is because our session has a name. Start it like this and you will be able to access the $_SESSION


  • Question #21

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    How do discounts work?

    Can the hotel booking system take payments? Can it open on a secure https when booking and is it compatible with different payment gateways?

    • Answer:

      The built-in options for discounts are:

      - to set "package" prices i.e. select period, weekly block and price for the whole block. For example you can set special price for Friday to Sunday reservations.
      - to set free night
      - to set promo code for discount as fixed amount or as percent of the total reservation amount

      Please, check the Rooms-->Discounts menu in the script administration panel.

      On the front-end the script just calculates the prices according to the discounts set in the script administration panel but it does not display information that a discounted price has been used.

      The supported payment methods in the system are:
      - PayPal payments - the script redirects to PayPal website for payment
      - Authorize.Net payments - the script redirects to Authorize.Net website for payment

      You need to have an account at PayPal / Authorize.Net in order to use these options.

      - the script can collect credit card details and store them in the database for offline processing - it means that there is no online payment processing, the script is not linked to a payment processing company in this case

      We can link this option to a payment processing company of your choice as a custom change

      - the script can also link bank details for wire transfers - no online processing in this case, the reservation is just saved in the system

      - cash payments - the reservation is saved in the system, no online payment processing

      More payment options can be added as a custom change.
      The payment settings are under Options-->Bookings-->Payments menu in the script administration panel.

      The script can be installed and used under https.

  • Question #20

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    I would like to know if these features are possible with the Hotel Booking System

    1. Discount on rooms shown in Booking Engine - price crossed out and discount price shown.
    2. Offer like 'Book 5 nights and get the 6th night free / 50% discount on further nights'. How would we show this? Is the Booking Engine dynamic, so automatically reduces the 6th night on date selection?
    3. Voucher code route - eg enter ABCD at Checkout to trigger discount
    4. Voucher code for additional offer - eg Free bottle of champagne if you book between these dates / for a number of nights etc. Is this just a voucher code too and if so then can we add multiple voucher codes on Checkout?

    • Answer:

      Different types of discounts are supported in the system but there is no option to show the price crossed out on the front-end or to display special offers as text.
      Can you provide more details where exactly on the front-end and on which step the offers should be displayed? We can customize the script but we need to clarify your requirements first.

  • Question #19

    received on 15th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    Hi i have bought the hotel booking system and there seems to be a problem, when someone sets the checkin date to lets say the 17th of January and they then set the check out date to the 18th of January so the client has stayed 1 night for some reason the booking system charges for two nights.

    • Answer:

      You need to set the system to work in night mode. This setting is under Options-->Bookings menu -->the "Reservations and prices will be based on" option.

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