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Custom Projects

We do all kind of custom modifications to our products. Read more about our modification services. You can find answers to the most popular questions we receive about our customization services on the page below. If you are interested in our customization services contact our support team and we will be happy to discuss your project and give a no obligation quote.


I've ordered a custom script/website but I need something else added to it. Can you help me?

It happens all the time. Clients ask us to do something and although we do our best to explain what they will receive and how it will work when the final product is completed they ask us to do something more. Most of the times when clients see the final product they think of an extra feature that needs to be added. Of course, we are ready to discuss your new requirements and do them for a reasonable fee so at the end you are 100% happy with result.

Prior to ordering a custom modification to our products, new custom script or a complete website please make sure that you've included all your requirements and they are clearly explained. We will not accept a project if we believe that project requirements are confusing or not complete but it's also your responsibility to make sure that what you need is clearly documented. This is why we advise you to send screenshots, URLs to other similar websites and detailed specification lists. This will guarantee there are no misunderstandings and you will get what you need !

How long does it take to make a custom modification?

The short answer is - it depends on the modification. Our schedule is very tight and dynamic. We complete over 300 projects per month and because of this our work schedule changes almost every day.

We try to complete small changes which take few hours of work usually within 2-5 working days or less. Medium sized projects which will take few days of work will usually be done within 10 - 12 working days. Large projects may take few months.

We will always tell you how much time we need to complete your project and will do our best to stick to the deadline set.

If you launch an update to standard script will my custom modification support the new features added?

When we make a custom change to some of our products we often modify MySQL tables structure, the core of the script and the layouts. Because of this, unfortunately when a new version for the standard script is launched, the custom changed scripts cannot be updated.

If however you like a feature that we've added to the standard version of our product and want to see it in your customized script we are ready to do for you. Just contact us and we will discuss all the requirements that you may have.

What kind of projects do you take?

We do all kind of projects - from small which takes few hours of work to large which takes months of planning, design and development. Our clients are webmasters having a single website, small web design companies who manage multiple websites, large website development companies who outsource their projects to us, end clients who need a complete website or upgrade to their existing website.

No project is too small or too big for us !.

How do you price your work?

Many people ask us for our hourly rate. We never tell it ! Not because we want to add some hidden fees to our quotes but because hourly rate is not the correct way to ask for a price. You will never know how much time we will need to do a custom work for you. A good example is this:

You have a project to be completed and ask two companies - Company A and Company B. Company A tells you that their hourly rate is $40 and will need 25 hours (total $1000). Company B tells you they will need 15 hours but their hourly rate is $60 (total $900). So which one would you work with if everything else they offer is the same? The one with the lower hourly rate or the one with higher hourly rate but lower total price? :)

When you ask us for a quote we will discuss your requirements and based on them will tell you our final price for doing the project. Unless you change your requirements as we start working on the project there will be no extra fees or charges besides the price we tell you in the very beginning.

What happens if I discover a bug in the script or website that you did for me ?

Message us and we will fix it ! Please note that if you or someone else did changes to the files we've sent we may need to ask you to upload original files as we cannot be sure what causes the reported bug.

If you want us to check your custom made script to which you've made extra changes we may charge you a small fee. In any case, we will first see what is wrong and how easy it will be to fix it.

Do you have more questions?

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