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Hosting accounts

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Hosting accounts

Will your product work on my hosting account?

In order to install any of our scripts your hosting account must support PHP 5.1 or greater and MySQL 5.1 or greater.

Our products are made to be used on all kind of web servers - from shared hosting servers used by hundreds of users to self managed servers. Our clients have hosting accounts with the biggest hosting companies - Godaddy, Host Gator, 1&1, ThePlanet, IcdSoft, etc...

However, each of these hosting companies offers different hosting account packages to their clients. One has MySQL databases, another MSSQL. One has ASP support another PHP. This is why we advise you to check with your hosting company if the server software that our products require is supported with your hosting account.

If you get in touch with us we can assist in finding out if your hosting account meets our product requirements.

When you do changes to your hosting account configuration (adding new features, extending the limits for existing features, migrating to different server) your hosting company will most probably keep all your files and databases. They are the one responsible for updating your hosting account and as long as they do not delete anything your scripts should continue working just fine.

Sometimes, if for example the server where your files are hosted is changed, your hosting account server paths may change too. In that case you may need to contact us and we will assist in updating your script options file so it matches the new server paths.

No, we do not offer hosting services. We believe there are many good companies who do excellent job already. We are good in developing web tools and will keep doing it !