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Support Service

We are proud with the quality of the support service that we provide. Below you can find answers to the most popular questions we receive about it. Read why our clients are satisfied using our services on Happy Clients page.


How can I contact you?

The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with us is to go to Contact Us page. Just fill in the contact form there and we will receive your question.

If you are already our client you should have login details for your personal account on our website. Login your account and access all your support requests, past orders and special promotions.

Why do you use ticket based support system?

The main reason to use such a support system is to avoid spam filter problems. We've used email in the past but many of our clients had problems sending or receiving emails. Due to the high number of SPAM messages these days many email providers use advanced email filters which unfortunately are not so advanced and often emails that you expect arrive in your SPAM boxes.

We've developed our own ticket based support system to save you this frustrating experience with email and spam. When you send us a message we will add it directly to your account where you can access the message at any time. If you are still not our client you will receive a special link for a web page where your questions and our replies will be stored.

Another big advantage of using such system is security. We are used to deal with login details for hosting accounts and transmitting these over the email is not the best thing to do. With the use of our support system your login details are securely stored and only you have access to them.

What is your working time?

One of the main services that place us in front of the others is our Support Service. We provide online support 12 hours per day every weekday from 6am to 6pm GMT. We also work on weekends, completing custom modifications for our clients and doing updates to our own products and websites so you can expect a reply from us too.

Generally you can expect a response to your question within few hours during our opening hours.

If you require support outside our working time, do not worry, we haven't forgotten you and we will come back to you within hours, this is our promise to you.

Do you provide phone support?

There are few reasons why we do not have a phone support. A ticket support system is a lot more convenient way to communicate when it comes to discussing requirements or providing help for working with a web based product.

When clients request a custom modification they usually include links to other websites or send us screenshots - this cannot be done over the phone. They also ask specific things about our products and in order to give them best possible answer we usually need to think over the question, discuss with another colleague and then again send URL or a screenshot. Using a Ticket based support system we make sure that everything discussed stays archived and there are no misunderstandings when later we start working on the project. It gives us and our clients time to think of the right answers given and questions asked so every aspect of the requirements is cleared.

If we have to provide support for working with our products usually clients send us login details for their servers and almost always link to the script in question. This is another big inconvenience if we have to do it over the phone.

And finally, most of our clients are non-English speaking and using tools such as Google translator it's a lot more easier for them to ask us for help.

Do you provide support if I do changes to the script?

You receive source codes for our products (read more about our PHP code) and are allowed to make your own changes. We can answer your questions about how the script works but if you need us to check your installation or report a problem with it we will ask you to upload original script files as we cannot be sure what is the reason for the problem reported.

My hosting company says that everything is fine on their end and you say it is not. What can I do?

In the rare cases when a client has a problem with some of our scripts we need to cooperate with the hosting company where website is hosted in order to confirm what is wrong and how to fix it. Unfortunately many times the first thing that a hosting company will say is that server is working fine and the problem is with PHPjabbers script. We understand why they do this :) However, you are lucky to be our client and we will do our best to have every issue resolved.

These are typical situations when we have to deal with hosting companies

1) a hosting company says that Zend Optimizer is installed and working on the server where your website is hosted. What we do is to upload a phpinfo() file which proves that it is not.

2) a hosting company says that PHP mail() function is supported and emails are being sent just fine. Again we will upload a simple test file to prove that it is not supported.

3) a hosting company says that MySQL login details are correct and it's our script which cannot connect to the database. We will again upload a simple MySQL connection test script to prove that MySQL login details are wrong.

We understand that not everyone of our clients is technical person and most of the things listed above sound confusing so we will use a very clear and simple solution to prove our words by either uploading a simple test script or give instructions which proves our words. You can then forward it to your hosting company and almost always when they see our explanation for the problem you are experiencing they will cooperate with you to get it fixed.

My hosting company changed server configuration and my script does not work any more. Can you help me?

From time to time hosting companies update the software used on their servers as new versions for it are officially launched. This is understandable as every new version of PHP and MYSQL (the two server software products that most of our products require) support new features, are more secure and speed optimized. Unfortunately this causes problems for software developers like ourself.

Our products are used on thousands of web servers, managed by different hosting companies - from small to large. This is why when we code our scripts we follow all the coding standards and use only functions which are supported by the standard server software. This guarantees that you will not experience problems when installing the script on almost every server. However some hosting companies, who offer shared hosting, usually put limitations and their clients cannot take full advantage of the server software used. A good example is blocking file_get_contents() function which lets you fetch a web page from external server. And although this function is officially supported by PHP 4.3 and above some hosting company prevents you from using it.

Although we consider this to be a hosting account limitation we will do our best to replace any such blocked function with another one. Unfortunately this is not always possible and you may need to contact your hosting company to resolve this for you.

Do you have more questions?

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