Company Profile

Institut für Laser-Physik Department of Physics, part of the University of Hamburg.

project description

Based on the standard functionality of our Appointment Scheduler script, we delivered a modification allowing the setup of a web-based appointment scheduling platform supporting the organization of personal interviews with student applicants. For the SS2015 application period, a personal interview with all applicants was mandatory. It required the smooth coordination of hundreds of appointments and the corresponding time slots provided by the professors.


The Physics department of the University of Hamburg wanted to implement a web-based IT -system supporting the collection of available time slots from the professors, on one the hand, and the free selection of available time slots by the applicants, on the other. The platform was used to simplify the process as much as possible and set up a standard process for the upcoming periods. The extra administrative efforts had to be reduced to a minimum.


Most of the modifications were related to the management process of the available time slots. The front-end booking process was also modified so that it fits the client requirements. 


Instead of showing working time, professors can set their available time slots per dates. Students cannot choose professor but only choose available time-slots for appointing an interview. The calendar preview at the front-end shows all available time slots for all professors. Students can cancel and re-appoint interviews. A final appointment confirmation is initiated through the administration system.


Applicants should self-register or use their LDAP authentication. Authentication of professors is provided by an LDAP connection.