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MaxCredit ™

  • Company:

    B & G Credit Ltd.

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  • Country:


  • Product:

    Custom CRM & ERP

  • Business Type:

    Credit Institution

  • Release date:

    June, 2016

Company Profile

B & G Credit Ltd.

MaxCredit is a young, dynamic and rapidly developing company established back in 2012 that managed to become one of the leading credit institutions in Bulgaria offering fast personal loans.

The client needed a complete, custom online CRM & ERP system to facilitate the company’s daily business operations. The system was built from scratch and can be divided into following internally connected modules:


1. Management of the credit granting process and the credit lifecycle

  • Credit consultants

- Application for credit

- Upload and management of scanned paper documentation

- Entering the results from state institution examinations (National Revenue Agency, Ministry of Interior, National Social Security Institute) 

- Inquiry for sample installment plan and credit details

  • Management team

- Examinations (checks about the client history)

- Decision for granting or rejecting a loan 

  • Credit granting department 

- Automatic generation of credit repayment plans, agreements and other credit documentation

- Credit assimilation

  • Credit management

- Payments tracking

- Repayment installments details

- Credit management according to different scenarios - missed installments, underpaid installments, overpaid installments, pre-term loan repayments, non-serviced loan


2. CRM module

3. After sales management module - marketing campaigns

4. Office activity management

- Cash desks and till money

- Sales targets

5. Reports system

- Operative reports - 60+ different types

- Financial reports

- Automatic generation of monthly reports for The Central Bank of the Republic of Bulgaria

6. HR Management module

7. User access management module - a complex system allowing 400+ access rights


The next stage of system integration will enable customers to make online inquiries and online loan repayments. 

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