• company:
    Yvette & Tony Martin
  • Website:
  • Country:
    United Kingdom
  • Product:
    Car Rental Script
  • Business Type:
    Holiday Van Hire
  • Release date:
    March, 2015

Company Profile

Yvette & Tony Martin WeDubYou Ltd. (Rediscover "Go-Slow") is a family-run company that offers relaxed holiday trips with 70's VW camper vans equipped with all that it takes for a leisurely journey.

project description

We have modified our Car Rental Script so that it can serve weekly van rentals with all the add-ons and packages the company has to offer to their clients.


1) Keep track of locations and manage available pickups for each van according to its last drop-off location.

2) Enable weekly bookings
Admins can set the system to work with weekly or daily bookings. If weekly, the admin can select the booking starting day (i.e. Sunday, Saturday, Monday) and customers will be able to choose as a pick-up day only for the day set. The system automatically suggests a one-week booking, but customers can choose more.


3) Payments management 

  • Customers can either pre-pay the full amount and get a discount or pay a deposit and then make a balance payment at a certain time before the pickup date. Website admins can manage the discount %, the required deposit amount, the number of days before the pickup that the balance payment is due. Three automated email notifications with a balance payment link are sent out to clients as a reminder. They are sent only if the payment was not made yet. If the deadline comes and no balance payment has been registered, the admin receives an email notification.
  • "One-way" extra fee was added in case of different pickup and return locations - the admin can set different fees for different trips.

4) Customers can manage their reservations via login with their unique ID. They are able to:

  • Edit the info in the booking form.
  • Add and pay reservation extras.
  • Make balance payments.

    5) Booking process modifications
  • Clients book specific vans, not car types.
  • Extras are modified to Packages and they are presented with an extra information text. Admins can enable or disable multiple bookings per selected package within one reservation.
  • The system shows available cars only. If there are no available cars for the selected date range and locations (for example from France to Spain), but there is an available car for the reverse trip (from Spain to France), the car rental system returns it as an available option.
  • Customized checkout form.