Company Profile

Window to the Womb Ltd. Window to the Womb Ltd. offers 4D Ultrasound Baby Scan services. The company has been scanning babies for over 10 years and has already introduced over 40,000 babies to their parents!

project description

A bunch of modifications to our Appointment Scheduler script was delivered so the software can match the client operations and specifics.


1. Appointment booking process modifications:

  • Team member choice was removed.
  • Not available dates were blocked within the date picker.
  • Due date calculation - some services can be performed only during a certain period of the pregnancy. For this reason, the system asks for a due date during checkout and then calculates the week and day of the pregnancy upon the selected appointment date. It also triggers a notice about the possible scanning services.


2. System management modifications and add-ons:

  • Weekly dashboard
  • Extra breaks added - the software supports by default lunch break when setting up the working hours and available booking slots, but we have added 2 extra breaks to be managed - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • After-sale email notifications - automated email notifications managed by the admin and sent at a certain time of the pregnancy only if the customer does not have a next appointment arranged. Messages are assigned to specific services, so only customers who have used specific service receive the corresponding messages.


3. Stripe payments integration


4. MessageBird SMS provider integration


5. Promo code functionality


6. Reports about customers and their bookings