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Generate a random password with PHP

Thursday, 30th June, 2016  /  PHP Tutorials  /  7 Comments
In this tutorial, you will find out how to generate random passwords with a handy PHP function.

It's always better to use a randomly generated password rather than your name, birthday, city, etc. Nowadays most registration forms require you to input a secure password and show you a warning message if the password is too simple. If you are creating a registration system for your PHP project, it will be useful to suggest a password to people who register. Using PHP, it's pretty easy to generate a random password.

Using the function below you can specify what kind of symbols your password(s) should contain, what the password length should be, and how many passwords you want to generate. The output will be an array with generated password(s).


function randomPassword($length,$count, $characters) {

// $length - the length of the generated password
// $count - number of passwords to be generated
// $characters - types of characters to be used in the password

// define variables used within the function
$symbols = array();
$passwords = array();
$used_symbols = '';
$pass = '';

// an array of different character types
$symbols["lower_case"] = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz';
$symbols["upper_case"] = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ';
$symbols["numbers"] = '1234567890';
$symbols["special_symbols"] = '!?~@#-_+<>[]{}';

$characters = split(",",$characters); // get characters types to be used for the passsword
foreach ($characters as $key=>$value) {
$used_symbols .= $symbols[$value]; // build a string with all characters
$symbols_length = strlen($used_symbols) - 1; //strlen starts from 0 so to get number of characters deduct 1

for ($p = 0; $p < $count; $p++) {
$pass = '';
for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) {
$n = rand(0, $symbols_length); // get a random character from the string with all characters
$pass .= $used_symbols[$n]; // add the character to the password string
$passwords[] = $pass;

return $passwords; // return the generated password

$my_passwords = randomPassword(10,1,"lower_case,upper_case,numbers,special_symbols");



Here are a few examples how to generate different random passwords using PHP

// generate one password using 5 upper and lower case characters

// generate three passwords using 10 lower case characters and numbers

// generate five passwords using 12 lower case and upper case characters, numbers and special symbols

Hope this tutorial was useful for you! Good luck with your projects!
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7 Comments to "Generate a random password with PHP"


Moisés / December 24, 2020 at 15:01 pm

Guys, just chance the split() function – that was removed from PHP 7 – for preg_split(). Do not forgot to put the partern inside a delimiter (/) like preg_split("/,/",$characters);
I hope you enjoy. I really love it. Thanks guys.


ROhan / January 15, 2019 at 20:25 pm

The function is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and removed in PHP 7. This code will no longer work...


Joshua / May 19, 2020 at 03:48 am

Which function was deprecated? I take it you obviously don't mean the user-defined function.


Rahul / October 25, 2018 at 09:13 am

This code not working in Linux Hosting on Godaddy. Plz Help


darek44 / August 6, 2018 at 13:53 pm

See my implementations. It uses world all signs.


Jolhn / November 25, 2019 at 01:14 am

Your website "website no longer working" lol is this an example of your implementations?
Onya champ


Pr0grammer / March 17, 2018 at 01:15 am

Funktioniert leider mit PHP 7+ nicht mehr. :-(


ProgFish / July 16, 2018 at 21:52 pm

To make it work with PHP 7+, replace in line 21
$characters = split(",", $characters);
$characters = explode(",", $characters);

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