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Looking for more ways to use PHP, HTML, JavaScript or any other programming language? The tutorials we have here will help you improve your technical knowledge. You can comment on tutorials, share them on social media, vote and reply to others' comments, and even post your own tutorial.

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PHP Tutorial

How to block an IP address from visiting a website

Learn how to block an IP address from visiting a website using PHP. Use our PHP code snippets to prevent particular users doing malicious things with your site.

26.10.2016 / 11 Comments

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MySQL Tutorial

How To Calculate Average Exam Results

Learn how to use MySQL queries and functions to create reports for exam scores and calculate average results.

14.10.2016 / 3 Comments

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PHP Tutorial MySQL Tutorial

MySQL search and highlight results with PHP

In this tutorial, you will learn how to search your MySQL database for a particular string, print all the results and highlight all strings within the text.

13.07.2016 / 6 Comments

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PHP Tutorial MySQL Tutorial

How to prevent SQL injection with PHP

Learn how to prevent from SQL Injections using PHP. Our tutorial will help your protect your website and applications.

12.07.2016 / 10 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Generate a random password with PHP

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to generate random passwords using PHP functions to boost your site's security. Examples included.

30.06.2016 / 7 Comments

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Javascript Tutorial

Price Calculation Based On Quantity

In this tutorial I will show you how to use JavaScript to calculate total price based on quantity selected for different items.

28.06.2016 / 3 Comments

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