Company Profile

Mackay Transit Coaches Pty Ltd. The Australian company Mackay Transit Coaches has been operating within the Mackay region (Queensland) for over 25 years. It provides safe, quality, comfortable transport solutions and experiences to a range of public and private sectors including resource and mining, local schools, corporate organizations, local tours, and general charter.

project description

1) Wheelchair seats - Admins can set on the seat map special places reserved for disabled passengers. These seats are colored differently and cannot be booked by other clients.

2) Freight booking functionality added - Clients can book a freight service that the company offers along with the route trips.

  • Price is based on parcel weight and admins can manage pricing lists dynamically.
  • Customers can book multiple parcels at one time.


3) Booking process modifications

  • Return trip added - origin and destination locations of the return trip are defined as the reverse of the one-way trip.
  • Clients have to register names for each passenger when they buy multiple tickets.
  • Tooltips on the seat map - Admins can add and manage the information for selected seats on the map.
  • Tickets in PDF format are attached in the booking confirmation email.


4) Two additional system user roles are added:

  • Agents can create bookings and manage (edit, delete) the bookings they have created.
  • Drivers can only access schedules and bookings information (no modification rights).


5) Additional monthly report with CSV export feature added.