• company:
    Burgas Municipality
  • Website:
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  • Product:
    Kindergarten admission website
  • Business Type:
    Local Public Authority
  • Release date:
    March, 2012

Company Profile

Burgas Municipality The Municipality of Burgas represents the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria - a strategic seaport, economical, transport, administrative, and cultural center of Southeast Bulgaria.

project description

The Municipality of Burgas assigned us with the development of an online kindergarten and day nursery admission system and website. 


The main purpose of the system was to facilitate and speed up the application process and make it more convenient and transparent for parents. The system helps the local public administration to manage the whole registration procedure and admission process in an environment where not all candidates for a particular kindergarten / day nursery can be admitted.


First, our team created a concept of an online system meeting all requirements and requisites specified by the client. Then we have built a website fitted with an online system managing the admission process for kindergartens and day nurseries. The system supports the following functionalities:


  • Online application for admission - Parents can register and apply for the admission of their kids in the child care institutions following a simple guide. All offline applications are also transferred into the system by the respective kindergarten team. Candidates receive email notifications confirming their registration and successful application.
  • Automated ranking and distribution of candidates - Each candidate can apply for a few kindergartens at a time. Based on a score system with different criteria each applicant (child) should meet, the software automatically distributes and ranks candidates among all kindergartens in the city.
  • Then the system displays the children that qualify for each kindergarten. Parents can check the results online. They need to confirm their admission and deliver a package of documents on site (to the respective kindergarten) in a certain period of time. On their part, the institution’s administrative staff has to verify and confirm the applicant’s admission.
  • The ranking procedure is repeated twice more if there are still available places in some of the kindergartens.


The main challenge before the system is the number of queries that it has to serve simultaneously. This also requires a good server capacity and stable Internet connection. 


All candidates with the same score compete based on the time they have submitted their application. The earlier they register, the higher rankings they will get. The system starts to accept submissions and is open for all users at a certain time once a year.


At the moment the online application process starts, the system serves more than 6,000 users in less than 10 minutes. During the pick, it usually serves between 1,600 - 1,800 submissions simultaneously. Check some stats from the 2015 campaign: https://www.stivasoft.com/dzburgasorg-2015-campaign-46.html


In 4 years - from its launch back in 2012 until 2016, the kindergarten admission website has served more than 15,000 applicants. 


In 2014, we have launched a similar system serving the admission process for the primary schools in Burgas.


In 2015, our dev team integrated an online payment module into the kindergarten admission website so that parents can pay the monthly fees for the child care services.