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Run Your Online Surveys With
PHP Survey Script 1.0

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

We have just added yet another web tool to our Polls & Voting Scripts. Please, welcome PHP Survey Script a board of PHPJabbers.com! One of the easiest and most efficient ways to attract and engage more people in your online activities is giving them the chance to express themselves and making them see their opinion counts. For you, on the other side, knowing your audience can help you send more targeted messages, increase sales and achieve better communication results. Asking the right questions can get you invaluable information. 

Our feature-rich survey script will provide you with all must-have tools to shape your own online survey by adding extensive questions and extra details. Hence you are able to get exhaustive answers and make a profound analysis of the survey subject. Unlike other products on the web market, this online survey software only takes a one-time fee, no strings attached! And, what’s more - you can be sure that your data will be safe and secure. 

If you need any other extra features or custom modifications, we are ready to add them for you. Just contact us and describe how things should look like!

Check PHP Survey Script demo!

Now, let’s make a brief review of the key functionalities of our new online survey software:


Countless Custom Surveys 

Create countless surveys on all topics you might think of. Each online survey has a separate settings menu. Write a short description or relevant instructions that will guide your respondents through the survey. You can simply enable and disable surveys without deleting them.

Survey detail section and options



Colors & Design 

Preview all 11 color themes and font options in the Integration menu of the survey software back-end system. Choose a different color scheme for each of your online surveys to make your website more vibrant and versatile. The front-end UI of our survey tool is optimized for all mobile devices. 

Color scheme options



Questions & Answers 

Add as many questions to your online survey as necessary. Each question goes with an additional information field, in case any further details should be mentioned. The survey tool supports three types of questions: multi-answer, open answer, and single answer. Add and predefine multiple answers and make them checked by default. You can also set the number of questions per page.

Question building section and options


Sign Up

Your online surveys can either be anonymous or require personal identification, contacts and other social and demographic details. Survey script admins can quickly edit the registration form by defining all optional and mandatory fields. You can request users to sign up at the beginning or the end of the survey. 

Sign-up section's example

Completed Surveys

All online surveys that have been taken are listed in chronological order in the administration page of PHP Survey Script. You can sort them by date and time of completion, username and survey title. Use the search field to quickly find the survey you are looking for. 

Installation & Licence

Our online survey software is very easy to install on your website. Just follow the detailed instructions in the Integration menu of the back-end system or ask us for further assistance. The survey script can be purchased both with User and Developer Licence depending on your web project. Check and compare both licences here.


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1 Comments to "Run Your Online Surveys With PHP Survey Script 1.0"

Randy Little

Randy Little / October 28, 2022 at 22:01 pm

I bought the survey and tried several times to get the script to work with ni luck. I think there is a bug. After instaling all I get is blank paged for my survey, Please fix.


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