Our freshly released Catering System builds on the solid roots of two of our most popular and market-proven tools - Food Delivery Script and Restaurant Menu Maker. Compiling the best features of them both, the catering reservation system was designed and tuned up specifically for all types of websites (WordPress, Joomla, GoDaddy, etc.) offering or intending to offer catering services online. 

If you are a passionate gourmet master running your own restaurant or catering business, integrating our catering software into your website can help you extend your customer base and boost sales by providing exquisite catering and convenient delivery services.  

During the research phase preceding the development of our catering booking system, we have examined a great number of websites offering catering services. Many of them only had galleries presenting their catering menu on one page and their pricing list - on another. They barely relied on their contact form or email to handle customers' requests. Even some well-styled and mobile-optimized websites lack a catering booking system and, frankly - this is a job done halfway. A catering website should not only be aesthetically impressive, but quick and efficient, too. 

Based on these observations, our dev team has created an intuitive, highly adaptive and client-oriented software application to fit the needs of every catering provider who wants to be competitive on the market. Now we are going to show you the coolest features and let you into some useful tips "from the kitchen" of our online Catering System! 

Clean-cut navigation panel

Our online catering reservation system enables customers to quickly find what they are looking for and see all relevant details in one place. Visitors can review your catering menu and the bundle offers (packages) you have compiled for special events; browse your menu by category and select their preferred language. After making their choice, they can double check their Cart before submitting the order.  

Stylish and tasty catering menu

You can organize your menu in categories and assign as many products (food and drinks) to them as you wish. For example: Breakfast, Snacks, Platters, Desserts, Drinks, etc. Each product goes with a separate price and description. If the item is available in different packaging (e.g. big bottles, small bottles) or sizes (portions), you can add the respective prices, too. 

The catering software user interface is mobile-friendly which allows customers to review your bill of fare and order catering on the go using all types of mobile devices. Depending on your website branding, you can change the front-end color scheme (out of 10) as often as you wish or request a custom-made skin. 

Save your customers precious time and make their special occasion classier by offering them assorted catering packages designated for various private and corporate events: birthday parties, weddings, cocktails, conferences, etc. You can add several items to each package, specify the number of people it is suitable for, set total price, etc. Clients only need to choose their preferred meals and beverages and the delivery date and time. Thus, they will be able to focus on the organization of their event and outsource the provisions to you. 

Order form as per your order

Users with administrator's access to the back-end system can modify the catering booking form by selecting the standard and required fields. It all depends on what customer details you need to process and deliver orders. Furthermore, you can use this first-hand information for your email marketing campaigns (e.g. sending hot offers, holiday catering packages, special recipes, etc.) and thus increase customer loyalty. It is advisable to leave the Notes field in so that clients can write comments and additional instructions for their deliveries.

Manage bookings and payments

The catering booking system allows not only online orders but back-end reservations as well. Administrators can add a new order on behalf of a client or edit an existing one from the Orders menu. You can keep track of all new orders and scheduled deliveries on the intuitive dashboard. Don't worry if you have missed something! The built-in Email and SMS notification module will let you know as soon as a new order, payment or cancellation has been made. Clients, on their part, will receive confirmation messages.

Enable your customers to pay both online and offline or (temporarily) disable payments and allow bookings only. You're the chef de cuisine! Orders can be paid via PayPal and Authorize.Net which are integrated by default. If you need other payment gateways, we can add them for you upon request. Cash, credit card payments, and bank transfers are also an option. The more alternatives you give to your customers, the more they're gonna love your service! So, be flexible!


Our catering reservation system is multi-lingual. Feel free to add as many languages as you need, but keep in mind you will have to translate all contents, too. We have simplified this exercise as much as we could and believe you're gonna do a great work even with no external help! Just follow the instructions on the back-end.

You're probably eager to see how all these features look and feel like in real. If so, don't waste any more time and check the demo! Keep in mind, all customizations are possible. 

Thank you for your time! As usual, feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested!