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Product Review:
Meeting Room Booking System

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

Woman looking at a card in front of a meeting room booking system

Managing and renting out meeting and event rooms online requires a fast, efficient and dependable software. Likewise, the room reservation system has to provide a high grade of usability to both website visitors (clients) and website owners (admins). Our Meeting Room Booking System was developed to offer all these virtues under one roof along with a mobile optimized, color-flexible front-end interface. The online room booking system can be integrated into all types of websites in just a few minutes. You can do it yourself, or ask our friendly technical support team to help you out.

In this review, we will go over the key features that will tune up your website's usability.


Customers can choose the size of the space required for their meetings and events – from small interview rooms to larger spaces for team workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. The meeting room scheduling software will become your indispensable web assistant if you need to administrate and manage following types of premises:

The application examples of the meeting room booking system

* The online room reservation system can also be applied in the case of a short-term use of co-working offices. We are planning to develop a designated software tailored to this specific business model. Stay tuned for more updates! 



Add and manage multiple rooms 

The conference room booking system enables users to showcase an unlimited number of meeting rooms by creating personalized profiles with all relevant details such as capacity, size, possible room setups, and other useful information. You can visualize the halls by adding vivid pictures shot from different perspectives. Rooms can be booked by hour, by day or by multiple days. Each room has separate settings which can be adjusted as necessity arises. Accordingly, there is a price per hour and per day. 

Meeting room management configuration
Manage room bookings

All meeting room reservations made online by clients and those added by admins manually through the back-end system, are listed in a clearly organized Bookings menu. Authorized users (sysadmins, website owners) can keep track of the present day’s and the total number of bookings on an intuitive dashboard. Furthermore, they can configure the room scheduling software to send them automatic Email & SMS notifications upon a new booking, payment or cancellation. 

You can set general booking rules determining the status a given booking will receive depending on whether it has been paid or not. The room booking system also allows you to specify at least how many days in advance customers can reserve a conference hall. 


Extra services 

In order to make meetings more convenient and productive for all participants, you can also offer your clients technical equipment (presentation tools, wi-fi, video conferencing, etc.), catering (refreshments), administrative, and other auxiliary services. 

Meeting room set-up and extra food and drink offer configurations

Collect customer data

Depending on the client details which are essential for your business, you are free to customize the checkout form by selecting required and standard fields. This is a great source you can use to extend your regular clients database and newsletter subscription list. 


Payment methods

Our meeting room reservation system supports various online and offline payments. PayPal and Authorized.Net are the default payment gateways since they are very widely used, but we can add any other provider upon request. Of course, customers can pay cash for their bookings, as well as by credit card or wire transfer. It is entirely up to you what choice you are going to offer them.


User access rights

You will surely want to allow other people from your team to view and monitor rooms and bookings. As an administrator of the room scheduling software, you can grant full or limited access to your co-workers, as per your needs.


The front-end UI of our conference room booking system is mobile-friendly which allows customers to browse rooms and make reservations and payments on the go. It is designed to match all websites and visual identities. You have 10 color themes to choose from and the freedom to switch them as many times as you wish to. Thus, you can refresh your website style on your own.

 Meeting room booking system's showcase on mobile devices and color palette options


Deploying the Meeting Room Booking System on your website takes a simple JavaScript integration. You can install the script on multiple domains (pages). If you need help, we will provide you with a FREE installation support.


Review all features in details and test the demo to explore the meeting room scheduling software by yourself! If any questions, just contact us!


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theimperialindia / February 21, 2023 at 12:23 pm

I've been trying to learn about the Indian economy since I moved here. This is a very informative website that sheds light on all of the important facts about India.

Deskflex Scheduling Software

Deskflex Scheduling Software / November 11, 2021 at 13:49 pm

Thanks for sharing.

sofia danzo

sofia danzo / November 18, 2019 at 20:08 pm

With our app and fully-integrated technology, your staff organize perfect meetings in a jiffy even across multiple locations – and agile workers can easily find and book the desk they need.

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