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Extend and unbrand our script demos

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

In an effort to provide our customers with more flexible and reusable web solutions, we have recently implemented some substantial changes to the demo installations of all our PHP scripts. As of October 13, 2016, you can extend the 4-hour demo installation to a 1-week FREE trial that allows you to explore the front- and back-end system of each web tool listed on our website. Thus, you will have enough time to check if this is the right software for you and to map out the custom modifications necessary to adjust it to your specific business needs.

What's more - you can also present the respective product and its functionalities to your clients by means of an unbranded demo. For this purpose, we will remove all PHPJabbers brand identity elements and send you a white-label version of the demo installation

Extend the trial and remove PHPJabbers' branding showcase

How it works?

An orange circle with a question mark will appear in the lower right of your screen when you go to the demo or login page of any of our PHP scripts. Led by utter curiosity, you will click on it and see a pop-up window headed by our charming and obliging Customer Support Manager Kostadin Todorov (Kosta). He will ask you whether you would like to extend your demo installation to a FREE 1-week trial and remove our branding from the script. We will send you further instructions per email. It's quick and easy! 


For further convenience, you can use the "Extend & Unbrand" form to ask other questions or open a support ticket, too. Feel free to attach screenshots and other files that might be relevant to your case. Our Customer Support Agents will come back to you swiftly and help you out!  

Remaining time counter for the extended trial

Please, note that after you make the "Extend & Unbrand" request, you will have two links that lead to the "clean" demo installation. The first one will be for your own perusal - you will see the orange pop-up window which will remind you how much time is left from your FREE trial. The other one is for presentation purposes, i.e. for your clients' eyes. 

Any questions?

Don't hold back to contact us if other questions arise! Thank you for keeping up!

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