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Minor Update: Food Delivery Script 2.3

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

We have just launched a new minor update to our online food ordering system. The changes affect both the front- and the back-end system and have improved the overall user experience. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for FREE by simply contacting us. Let's quickly go over the latest tweaks and fine-tunings to Food Delivery Script!

1) New Reports menu added

Users are now able to request reports for specific periods and see how many orders have been made for each location (in case of restaurant chains); review unique and first-time clients; total sales amount; check the aggregate number of products which has been ordered along with a detailed breakdown by category, product and quantity (by type). At the end of each report, you can see the Top 10 products ordered within the selected time range. For further financial analysis and accounting purposes, you can also print out and archive the reports. 


New Reports menu


2) Google Maps API key support

As we wrote on PHPJabbers Blog back in June 2016, Google changed the way Google Maps operates. In short - if you would like to use the Google Maps service on your website, you need to have an API key. That's why we have included the API key support into the new version of our Food Delivery Script and will do it for all our web tools. Restaurant owners can now find and tag their locations on the built-in Google Maps tool after entering a valid API key in the General Options menu of our food ordering script. If you don't have one, don't worry! We will send it to you upon request.   

Google Maps API Key Support


3) Tax token added for Email confirmations

We have added a Tax token for all Email confirmation messages. If applicable, you can insert it into the other Order details. 


4) Credit Card encryption in database

To enhance payments security, we have implemented an encryption tool for customers' Credit Card details.


5) Cross-domain integration on Safari

The latest update to our online ordering system allows you to install it on domain A and use it on domain B on all browsers, including Apple's Safari. 


6) Special instructions box for Pick-up orders 

With version 2.3 of our Food Delivery Script, clients can write special instructions for their pick-up orders, too, not only for Delivery orders like it was in version 2.2. 


7) Client profile on the front-end 

Customers can now update their personal details (telephone, email, etc.) from the client profile tab on the front-end UI, as necessity arises.

Client profile on the front-end


8) Improved Edit order page on the back-end

We redesigned the 'edit order' screen in the admin panel of the food ordering system so that it can provide a more intuitive user experience.

Improved Edit order


To get a real feel of all improvements, go to the Demo page of the food ordering script and make your own installation. Please, note that you can extend it to a 1-week FREE trial and ask us to remove all our brand elements so that you can show it to your customers.


Thank you for keeping up! Feel free to share your comments, ideas, or suggestions!  

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2 Comments to "Minor Update: Food Delivery Script 2.3"


Fas / April 25, 2018 at 02:59 am

Could you add express checkout by taking only customers contact details

Timo Laurento

Timo Laurento / November 8, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Would it be possible to have an option prices inc/exclude vat tax ?

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