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Product Review: Rental Property Booking Calendar

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

One of the very first products on PHPJabbers, Availability Booking Calendar which was initially developed to serve a wide range of businesses offering scheduled services online, turned out to be most widely applied on hospitality websites. Over time, this has led to such a significant number of improvements and custom modifications that it naturally triggered us to launch a designated web solution - namely Rental Property Booking Calendar. One of the main differences between both reservation calendar scripts is that the "prototype" allows you to manage one accommodation facility only, whereas the new product is intended for an unlimited number of rental properties.

Which are the new features?

Manage multiple properties with separate calendars

The Calendars menu of Availability Booking Calendar has been transformed into a Properties menu so that users can add umpteen rental properties and manage each property calendar separately. You can change the calendar view, update prices, show/hide them on the front-end, set minimum and maximum guests per reservation (adults and children), and other fine tunings which are not present in the "parent" script. For example, you can define tourist tax per person per night or maximum total per reservation. 

Rental Property Booking Calendar

Enable guests to request extra services for each reservation

With our vacation rental booking calendar, you can offer customers a series of extra and on-demand services and thus add value to your business. Seeing a list of possible extras will be a good indicator of the quality of your services. Furthermore, thus you can remind your clients about the small but important details related to each vacation or business trip. And last but not least, being transparent about the extras' prices will foster your credibility as a hospitality service provider.

Vacation Property Booking Calendar

Launch promo codes for specific periods and occasions

In contrast to Availability Booking Calendar, the Rental Property Booking Calendar contains a smart voucher system allowing users to create different coupons and discounts which guests can apply to their online reservations. To add a new promo, you just need to set the validity period, type of discount (fixed amount, percentage), and add a random symbol combination. This handy feature will help you promote web sales and increase customer loyalty.

Reservation calendar script management

Review all features of the Rental Property Booking Calendar script at a glance and try the demo. If you have any questions, don't hold back to consult our friendly Customer Support agents!

Tip: If you are still not sure which product is more suitable for your business, simply explore both demos and make your choice! You can calmly extend them to 1-week FREE trials if you need more time.  


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2 Comments to "Product Review: Rental Property Booking Calendar"

Sabiha Khan

Sabiha Khan / May 28, 2023 at 23:25 pm

I have the Stiva Blog running on one of my sites, but I cannot find a way to add a header at the top. Is there a separate customization document?


Norbert / March 14, 2022 at 12:07 pm

The script does not work well with Mollie. Gives an error.
I opened a ticket and phpjabbers take a lot of time (weeks!) to respond. There should be an update ready last week... but never received anything anymore. It's difficult to get support and the waiting times are very long.

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