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Two new scripts replace
Ticket Booking Script

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

To all users of Ticket Booking Script:

Guys, we have made some significant changes to our Ticket Booking Script requiring your attention. As you might already know, the latest product version was 2.2. Since the online ticket system proved to be more suitable for cinema and theater websites, we decided to rename the script to Cinema Booking System. Of course, we have our SEO-related grounds, too.  

Ticket booking script dividing into the cinema booking system and event ticketing script



In the meantime, we rolled out a series of modifications and fine-tunings to the Ticket Booking Script, so we decided to rebrand it and launch another similar product - Event Ticketing System, which allows a much broader usage. 

Good news is all current users of Ticket Booking Script who want to upgrade to Cinema Booking System or Event Ticketing System will get 50% off for Developer Licences. Grab the chance now! 

As usual, if there are some bugs in Ticket Booking Script 2.2 or previous versions, we will fix them for FREE. We can still make custom modifications, too. Just contact us and we will do them for you. If you have any questions or need more details, please contact our helpful Customer Support to sort things out swiftly.


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