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[Infographic] PHPJabbers Extended Developer Program

by Desi Angelova /  Useful Resources

The Extended Developer Program is specially designed for entrepreneurs who would like to use our scripts to explore new business opportunities, increase conversion and generate more leads from their website. Participating in the Program will allow you to advertise, promote, describe features, display the interface of any of our software products, as well as to create demo pages to show your future prospects how exactly the software works. 


To become a PHPJabbers Extended Developer, make sure you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Have a Developer License for at least one of our Framework 4.0 based products or buy one later on.
  • Apply for the Extended Developer License by sending us a signed copy of the Agreement via post to the following address: 4 Baba Ganka, Burgas 8000, Bulgaria.
  • Receive confirmation stating that we have received your contract.


Look below to see how John, an owner of small web design company, is explainig the Extended Developer Program. 


PHPjabbers Extended Developer Program

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