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Weekly Updates

by Dimitar Ivanov /  Updates & Releases

Minor adjustments and updates have been made to two of our PHP Scripts – Store Locator and Auto Classifieds. Current versions of the scripts are as follows:


What's new in Store Locator 2.2:

Geo location look-up makes it easy to find your current position. Using the new version of the Store Locator, users do not need to type their current address to get direction to the nearest store. Store Locator 2.2 will find your current location using HTML 5. There is a small icon on the front end which when clicked will find your current position on the map (if location service is enabled on the device used).


Geolocation settings' menu


Easy coordinates  allows you to locate multiple stores on the map with a single click. With Store Locator 2.2 is now possible! On the Stores list page in the Admin select multiple stores and use the get coordinates feature. It automatically adds coordinates to all selected stores.


See demo of the new Store Locator 2.2


Store Locator's active list and a dropdown action menu


What's new in Auto Classifieds 3.1

Responsive layouts are added in Auto Classifieds 3.1. All of the front end layouts are now responsive and provide optimal viewing experience on mobile devices, tablets and desktop.


Improvement in the Language editor allows you to add a language switcher on the back-end too. Till now the back-end was available only in the language you choose as default language. With the Auto Classifieds 3.1 you can have multiple language support on the back-end as well.


See demo of the new Auto Classifieds Script 3.1


General menu with Dashboard highlighted

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