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A positive word motivates us to do better. We are thankful for all the testimonials we have received from our customers so far and are delighted when we see Our Clients page full of so many kind references!

Now we want to do something different and create a group video testimonial with happy clients from all around the world. Some of you already had the courage to tell us what they think in front of the camera. Do you dare, too? 


Video Testimonial by Dominique Nizou


Video Testimonial by Steve Flanders


Video Testimonial by Diane Tucker



On behalf of PHPJabbers' team, I would like to thank you for making us part of your successful online projects! 


Veselin Stoilov

Founder & CEO |


[Nov 20th, 2014]

Below are a few other video testimonials. Thank you, guys, for your support!


Video Testimonial by Doc Palmer


Video Testimonial by Doug Fick


Video Testimonial by Ian Smulders


Video Testimonial by Oliver Conover


Video Testimonial by Owen Mulpetre