For a transportation services website he manages, our client Mario Nelson requested the following custom modifications to our Shuttle Booking Software (2.0) so that the script can fit his customer's exact functionality needs:


  • "Luggage" number input spinner was added on the front-end to allow clients to set the number of their travel bags and suitcases when booking a transfer.

shuttle booking software luggage

  • Admins can set each vehicle's application - to be used for private or shared transfers.


  • Two different prices added depending on the number of passengers - one price for "1 to 3 persons" and second price for "4 to 10 persons".

shuttle transfer prices

  • If the client wants to book a private / shuttle transfer for more than 10 people, the price is upon request

    shuttle transfer price upon request


  • For shared transfers, the single price is per passenger, so when the client selects a shared transfer, the price should be multiplied by the number of people. For private transfers, the price is fixed, but it still depends on the number of people ("1-3 persons", "4 to 10 persons"). 

shuttle booking prices 

  • Separate number input spinners for Adults and Children added to the front-end.  Children get a XX% price discount only for shared transfers, since the price for private transfers is fixed.

shuttle children discount

  • If a transfer price is not set or set to 0, the transfer is shown as "Not available" on the front-end. 


If you need the same or similar customizations, please contact us!