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Custom Project #1: Appointment Scheduler

by Daria Kerancheva /  Custom Projects

At the time he contacted us, our client Paco Almena was using a reservation system suitable for Joomla CMS and wanted to replace it with our Appointment Scheduler script. For this purpose, a few custom modifications had to be applied on it to match his particular business needs and now his appointment scheduling software works like this:


  • The system administrator creates accounts for each of the clients from the backend, sets their local timezone, and sends emails with access details to them. In order to access their accounts, clients have to follow the access link and log in with their access details (username and password). After signing in, they are able to see the calendar and make a booking. 

 Add client and timezone

Client login frontend

  • If the client doesn't follow the account access link in 48 hours or fails to log in 3 times (values set in script settings), the link expires. After the expiration, the admin can resend the email with the account access link and credentials to the respective client. The new link is again valid for 48 hours and up to 3 failed login attempts. (see screenshot below)

Set login attempts and cancelations

  • Pending reservations are automatically cancelled after XX hours (value set in script settings - see above screenshot). 


  • The admin can manually send Payment confirmation emails to clients who have just paid their bookings. (see screenshot below)

    Send payment email


  • Employees can set their local timezone from the backend after logging into the admin page. Clients can select their timezone from a dropdown menu on the frontend. 

    Timezone and extras

  • The admin can add extras to the Appointment Scheduler script. For each extra, the admin can set a title and multiple options with the respective price (price is optional). Clients on the frontend can select one option for each extra (from dropdown menus), but their price won't be added to the total amount. This price is only informative. (see screenshot above)


If you need similar customizations, please contact us!


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2 Comments to "Custom Project #1: Appointment Scheduler"


Sheip / December 6, 2017 at 02:51 am

Or better to say client has no way to log in and delete his account or to save new appointments that felt with me. who is an updatt please


Sheip / December 6, 2017 at 02:44 am

Gives a new version of Appointment Scheduler with client options.

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