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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #99

    received on 8th January, 2016

    Ticket Booking Script

    Hello, how i can print list of poeples which have reservation? Thank you.

    • Answer:

      You can print /export only customers data. By default customers, accounts are not supported in the system, and all the customers data is saved in each booking.

      You can export bookings from the Admin Panel using the Export option in Bookings menu.

  • Question #98

    received on 8th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    Hi in the shopping cart can the search engines read the product descriptions? I have tried to see this on the page source but I can't see anything!

    • Answer:

      Search engines can read the URL of the product details page and when they visit this page they index the description also.

  • Question #97

    received on 10th January, 2016

    Vacation Rental Script

    Is it possible to integrate payment gateways on the vacation rental script as it is on the availability booking calendar?

    • Answer:

      You can set different payment option for each one of the properties. You can do that from the Admin Panel - Properties menu - edit properties tab - Booking tab.

  • Question #96

    received on 8th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    how do i add this script into wix website?

    • Answer:

      Under the Install menu you will see the calendar integration code and all you have to do is to copy the code and paste it on your Wix page, where you want it to appear.

  • Question #95

    received on 10th January, 2016

    Bus Reservation System

    Hi there, I'm looking into your script for use on my mom's website. However, I have quite a number of questions I need to ask in order to find out how many changes I'd have to request to the script and whether this will be a good idea or not. Sorry in advance for the large number of them! Let's get started then:

    • Answer:

      In our script the routes are defined in the script administration panel. All the settings and content is controlled within the script administration panel. You will have full control over it as long as it is part of the default functionality. The script can be used on a hosting account that supports PHP and MySQL databases. In this case all the files will be hosted on your server and the script will have no connection to our servers.
      If you do not have such account then we offer remotely hosted service. You cannot access the files in this case, only the script administration panel.

      We usually need 24 hours to install the back-end part. We do not offer any content management, just installation and technical support.

      Here are the answers of your questions in shortly:

      Do I have to manually confirm every booking?
      It depends on the payment methods used in the system.If you use a method with online payemnt then the bookings can be automatically confirmed after successful payment.

      Is it okay if I do not allow seat position selection?

      Are customers able to check/receive a reference number?
      The customers receive an email with the reservation details.

      Is there a commission cost attached to ticket sales?
      No, there is no such functionality.

      Can I provide this system to agents and limit what "editors" can or can't do? (allow them only to book)
      There is no role for "agents" in the script. The script can work only with the built-in user roles and permissions. There is no option in the script admin panel to define new user roles and permissions for them.

      How are payments handled - do I have to set up credit card transactions myself?
      The credit card payment option is not linked to a payment processing company. It only collects the details and stores them in the database for offline processing.
      This option can be linked to a payment provider of your choice as a custom change for additional fee.

      Is there any way I can get a passenger list for each bus and route?
      Yes, under the Schedule menu - please, see the screenshot_51 attached.

      Can I set routes that appear automatically on a weekly basis?
      No, only the buses have "operation time" but not the routes.

      Can I set routes that appear automatically for select seasons only?
      No, this is not supported too.

      Is the admin system mobile-friendly?
      No, only the front-end part is with responsive layout.

      Can I reassign bus types (or at least seat numbers) to a route that already has bookings on it?
      No, this is not supported.

      How long will it take any changes I make to reflect on the website?
      The changes are reflected immediately - the moment you make changes in the script administration panel or when a reservation is made on the front-end.

      Will I be able to check if everything is fine before we make this system live, and ask for changes if I require them?
      Yes. We make all kind of custom changes for additional fee.

      Where can I edit ticket prices?
      The prices are set under Buses-->edit --->Ticket prices tab - screenshot_52 attached.

      Can I add additional surcharges onto existing tickets?
      No, surcharges are not supported.

      Can users submit requests to change their bookings which I can then confirm, or would they have to contact me?
      No. Customers can only cancel their reservations using a link sent in the notification email. They cannot make changes. The script does not handle refunds. This has to be done externally.

      Can the script automatically close routes that have no bookings 'X' days before they launch?

      Can I hide the amount of remaining seats from customers?
      Yes, but this will require some code changes.

      Can I make a printable passenger list for drivers, without phone numbers, just locations and notes?
      You can filter and export the reservations in a csv file. Then you can generate whatever lists you need.

      How does ticket reservation work? - Do tickets get blocked off before/after confirmation? (during booking?)
      The seat is blocked when the reservation is confirmed. Double bookings are possible if two reservations are made simultaneously. There is no additional checks in the script for a case like this.

      Can I close a route, and if so what will customers see when they try search for that route? (Can I make it so that it shows as having no seats available to them?)
      You can make a route inactive. In this case it just will not be visible on the front-end. If there is no bus for a route the script will list a message that there is no bus available for that route. If you want customers to see that there are 0 available tickets then you can add fake reservation and block all seats. There is no easier option.

      How long would it take to set this up?
      We provide one free installation per licence (of the back-end part only). We need 24 hours after sending the correct details.

      Would it be possible to link this booking system with a third party booking system? (such as ticket purchasing terminals at shopping centers)
      It depends on the third party systems you are referring to. The script has no API so if the system have any documentation available we can check it and let you know if such integration is possible.

      In regards to changes to the script, what costs are involved and will you be willing to make changes even after we have set the script up?
      It depends on the requirements. First we will discuss the changes in details, then we will provide an estimate, depending on how much time it will take us to complete the task. We do not have fixed rate per hour, it depends on the requirements.
      You can read more about the custom projects here:

  • Question #94

    received on 7th January, 2016

    Shuttle Booking Software

    I would like you to ask a question. do you have a turkish language for this script.

    • Answer:

      You can add additional language from your Admin Panel - Options menu - Languages tab - Languages tab - Add language button and translate it under the Admin Panel - Options menu - Languages tab - Titles tab.

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  • Question #93

    received on 7th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    Please can you check something for me.

    I need to make sure that all code relating to .htaccess, SEO, etc., is in the right format and place.

    When looking online at the source code, I cannot see category, product details, etc.

    So, I need to make sure that the entire shop is going to be indexed properly by Google, etc.

    • Answer:

      This script uses javascript integration code. It does not list the content such as category, product details, etc in the page source code.
      It also does not change the page title and it does not insert meta tags on the page. It only changes the page URL so it can be indexed by search engines.

  • Question #92

    received on 8th January, 2016

    Ticket Support Script

    on Option -> Notification Tab had editor form which i can include all the tokens available

    these notification directly only alert for client email personally when helpdesk reply the ticket to client... is there any way i can do the same thing when client sent or reply the ticket and helpdesk also can get the notification on personal email?

    • Answer:

      You have to create a new notification using Add notification button in Admin Panel - Options menu - Notifications tab and set its type to New Client Reply.

  • Question #91

    received on 6th January, 2016

    PHP Poll Script

    I set-up my poll to limit voting to "1" with IP limited... so that people could only vote 1 time per day per person.

    However while testing it, I voted 2 days ago and it is still not letting me vote, telling me that I already voted.

    Did I miss a setting somewhere?

    • Answer:

      When you set IP limit you will not be able to vote again using the same IP, no matter which day it is or how many votes you have set per day.

      If you want to be able to vote each day - you have to use Limit via Cookies.

      If you set 2 times per day and use Limit via Cookies - you have to clear your browser cache after the first vote.