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Looking for more ways to use PHP, HTML, JavaScript or any other programming language? The tutorials we have here will help you improve your technical knowledge. You can comment on tutorials, share them on social media, vote and reply to others' comments, and even post your own tutorial.

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PHP Tutorial

File uploading with PHP

PHP upload file tutorial showing an easy way to upload file on your web server using simple web form. PHP file upload example and simple PHP file upload script.

06.12.2011 / 68 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Banner and link rotation

PHP banner rotation tutorial showing how to create PHP banner rotator script or PHP link rotation script.

06.12.2011 / 8 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Redirect based on referrer or IP address

Using PHP you can easily redirect website visitors to a different page depending on where they come from. Learn how to do it based on Referrer or IP Address.

06.12.2011 / 35 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Measuring PHP page load time

PHP page load time tutorial showing how to measure web page load time in PHP using PHP microtime function.

27.11.2011 / 55 Comments

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