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Looking for more ways to use PHP, HTML, JavaScript or any other programming language? The tutorials we have here will help you improve your technical knowledge. You can comment on tutorials, share them on social media, vote and reply to others' comments, and even post your own tutorial.

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PHP Tutorial

How to send email with PHP

Learn 2 different ways how to send email in PHP using PHP mail() function and SMTP. See our PHP mail script examples.

06.12.2011 / 34 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Reading files with PHP

Learn how to read and write in PHP using PHP functions: fopen, fwrite, file_get_contents, readfile(), fread and etc. PHP read file and PHP write file tutorial.

06.12.2011 / 5 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Date and time manipulations with PHP

PHP example of how to manipulate with date and time in PHP. Learn how to calculate date and time using PHP mktime function.

06.12.2011 / 4 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

Date and time formatting with PHP

PHP date / time format tutorial. Learn how to format date and time in PHP and how to convert date and time using PHP date() function and time() function.

06.12.2011 / 11 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

PHP validation and verification

PHP validation tutorial. Learn how to validate username, password, email and other data using PHP regexp (Regular Expressions) and PHP preg_match function.

06.12.2011 / 78 Comments

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PHP Tutorial

How to make a PHP calendar

PHP calendar tutorial showing how to create your own web calendar. See our example calendar script and code.

06.12.2011 / 146 Comments

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