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PHP Comment Script


An easy-to-use yet feature-rich comment box script. With our script it's easy to embed a simple comment box, a discussion board or a guestbook on your website. Your website visitors will be able to share their thoughts with you and with other visitors.

Want to request modifications to the PHP Comment Script? Contact our Support Team and describe the comment system you need.

  • Moderators

    Administrators can assign users as editors, give them moderator rights, or limit their access to the system. Each user has their own login details to the admin panel. The comment system main settings and options can only be accessed by users with admin rights.

  • Easy admin

    Select multiple items and apply bulk actions to multiple entries with just a click of a button. Our PHP comment box script has intuitive filters for comments, topics and users. Drop down menus are also available for quick status and feature changes.


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  • 10 color themes

    10 different color front-end layouts are available by default with our PHP Comment Script. Also using an external CSS file you can change and customize the appearance of your discussion board.

  • Captcha protection

    Anti spam protection available on the comment box front-end. SPAM protection measures include a visual Captcha image at the front-end and member activation and approval.

  • Email and SMS notifications

    Add custom automatic email messages to discussion participants and comment system editors. Inform participants that a new reply is available, set automatic email confirmations, custom password reminders, etc. or notify administrators for new and reported comments. See more about our SMS plans ...

  • Backup

    To prevent loss of information we have provided a backup function which will make a copy of your current database on the server. Log in as an administrator to the PHP comment system and perform the backup with just one click of a button.

  • User rating

    Comment system admins have the ability to allow or deny ratings: guests can rate topics and discussions using a 5-star JavaScript rating system. Also, a thumbs up/down rating system for the other guest replies is available with the post comment script.

  • Comment reporting

    Protect your discussion board from offensive, violent, or any other unwanted content by either manually approving comments or by allowing your visitors to report any inappropriate comments/posts on your discussion board with just a click of a button.

  • File upload

    Make the communication easier by allowing discussion participants to upload files. Common image and document formats are supported in the PHP Comment System. Users can also upload avatars of their choice.

  • Topic subscription

    Topic subscriptions are available with our Post comment script. Administrators can switch on/off this option. When topic subscription is enabled, our comment box script sends out email alerts to discussion participants when new replies have been posted. Comment system admins can customize those emails using the post comment script admin page.

  • Thumbs-up rating

    Thumbs up/down rating system for guests to rate helpful replies is available with our PHP comment box script. Admins can switch on/off the rating system through the admin panel.

  • Disapprove posts

    Comment system editors can moderate posts and comments. Comment box script provides you with a customizable notification system to keep your editors aware of new posts and replies.

  • Single topic integration

    Using the PHP comment script and three simple steps of copy/paste you can integrate each topic you have created. The PHP Comment Script integration code is available in the admin panel.

  • Translate to a different language

    Our PHP comment system has a language module which allows you to handle the translations for both the admin panel and the discussion board front-end. You can edit all system messages, front-end titles and buttons.

  • One admiN

    Using the One AdmiN feature you can set up a single login screen for multiple PHPjabbers' scripts. Once enabled, you can use a drop-down menu to switch between the script admins. Read more about One admiN.

  • high performing web application
    High-speed and performance

    The PHPjabbers framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

  • Easy installation

    An installation wizard will automatically install the PHP Comment Script for you. All you have to do is upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is or contact us to request installation help.

  • Developer Friendly License
    Developer Friendly License

    If you are a web developer you may want to modify the PHP Comment Script yourself. With the Developer License you receive access to script source code and a guide for our framework. Read more about our framework. We can do all kind of custom modifications to our PHP scripts.

  • More Key Software Features
    More Key Software Features

    PHP Comment Script comes with the following special features: Installation Wizard, High Performance Protected Against SQL Injections PHP Framework, One admiN Module, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code & Developer Licence. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Payment Gateways Integration, Web SMS, Custom Modifications, Extended Licence Program.