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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

One admiN

A solution that will ease the website administration for all of you who use multiple of our PHP Scripts.

Do you use multiple of our PHP scripts? Are you tired of log in and out various administration pages? Then let us show you how the "One admiN" feature works so you can enjoy the ease of working with multiple PHPjabbers.com scripts!

PHPJabbers One Admin Feature
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The standard menu

The standard menu

This is how a typical navigation menu looks like in our PHP scripts. When you're logged into the script administration page, on the left side you'll see the menu which lets you navigate to the most important sections of the script.

You have this for each of our PHP scripts!

One admiN menu

"One admiN" menu

We can imagine the hassle of having to login multiple PHP scripts. You need to remember each URL and its login details. You need to type these login details every time you want to access any of the PHP scripts’ administration pages.

Not any longer! Then "One admiN" feature will add a simple drop down menu above the main script menu where you can add any of the PHP scripts that you use.

Click and go!

Click and go!

Click and go! Just select the PHP script you want to manage and the "One admiN" will take you there without the need of remembering the web address for its administration page or its login details.
It couldn't be simpler, could it?
Manage all your PHP script with a single click.

"One admiN" is here!

How to set it up

Please, follow the steps below to enable "One admiN" in our products. You can also watch the video below. Need help? Contact us.

Log in to your script administration page
Change the URL in the browser and open index.php?controller=pjOneAdmin to load "One admiN"
Add all your scripts via the "One admiN" management interface
Repeat steps 1) to 3) for each of your scripts

For all the scripts that you've completed steps 1) to 4) you should have "One admiN" quick access drop down added to your menu.