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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

Job Listing Script


Job Listing Script is an easy to use PHP script that allows you to manage your own online job portal. With our job board script, you can publish and edit job classifieds, allow applicants and companies to create their profiles, automate job publishing, and charge employers for posting their ads. Want to request modifications to the job portal script? Contact our Support Team and tell us what you need!
  • Simple yet powerful Admin Panel

    With our powerful yet simple job portal software, no programming experience is required. This can save you time and money as you won't have to hire programmers to change content and edit controls. Instead, the script's intuitive and easy-to-use Admin Panel gives you all the tools to easily manage job classifieds, categories, job types, and even to translate the whole front end of the PHP job portal script.

  • A job board with an easy CMS

    In a nutshell, our PHP job script is a customizable content management system that focuses on job management and is equipped with powerful features, quick admin controls, and a user-friendly interface. Administrator-level users can easily manage all the job listing script's features and functionality.

  • Three responsive front-end layouts

    Three front-end layouts are available by default with our job board script. With the Developer License, you can use the external CSS file to change the front-end appearance of the job board to blend the script with the style and design of your career portal website. No separate mobile app is needed, as all the layouts are mobile-optimized and fully responsive. Let users access your career portal on a wide variety of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

  • Employer accounts

    Let companies post job classified ads and let job seekers apply! Your job portal will be able to run on its own. Companies have limited access to the job script's Admin Panel and can manage only their own job offers, their applicants, and company details.

  • Job seeker accounts

    Job seekers can easily register with the job portal script to search jobs and apply for job openings. Having an account will make the application process faster and easier – just a few clicks and their resume is sent. Administrators will have access to all applicant details and resumes in a safe MySQL database that they can back up and download.

  • Extra revenue from paid job listings

    Earn money from your job portal by charging companies for posting their ads. You can enable and disable employer submissions from the Admin Panel and set different prices for each ad duration (10 days, 20 days, etc.).

  • Multi-criteria search

    Our job search script allows job seekers to search for a job using multiple-criteria search. More precisely, job seekers can filter ads using one or multiple criteria: industry (category), contract type, location, or specific keywords.

  • LinkedIn reference

    Job applicants may add a LinkedIn URL as a reference in their profiles. This will help with additional information on the candidate as well as provide access to recommendations, and contacts of previous employers.

  • Multi-language support

    Use the built-in Language Module in the Admin Panel to easily translate the job board script to your native language or any other language. You can also add multiple languages to the job search script, both to the front end and the Admin Panel, so your users can choose the language they like.

  • Multi-currency support

    You can set your currency through the Admin Panel of the job board script. Use the drop-down menu on the Options page to set the default currency.

  • Custom email notifications

    As a job board administrator, you can create individualized email notifications to applicants and companies. Use the available tokens in the Admin Panel and create custom emails to your job board users.

  • SEO-friendly URLs

    A step-by-step guide is available on how to turn on the SEO-friendly URL option and include search engine-friendly URLs. You can find it in the Admin Panel of the job board script.

Get 65 PHP scripts in a bundle for $4.29 each!

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  • Simple installation

    An installation wizard will automatically install the job script for you. Just upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out the tutorials in our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is, with examples for WordPress and Joomla websites. Or request installation assistance and we'll do it for you!

  • Database backups

    Prevent any loss of information by regularly performing a backup of your MySQL database and files. Log in as an administrator to the Admin Panel and perform the backup with only one click.

  • One admiN

    Using the One admiN feature, you can set up a single login screen for multiple PHPJabbers scripts. Once enabled, you can switch between script admins using a simple dropdown menu. Read more about One admiN here.

  • High-performance web application
    High speed and excellent performance

    Our PHP Job Portal Script uses the latest PHPJabbers framework specially developed to ensure excellent performance and flawless work even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

  • Job Board Script Developer Licence
    Developer-friendly license

    If you're a web developer, you can modify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code of our PHP job portal script on your own. Buy the Developer License and you'll receive access to the source code of our job posting script and a guide to our framework. Or, we can do the custom modifications to the PHP script for you. To request a customization, just contact us.

  • More Key Software Features
    More key software features

    The Job Listing Script comes with the following special features: Installation Wizard, High-Performance PHP Framework, Protection Against SQL Injections, One admiN Module, Translation Module & Backup Tool, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code & Developer License. You may also benefit from our extra services: Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Payment Gateways Integration, Web SMS, Custom Modifications, Extended License Program.

  • Need a complete online Job Portal?

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